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Adele frowns. Well, your list is rather...ambitious. Like I said, I have few daughters. And if we were to all be killed by HALO, or Watch, or Remnant trying to take revenge on us, then neither of our goals would be accomplished. We need more power. If you can help us with that, then we'll help you with your...list. If not, then goodbye.

Elaine is led into the gym, and then nods when Shayan tells her to jog. She hops up on the treadmill, and runs for, oh, let's say, 10 minutes, before putting her feet to the side.

She takes a few deep breaths, and then says, "Alright. That wasn't so bad. What now?" as she, still a little apprehensive as one would be during a clinical test, rubs and scratches at the back of her head.
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"Now you will be anesthetized, and undergo the implantation procedure." As she says this, Shayan begins to flood the space around the treadmill with her particular form of hypnotizing scent, produced from the plant fused to her spine. Normally this much would be enough to make someone very pliable to suggestion, but since Elaine's heart is racing and her blood is moving so quickly through her body, this amount of free-floating plant pheromones should just make her pass out as it hits her system like a truck. Unless she holds her breath or is particularly resistant, it should be lights out for her.

Thoughtfully, Shayan reaches out to turn off the treadmill before any potential falling happens, so that her guinea pig doesn't go shooting backwards and suffer any massive head trauma.

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Well, I'm allergic to iguanas, and my injuries won't impair that, so I should be fine.
The girl replies earnestly, smiling slightly (the smile showing off slightly her brilliant white teeth).
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"Once your forms are filled out, you can follow me to the gym for some light running on the treadmills to get your heart rate up." Shayan heads for the doors prematurely, wanting to get her second test subject underway as soon as she can. There's only so long she can keep up this facade before someone looks into these trials, so a quick turnover is paramount.