Loek: Thanks- the effect not ending after being fired was an oversight, continuing in the path is a nice touch. Edits made, also, I have ideas for "Greater Arrow Rider" for one arrow and one touched object or creature from what you said, but it feels like it would be too high level for the purposes of this thread. Meanwhile...

Lecter's Deception
School: Transmutation; Level: Sorcerer/Wizard 1, Ranger 1, Bard 1
Casting Time: One standard action
Components: VS
Range: Touch
Target: See Text
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: None

The caster transmutes the touched ingredients into a delicious meal, to the best of their ability. Ingredients refers to edible, inanimate matter, in sufficient quantity and proportions to make up the meal in question. If the caster wishes, they may also include a dose of potion or contact or ingestion poison among the ingredients. If they do so, any creature eating the meal is affected by the potion or poison normally.

Additionally, the caster may choose to disguise the ingredients used in the meal. If they choose to do so, make a bluff check. Any creature attempting to identify the ingredients, or attempting to dispel, purify, purge, or otherwise remove an included potion or poison must make an opposed sense motive check against the bluff check made at cast time. If unsuccessful, the attempt fails.