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    For the curious, yes this is the Runecaster from Giantcraft.


    "Writing has much power."

    Runecasters are arcane spellcasters of a sort who focus their power through runes. By inscribing these runes on the correct objects they can temporarily create magical items or effects. Unlike most spellcasters they are not as limited in their selection of weapons and armor, and as such many make fairly good battle mages of one sort or another. Legend has it that Annam passed the secrets of runecraft on to the Giants after learning it from a high level Modron he bested in a game of chance. Runecraft is said to have been expeditious in winning the Giants war on Dragonkind, and they guard it jealously. While in theory any intelligent being can become a Runecaster, the secrets are kept so closely that few if any other races have ever had a member educated in the art.

    You are best at buffing the party, or making traps against possible bad guys. It's generally best to concentrate on some area of specialty (which for Runecasters usually means straight up warfare).
    Abilities: Much of the Runecasters abilities require Wisdom, and learning them requires Intelligence. Constitution will be helpful in keeping them alive, and depending on whether or not you intend to participate heavily in combat you may wish Strength as well.
    Races: Runecasters are almost exclusively of giantkind, though some have leaked the secrets to the occasional Human, Elf, or Dwarf.
    Alignment: Much like Wizards, Runecasters have no real restrictions on Alignment, though truly Chaotic individuals rarely have the focus necessary to become one.
    Starting Gold: Same as Wizards
    Starting Age: Same as Wizards

    Class Skills
    The Runecaster's class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Concentration (Con), Craft (Int), Decipher Script (Int), Knowledge (All, Int), Profession (Wis), and Spellcraft (Int).
    Skills Per Day at 1st Level : (2 + int)x4
    Skills Per Day at Each Additional Level : 2 + int

    Hit Dice: d8

       BAB  Fort    Ref    Will  Abilities  Maximum Rune Level
    1. +0    +2     +0     +2    Runecasting             1
    2. +1    +3     +0     +3                            1
    3. +2    +3     +1     +3                            2
    4. +3    +4     +1     +4                            2
    5. +3    +4     +1     +4    Bonus Feat              3
    6. +4    +5     +2     +5                            3
    7. +5    +5     +2     +5                            4
    8. +6    +6     +2     +6                            4
    9. +6    +6     +3     +6                            5
    10.+7    +7     +3     +7    Bonus Feat              5
    11.+8    +7     +3     +7                            6
    12.+9    +8     +4     +8                            6
    13.+9    +8     +4     +8                            7
    14.+10   +9     +4     +9                            7
    15.+11   +9     +5     +9    Bonus Feat              8
    16.+12   +10    +5     +10                           8
    17.+12   +10    +5     +10                           9
    18.+13   +11    +6     +11                           9
    19.+14   +11    +6     +11                           9
    20.+15   +12    +6     +12   Bonus Feat              9
    Weapon Proficiencies: Runecasters are proficient with Simple and Martial Weapons, and with Light and Medium Armor and all Shields (except Tower Shields)

    Runecasting: To learn, prepare, or cast a rune, the Runecaster must have an Intelligence score equal to at least 10 + the rune level. The Difficulty Class for a saving throw against a Runecaster's rune is 10 + the spell level + the Runecaster's Wisdom modifier. A Runecaster begins play knowing 3 1st Level Runes, and automatically learns 1 rune per level thereafter. Unlike spells a rune does not have to be used immediately once cast, and a Runecaster can have a number of active runes equal to his level. They also get bonus runes for a high Wisdom score in a manner similar to the ways Wizards get bonus spells for high Intelligence. At 1st Level the Runecaster gets one of the following Feats for free: Runic Defenses, Runic Wards, Runic Weaponry, Runic Wonders. The Feat taken dictates what kinds of Runes you can shape. Once the caster has learned multiple Rune Feats he may cast Runes he know in different ways if applicable. For example if a Runecaster takes Runic Wonders at 1st Level and knows the Weakness Rune he can use it to make a cursed Wondrous Item. If he later learns Runic Weaponry he can also use the Weakness rune to make a magic weapon.

    Bonus Feat: At Levels 5, 19, 15, and 20 a Runecaster gains a Bonus Feat he qualifies for from the following list: Runic Defenses, Runic Wards, Runic Weaponry, Runic Wonders.

    You may be tougher than a Wizard, but you aren't quite as versatile. Planning will be everything to you. You need to prepare runes in advance so you can activate them at need, so spontaneity is your enemy. You can enhance your parties equipment, trap the bejeezus out of the local area, or craft temporary magic items, but you can't generally do it all at once until you get to higher levels. Runes that mimic Divination magic will generally be your friend as they will aid you in figuring out what you may need in the immediate future.
    Religion: Being as they are mostly Giants, and received the gift of runecraft from Annam, by far the vast majority of worship the Giant Gods (particularly Annam). The rare humanoid who learns the art may worship his own Gods, but in all likelihood his teacher still requires some fealty to the Giant pantheon.
    Other Classes: Classes that respect wisdom, learning, and divine insight will get along well with the Runecaster. Given their prominence in war, purely martial classes will get along well them too. Rogues and other spurious characters, or practicioners of evil magic such as necromancy are often shunned by runecasters.
    Combat: Runecasters are at their best in combat when they have advance knowledge of it's coming. Runes take time and effort to prepare, and doing so on the battlefield is ill-advised. On the other hand, if a Runecaster has time to prepare he can have a great many rune-enhanced items ready. If they know their foe they can be most dangerous.
    Advancement: Most Runecasters zealously study the perfection and expansion of their craft. Since it was originally developed in wartime there are a great many who develop it towards that purpose, but with the war on Dragons long over they have begun to pursue more peaceful purposes.

    "The Master will see you now."
    The Runecasters propensity for using divinations often puts them on the spot. Anything with ill intentions in the are will know you have a chance of accidentally stumbling onto their schemes while looking for something else. This is generally why Runecasters are reclusive. Being far away from the scheming masses means they are less likely to be murdered for their troubles.
    Daily Life: Much of a Runecasters time is spent in study, and occasionally in preparation for probable trouble ahead.
    Organizations: There are many informal schools for runecraft, but few dedicated collages of the type associated with wizardry. Runecaster schools are headed by one individual, who accepts as many pupils as he wishes, assuming he finds them worthy.

    NPC Reaction
    Runecasters generally receive respect among giants so long as they aren't obviously evil. Other races generally tend to perceive them in much the same way they perceive Wizards. On Faerun they might get the stink eye from Dragons since Runecasters were on the forefront of their war.

    Dragons will generally be pissed at you on sight. After all your relatives probably killed their relatives. So depending on how well some locals remember the ancient Giant-Dragon wars, the Runecaster could precipitate a rough reception for the party.
    Adaptation: Runecasters have a bit of history on Faerun as they were a major part of the Giant war effort against Dragon-kind. On other worlds they aren't quite as famous. If Annam is unknown there Runecasters may be nonexistent, unless you want a different origin for them.
    Encounters: Whenever the Giants go to war it is almost certain the Runecasters will be there. Beyond the emergency needs of their people they are generally reclusive, spending their time in study.


    Hit Die: d8
    Skills Points at Each Level : 2 + int
    Runes The Runecasterís shaoer level is equal to her class level. The number of active Runes the Runecaster may have going at any one time does not increase after 20th level. Each time the Runecaster achieves a new level, he or she learns two new Runes of any level that he or she can cast (according to his or her new level).
    Bonus Feats: The Epic Runecaster gains a Bonus Feat every 3 levels higher than 20th.
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