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    Sophia Godlark

    "I refuse to accept failure! Loss is not an option! Whether it be for my values, my friends, my loyalties, or my family, I will not be the one asleep in the infirmary or resting in a coffin!

    Race: Human (Titan Shifter)
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Profession: Soldier/paladin
    Alignment: Chaoticish Good
    Power Level: B

    Clad in a the brick red coat of an officer, the emblem known as the Flugel der Freiheit worn proudly upon the heart and back, Sophia can strike an imposing figure. She bears the lean, musclebound form of a soldier, kept in shape by a life of combat. Standing at 5'4", Sophia is commonly adorned in the uniform umber boots and harness of the Scouting Legion's troops, her legs clad in deep blue leggings below. A vivid pink scarf is always upon her, sometimes around her neck and other times encircling the upper arm. A deep violet shirt is worn below the harness, the style changing as the weather dictates.

    When in titan form, Sophia takes the form of an enormous, skinless giant, it's muscles lean and extremely fit. It's slender form towers 15 meters tall, and it-no, she bears bony armoring upon her joints. Guards of thick bone form upon her hands, forearms, feet, and calves, and a terrifying, jagged grin lies upon her lipless face. Long maroon hair cascades to her ribcage, and her narrowed eyes glow sky blue.

    With a determination on par with Eren Jaeger's (sans vengeful, titancidal bloodlust), Sophia's most notable trait is her tenacity and unwillingness to quit. She despises leaving any loose end untied or task incomplete. Sophia has developed a slightly cynical outlook on life, and her long career in the military has developed her personality into one of pragmatism and cautious optimism. To Sophia, few tools are taboo in order to accomplish her goals if it is truly the most efficient (though she keeps in mind that the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, and her morals will restrict her from a few). She has an almost inexorable sense of familial loyalty, and Sophia will often prize the safety of her relatives and those close to her above risks (though there is a limit of reason to this. She's not Doctor Halsey).
    Sophia also idolizes the concepts of duty and loyalty, considering failure show such things a personal failure even if such was not in her control.

    Titan Shifting
    Sophia can tranform into her titan form when she has a specific goal in mind and injures herself. When in her titan form she can harden portions of her skin into a diamond-like substance, and she has regenerative abilities that enable her to be able to heal both parts of her body and her titan form. Transforming and healing both take a toll in the forms of exhaustion and hunger, and although her healing abilities are powerful (heals a removed arm in about 2 hours when in human form, and can heal an obliterated hand in a matter of a couple minutes), Sophia isn't invincible: an injury that causes death that one couldn't survive long enough for regeneration, such as being decapitated, obliterated or bisected, even if in titan form (though one has to hit her real body inside the nape), will kill her.

    Combat Veteran
    Sophia is extremely skilled at O/3DMG use, and is physically very fit with high endurance. She also excels in hand to hand combat, especially when fighting larger opponents, and has developed great celerity in both reflex and actions. Due to her career, Sophia has an affinity for dual-wielding blades.
    She has survived improbable odds in the Struggle of Trost and in the Survey Corps, and as one might expect from her survival through many battles, Sophia has learned to respond and adapt to the ever-altering terrain and actions of her enemies, allies and land about her.

    Technical Skill
    Thanks to being responsible for maintaining her gear, Sophia has gained a skill with building, disassembling, and maintaining mechanics. After her arrival in the Nexus, the mechanics she's learned to operate have increased considerably, but she isn't fluent in all of them, especially electronics.
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