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    Current avatar by me. Just started making them but if you have a simple request, I can make you a simple avatar too.
    Avatar based on Dawn, from Total Drama Revenge of the Island.

    My Avatar Collection; Also includes past avatars draw by other awesome people.

    The Basics:
    • System: Pathfinder
    • Player Count: 4
    • Type of Game: Adventure, so itís more combat focused. (If people want it can spin off into more roleplay)
    • Style of Play: Play by Post, hosted here on The Giant in the Playground forum.

    Books, sources and homebrew:
    • Anything Paizo Published. (Although I retrain to right to ban anything not fitting to the setting or broken.)
    • No third party. (Sorry DSP fans)
    • No homebrew. (Keeping it simple)

    Character Creation:
    • Level: 6
    • Ability Scores: 20 Point Buy
    • Hitpoints/Health: Max first level. Average rounded down on even levels, average rounded up on odd levels.
    • Wealth: 16,000 gp (Wealth by level)
    • Races: 15 RP or less
    • Classes: Base, Core and Hybrid
    • Alignment: No evil, and you are expected to be a team player.
    • Traits: Two traits, No Drawbacks.

    • At least a paragraph, not more than 3.
    • Your personality and how you interact with others.
    • The selected people already spend some time together before this.

    Anything can be tuned to your liker, seeing as this is a requested game.

    Spoiler: To Sort
    Yanisa's Avatar Collection

    Spoiler: Avatars made for me

    Avatar by Akrim.elf
    Avatar based on an image by David Revoy.

    Avatars made by me (Aiming for an avatar for a day) (Blue ones are requests by others)

    Spoiler: Avatars April

    9 April - Pathfinder Goblin

    11 April - Kitty

    12 April - Doggy; Dachshund

    13 April - Catgirl; inspired by a friend

    15 April - Generic dude; To test out Inktscape

    16 April - Dawn; From Total Drama Revenge of the Island

    17 April - Terry Bogard; From Fatal Fury?

    18 April - An Inuit + 19 April Added some minor changes

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