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    Default Re: My Little Gramarist: SCIENCE! is Magic [Gramarie Discussion]

    Ok. The following is the current ideas and work that's been done by the Council for this systems update. None of these ideas are set in stone and we would appreciate hearing the communities views on the approach.

    General Notes
    Current disciplines and principles are divided into Disciplines (ie. ALCH) containing Courses (ie. ALCH 101 - Intro to Alchemetry) containing Principles (ie. Durability Modification). A gramarist receives Training at each level: Academists get 8 points of training per level and Geneticist/Warmakers 5. Regardless of how many points a character receives per level, they cannot have more Training in a discipline than thrice their skill rank for that discipline's key skill. A gramarist has Training in a discipline equal to the number of Training points they have spent in that discipline. Training spent in a discipline can buy Principles from Courses that they meet the prerequisites of. If a principle has a number in brackets following its description (ie. [7] ) it requires that much prior training in the same course before it may be selected.

    Instead of making checks whenever you prepare principles to determine quality, the check of 1d20 + 1/3 Training + Intelligence Modifier determines how much progress has been made with your preperation, functioning similarly to the crafting rules. This means that skilled gramarists can prepare principles at a faster rate than novice's.

    The save for a Gramarie effect is 10 + 1/2 Effective Gramarist Level + Int. Some classes get to swap Int for some other stat. Your Effective Gramarist Level is equal to your levels in a class that advances training + 1/2 your other levels.

    Other Notes
    • Specialization is removed, as you can thematically specialize just with your point allocations
    • Classes can get tags not specifically assigned to their class for disciplines they already have a tag with
    • Classes with tags like Warmaker only grants it to a single discipline at first level rather than to all disciplines
    • Every five levels you can choose to gain a tag for a discipline you have access to or learn a new discipline

    To the other people from the subforum on minmax, tell me if I forgot something or I should reword a section, or something.
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