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    Quote Originally Posted by Prime32 View Post
    Submitting a template, mainly for use in this thread.
    Thanks! I have included it in the OP. I did make some slight chances, though: I've used other images, due to slight copyright concern [I think it should be fine to use the default images inside a template, but I like to "err on the side of caution"] and added ab "align:center" to the second version, because I think the images are looking better when centered.

    Other than that, I took a look at your avatar post (featuring some nice avatars):
    Rawhide said that it is really bad to use [th] outside the first row of a table, and should be avoided unless strictly necessary. You can replace your [th] with [td="bgcolor:#8E5A2E, align:center, colspan:??"][color=#FFFFFF][b]<Category>[/b][/color][/td] - this gives the same result. And while we are at things that aren't really good: You should always have the same amount of table cells in each row. So best add some empty ones (or break your table into different tables with the same amount of cells each).
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    Problems with [table]?
    All you want to know about [table]!
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