Thanks TLB! It makes me quite happy. I'ts a bit weird for me to play an adventure that is so linear, but I'm trying to make enough room for self expression and innovation in the game. But at some points it annoys me a bit as well, such as in the point where Sena wanted to do tactical missions in the city and I had nothing in mind to offer him other than "Go explore Estrod tower". I got a bit too occupied in what the module had to offer.

The next module features many events of mass combat (Which I hope to make interesting more than the bland rules they offer). And at least two of my players are quite savvy strategy and tactics wise (More than I am for sure), so they may become quite... innovative. We'll see how it goes.

I've finished all the preparations for the last leg of the module (There may yet be a few surprises). I did some reworking of the Gray Garrison, especially the end. I started working on the next module. I am coming to my final exams period (Med student), so I won't have much time to prepare. I hope to prepare enough in advance so as to not bog the game down. The module proves... challenging in that respect.

I hope to write some sort of a summary of the first module once we finish it (All kind of statistics, possibly a player survey of highs and lows and such). Again, we'll see how it goes.

If any of you ave any more comments, questions, or requests (Like builds or such), please tell me and I'll try to abide.

Thanks for the encouragement! I have but a few readers, but it's fun to see them!