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    I figured it was just open season for low level spells. I feel like teleportation effects today, apparently.

    Arrow Rider
    School: Conjuration (Teleportation); Level: Sorcerer/Wizard 3
    Casting Time: One standard action
    Components: V
    Range: Touch
    Target: One arrow
    Duration: 1 round/caster level
    Saving Throw: None

    You gain the ability to travel on the back of an arrow. When an arrow under the effects of Arrow Rider is fired, the caster is instantly transferred to where the arrow lands. If the arrow lands in an occupied space, the caster is transferred to the nearest unoccupied space, continuing forward in the arrow's path. The effects of Arrow Rider immediately dissipate when the transferral completes. Additionally, the arrow gains a +1 enhancement bonus, and is treated as a magic weapon for the purposes of overcoming damage reduction.

    Strictly speaking, this one may be a transmutation spell, not conjuration. Not sure.
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