I hadn't thought of that, regarding Memento. And now, for its exact opposite:

End of Grief
School: Enchantment; Level: Cleric 3
Casting Time: One standard action
Components: VS
Range: Touch
Target: Dead creature (whole corpse)
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: Will negates (see text)

The caster eases the passing of the target. On casting End of Grief, all creatures with memories pertaining to the target must make a Will save. If unsuccessful, these memories are lost. If the saving throw is successful, the memories are not lost, and the creature becomes aware that End of Grief had been cast. Creatures are entitled to another saving throw whenever they are presented with proof of the target's existence, for example, finding items belonging to the target, or pictures. If successful, the memories return as if the initial saving throw had been successful.