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Sticks gives a little start at that, turning his head slowly to face Jim. He leans on one of the store shelves, resting his hand there. His smile returns, if small and weary. "Have you and the lady Uzume conjured a conspiracy to confound me? Whatever makes you tell me that?"
The Toy Tinker

Jim smiles in return. "Well, the consistent staring at your own hands, the speech you gave me about your magic, and the one just now. You don't seem to have the highest opinion of yourself, Boss. And you have plenty to be proud of. You make kids happy, if nothing else. "

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Fourth Tower Compound

"Hmph, what? You expect Bigfang to just hand over information after you being rude to him? Bigfang wants something in exchange. Yes, you must finish Bigfangs quest for him." Another quest? "Yes, Bigfang serve many gods see? Him finishing great math problem for Chadwick then him try to finish great chaos quest granted to him by other god. But now Bigfang can't rest since he failed to complete the quest. It is a simple quest though, yes, yes. Not hard at all."
Arty grunts. "If it was politeness you wanted you could try not making comments about my biology. Personally I don't care so much for the problem itself so much as its final solution, but I did agree that I'd deliver it to Chadwick. I personally doubt that "chaos" and "simple" will be appropriate together, particularly considering you didn't finish it, but I'll ask regardless.
What is it?"