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    I decided to use a different character format that would be more useful to me. As a note, most my characters come from the same made-up setting, so they might have connections to each other. Or maybe not.
    Random number generator to tell me which character to play

    Characters I've been playing recently are marked with three *
    ***Harley Martinez Zorzo
    Related links: Some backstory. Villain Texture. AMEN Application Empyrean alignment: FormShape, Chaos, Entropy, Will
    A masked Evil Shapeshifter bound by fate who thinks herself a knight.
    Spoiler: Story so far

    okay, she previously went by Noelani Kane in the Town.
    Birthname:Maria da Glória Moremi Raquel Liana Iansă de Regina Helena Rafaela de Oronsen Ajasoro Cayetana Amélie Viviane Martinez
    Name after marriage: Maria da Glória Moremi Raquel Liana Iansă de Regina Helena Rafaela de Oronsen Ajasoro Cayetana Amélie Viviane Martinez-Zorzo
    Her mother called her Moremi, but after running away she went by Raquel Liana to avoid being recognized.

    Harley arrived in the Nexus and immediately joined an intern. She wasn't actually a real member for a while, but was given a condition to join. During that time, she did some things like slaying a dragon and having a water balloon war with GLoG.

    After a short while (and after the betrayal of the previous leader), she was chosen as the de facto leader of AMEN (over the other contender, Magtok), and became an official member. During that time, she helped AMEN rebuild (twice), defend against WATCHTOWER and others (twice), infiltrate WATCHTOWER to rescue captured members, indirectly help Magtok free a prisoner from AMEN, fight off some undead, go on a date with Magtok to prank HALO, and so on. Varying success on all occasions.

    On the second attack against AMEN, she fought mano-a-mano against Captain Clegg in an epic fight. He immediately destroyed her sword and had her on the ropes, but she pulled together in a lucky last-ditch effort and won - barely surviving. In disguise, she was taken to GLoG to heal. Trying to get away from GLoG, she ran into a string of bad luck. Finally, she returned to AMEN.

    Then, she broke. Her mind broke, even as her father's scabbard turned into a gummi worm. She fled, but was (as a great blow to her pride) given magical-girl-type powers by the Dark Lord. Soon afterwards, she let herself be captured by HALO (now VIGIL) so she could talk to Magtok, and she left there with a bad taste in her mouth. She also went on a dungeon crawl to clear her head. I'm not sure how well that worked out for her. Anyway, she snuck back to AMEN, talked to the Dark Lord, he sucked out some black stuff from her orb, and then she went to donate blood because she just gave all the money she earned to an AMEN member, because she owed him a debt.

    After wallowing in guilt for a while, she got swarmed and beaten unconscious by some of Marciano's thugs. She found herself chained together with Magtok in some strange terrible dungeon. She also has a Dagger of Shapeshifter's Bane and a bulletproof vest that shapeshifts with her.

    Thanks to Mr E and Christmas Magic, she got her father's scabbard back in one piece. Then, she ran for Eastside Councilwoman while disguised as an always-masked Harley Martinez, and somehow won. Possibly due to her platform of "Hey, I'll listen to what you're saying then promise to do it" or however she did it, likely because of Stu's and Mr E's help.

    Eventually, she met with Magtok and received contact information to a group that can help rebuild Eastside from the demon invasion.

    Shapeshifted as Holly the somewhat-stereotypical scarless (thanks, makeup!) black-haired half-elf -- sorry, half-human -- she received a MERC mercenary license. Later, in this form, she also joined HALO after speaking with Felandria, visited GLoG to use their medical lab equipment, and helped MERC solved a rat infestation in Riverside.

    Shapeshifted, she sneaked into Vigil, quickly defeated Awen and disguised herself as her, then fought Wenomir. She did this all to follow-up on a lead she learned as Holly, about the Skinwalkers. Following up on her investigations solely out of curiosity, she continued to seek after the skinwalkers.

    She started to feel lonely.

    As a half-elf she ran into Rein after missing the train out of HALO and slept with him, with the promise for future dates. Because of all the stress, her anti-pregnancy plans failed. At about the same time, a vigilante attacked and nearly killed her at her home, destroying almost everything and forcing her to look for a new place to live - she ended up being pretty homeless, alternating between her car, random places on the streets, and the floor of Rein's room because she's too afraid to actually sleep next to someone overnight, due to the nightmares and what happened the last time she did that, with her husband. They went on a repeat date where she revealed herself as a daredevil or maybe adrenaline junkie who does dangerous things that worry him, and they turned into merpeople thanks to some reality-altering moss; thanks to her powers, she accidentally made it so she turns into one whenever she gets wet. Then, in one of her alternate identities - a veterinarian's assistant bunnygirl named Carlie Hopps, she went on a fateful bus tour...which promptly crashed into a nightmarish forest. After fighting an entropy-fish-priest, she realized she was pregnant and, in order to save the embryo's life, had to destroy the protective barrier between her and the baby that would keep them unaffected by each other's shapeshifting and keep the baby a result, she can no longer shapeshift without possibly killing the baby and was stuck in her bunnygirl form.

    Upon returning, Harley was stuck Inside trying to earn money to pay for train fare and to build up the courage to confess to Rein that she's a shapeshifter. There, she met a wendigo from a postapocalyptic world magical girl named Dorothy Mags, found out they work well together, and she gave her her Riverside house and went on to HALO. And then got kidnapped by a snake-monster, lost an eye and got multiple injuries (including a beheading) and then her soul gem erupted into shadows and...
    ...she once again is terrified to go to sleep in a bed and is hearing voices and seeing things.

    Spoiler: Question list that came up in chat

    Q1. Let’s start off easy. What’s your PCs’ favourite food to take on a quest/while travelling? Q2. What is one item your PCs never leave home without? Whether it be for an adventure or just walking down the street. Q3. What’s one skill your PCs wish they knew? Q4. What’s your PCs’ strongest sense? (Smell? Hearing? Taste? Etc) Q5. How long do your PCs take getting ready in the morning? Q6. What class or occupation would your characters be if not the one they are now? Q7. Let’s get silly with this one; your PCs have been inducted into professional wrestling. What’s their professional wrestler alias? Q8. Your PCs have some extra pocket change to spend, what’s one frivolity that they’d spend it on? Q9. Do your PCs prefer hot weather, or cold weather? Q10. Where do your PCs live? A house? A flat? Homeless? Last Question. How is the relationship between your PCs and their parents?

    Q1. She likes chocolate and strawberries, but the former melts really easily and the latter gets smashed too easily.
    Q2. A mask. Sure, she brings a sword out a lot, but she always has a mask handy, mostly because it makes her feel better.
    Q3. Holy/healing magic.
    Q4. After a lot of practice, proprioception.
    Q5. While she can get ready in minutes, if she has the time then she gives herself a couple of hours.
    Q6. If she could choose anything regardless of how unrealistic it is, she'd be a stay-at-home mom.
    Q7. Black Butterfly
    Q8. Romance novels
    Q9. Hot weather: it's much nicer and places with cold weather are too dark
    Q10. She's got a cheap tiny house in an alley, currently sharing it with the neighbors after their house was destroyed
    QLast. Not that good. Her father(?) is long-dead, never cared for her, and she only ever called him 'father' because she thought he was cool, and she thinks her mother is a horrible person and refuses to acknowledge her, even though her mother actually kinda likes her.

    ***Awen the Dreameater
    A witch who wants to be a hero but is slowly turning into a hideous snake monster because of connections from beyond the stars.
    Spoiler: Story so far

    Awen was once a maid in a rich noble's house who loved to read stories about heroes of old, who took care of a fox she found. When she had the chance to become the leader of a heroic investigative team for the mayor, she jumped at the opportunity even though she didn't feel like capable of doing it. Their first mission to investigate a suspected cult was a complete failure: the group's beaters followed them back. Most of the team scattered or dead, Awen was captured and taken to some building she had never seen. Thanks to some unexpected explosions and chance encounters, she escaped and met three Fates. Upon leaving the Fate's location through a portal, she found herself lost in the Nexus.

    She unknowingly gains magic powers from a nightmarish source and an old prophecy, and because of her mother, she is slowly becoming a terrible snake monster. (Long story short: her mother made a pact with a dead&dreaming god/eldritch being/being who speaks in fae tongues from beyond the stars, who represents transformation from humanity to monsters (such as werecreatures), the moon and stars, and dreams, and it's affecting Awen who was in the womb while the pact was made.) She accidentally renewed the pact, becoming a witch, and gained magic through the fox, a messenger sent by the being.

    Soon after arriving here, she joined VIGIL.

    She went on a couple "adventures" against demons, cultists, etc; some as a reaction to attacks by demons, some incidental.

    When Harley tried infiltrating VIGIL, Awen confronted her, was quickly defeated and poisoned with a neurotoxin, and felt helpless again. In an attempt to no longer be so weak and useless, she tried to grow stronger by summoning a fairy - but the summon was hijacked and she barely survived that encounter with her life, by replacing the summon's life energy with her own. Unable to find the reason why the summon failed, she resigned herself to recovering from her broken ribs.

    She still feels guilty about her original team's deaths, blaming herself for it, but she won't tell anybody about it.

    Some time after an unfortunate encounter with Violet, she went on a mission for VIGIL related to the demons and a moonwell, where she boarded an airship.

    One time while out eating, she helped rescue a succubus who was trapped in a mirror - and lost her right hand as a result, leaving it trapped in the mirror.

    In a mock group battle at Vigil, she did well but embarrassed herself and accidentally cast a spell on herself, and is pointedly avoiding mentioning her mind-affecting magics.

    Spoiler: Question list that came up in chat

    Q1. Let’s start off easy. What’s your PCs’ favourite food to take on a quest/while travelling? Q2. What is one item your PCs never leave home without? Whether it be for an adventure or just walking down the street. Q3. What’s one skill your PCs wish they knew? Q4. What’s your PCs’ strongest sense? (Smell? Hearing? Taste? Etc) Q5. How long do your PCs take getting ready in the morning? Q6. What class or occupation would your characters be if not the one they are now? Q7. Let’s get silly with this one; your PCs have been inducted into professional wrestling. What’s their professional wrestler alias? Q8. Your PCs have some extra pocket change to spend, what’s one frivolity that they’d spend it on? Q9. Do your PCs prefer hot weather, or cold weather? Q10. Where do your PCs live? A house? A flat? Homeless? Last Question. How is the relationship between your PCs and their parents?

    Q1. She also likes chocolate while traveling.
    Q2. Does a fox count as an item? If so, it's her fox.
    Q3. Is confidence a skill? If not, then: she wishes she was good at "being a leader"; it's just not something that comes naturally to her, but she really wants to know how to do.
    Q4. Her strongest sense isn't technically a trad. sense, but it's being able to "sense" fae-magic and similar occultish things
    Q5. It used to take her 10 minutes to get ready, but then as her magic set in she became self-conscious of her appearance and now takes 25 minutes
    Q6. She'd be a maid.
    Q7. Sweet Mamba
    Q8. cleaning equipment is what she'd buy
    Q9. Hot weather because she gets cold easily.
    Q10. Lives in VIGIL's skybase in a small room
    Last Question. Although she technically never knew who her parents were, her father knew who she was and they formed a good relationship (although she saw it more as a "lord/servant" relationship because he didn't want to admit he had an illegitimate child) and her mother probably loves her, given that she chose NOT to raise her daughter in a cult to an eldritch being seeking the destruction of civilization...

    ***Kikkawa Yoshiko
    An Olympic-level figure skater trying to get over some personal problems.
    Spoiler: Story so far

    As she planned, she did well in the various competitions growing up, even getting several medals in the various figure skating events in the Olympics. Later, when trying to get out of therapy, a portal leading to the Nexus opened in front of her and she took it, taking almost nothing but her skates and the other accompanying gear.

    At Trog's Tavern, she befriended another woman named Layne, revealed she intends to teach skating and find other figure skaters who are on her level, and then decided to be roommates with Layne.

    Spoiler: Some unused characters

    A demigod from whom truth evades.
    Spoiler: Story so far

    Melissa is the daughter of the demigoddess of strife and chaos, Eris. She basically grew up on the street in a less-than-desirable situation, learning to bring chaos. When she was fifteen, she found a safe haven where she didn't stand out as much and lived there for eight months, before she, feeling unwelcome, she left again for the streets of New York.

    The reason why she finds it so hard to fit in is because of her uncontrollable powers. As a daughter of chaos, she naturally brings and causes chaos: Anything true she says sounds like a complete and blatant lie. Those who listen to her voice for periods of time feel that those closest to them will betray them soon. Eye contact with her makes it difficult to tell who is your ally and who is your enemy. In addition, she benefits from the chaos: battle, blood, chaos, and conflict strengthens her.

    Brief description: Blond, with a green eye and a blue one. Athletic, tall.

    She went to GLoG in order to 'redeem' and gain the traits appropriate of being a hero - bombastic, friendly, loud, etc.

    Alaine and Jubaku
    A ghostly girl with a creepy doll.
    Spoiler: Story so far

    She's basically a misdreavus-like girl a doll that can move by itself. The doll, Jubaku, only speaks to her and doesn't move when anyone else is looking, and calls her Feufo (which she doesn't like).

    ***The Scordatura/Juliana de Oliveira Salazar/Juleka
    A musician who builds up wild magic energy at an alarming rate and has to regularly release it.
    Spoiler: Story so far

    Never stopping in a single place, the Scordatura wandered the Nexus. Due to an over-build-up of magical energy, she has caused minor problems in Trog's Tavern, Riverside, and Inside so far. Recently, she was seen buying doughnuts in a dirigible. She looks like an average person, but - interestingly and unusually - she looks completely different to every person who looks at her. (she fixed that problem) and if you were from Earth you'd probably say she looks Brazilian? I mean, if there is a generic "Brazilian" look. Which, to be honest, there really isn't because Brazil is a diverse place, but, regardless, I'm rambling. Nordestina? If you know what that means, that means you're pretty cool.

    Who is she, and why does she go by "the Scordatura"?

    She is, quite possibly, Harley Zorzo's daughter who (miraculously) survived when Harley thought she had died. However, neither of them know this or that the other is in the Nexus or even that the other is still alive. Most likely, no other player here on the Forum knows this, either, given that this is hidden in a spoiler in the Character Directory, and it's pretty rare for someone to read over old posts here. Besides, even if someone was bored enough to read through the Character Directory, they probably wouldn't care. So, and go wild. But, shh! Nobody knows that! Besides, it's entirely possible that Julienja is Harley's niece if you assume Harley's sister, jealous of the seemingly-peaceful life Harley managed to (temporarily) have, ended up committing identity theft, claiming to be the former-revolutionary Harley instead of the former princess she was. Asking Julienne won't help, though, because she ended up losing her core sense of self along the way, at some point.

    Anyway, she went to GLoG first, and was left alone while she swiped and read a magazine, the Insider. She then went to VIGIL's HALO base, where she wandered around alone for a while. Then other VIGIL members who didn't know the base arrived, and the Scordatura gave them a tour of the place, while pretending to be a long-time member. Another member briefly confused her for her still-unknown mother, Harley. She was later, while in the Watchtower base, noticed and forced to leave.

    Since then, she returned to GLoG, tried to trick people there into thinking she's a longtime member (the person she was talking to was distracted by personal matters) and went to the Med Lab for a tour. After trying to dupe Magtok and getting enlisted to pranking Reinholdt, she entered HALO and got infected by the meme disease that causes non-humans to act like the stereotype for their species.

    Spoiler: Some unused characters

    Conrack Brennan
    Related link: WATCHTOWER application
    A retired human mercenary who is a Blessed Warwolf.
    Spoiler: Story so far

    Shortly after arriving in the Nexus, he was invited to join WATCHTOWER. Soon afterwards, he went on a quest for them to save an orc village from corruption. Over time, he's participated in an attack on AMEN and in the WATCHTOWER/HALO tournament, where he fought against another werewolf.

    Later, after VIGIL was merged, he went around the Nexus trying to convince people to join VIGIL.

    A young witch who wears a red riding hood
    Spoiler: Story so far

    Jess (sometimes known as Red thanks to her riding hood) is in a magical school. Sometimes she seems cruel and creepy; sometimes, she seems kind and innocent. What is she, really? Why doesn't she bleed?

    The cellist whose eyes bleed darkness
    A cellist you wouldn't want to meet. Ever.
    Spoiler: Story so far

    She appeared, playing a dark chord. Since then, as people disappeared all across the Nexus, more and more cellists have appeared and the growth is at an alarming rate. One time, a Cellist of Light confronted her and warded her off for a while. Her army continues amassing, however. She keeps on appearing every so often in random places, causing emptiness and loneliness.

    ***Maria, the Exploding Witch
    A probably-insane Exploding Witch.
    Spoiler: Story so far

    When AMEN was seriously damaged, several dark and forgotten things came out of the basement. She was one of them. Since then, she's caused massive explosions, burnings, and destruction in both Inside and Skyside. She had a massive plan of explosive flames in the Audience section of the Great Race in Skyside, and she would have gotten away with it, too, if it wasn't for...

    She went to AMEN with an idea to cause bedlam.

    Since then she's been helping out at AMEN, even though very little of what she says makes sense.

    She has a secret backstory and motive, like lots of my other characters (that she can't remember) but unlike my other characters I'm not going to put it here or in the OoC, so that it remains an actual secret until somebody cares enough to find it out.

    She doesn't feel all emotions and sometimes feels none. Going off the "Today I Feel" chart, she has the following emotions, under the following specific circumstances: "confused" - when she recites a poem and can't remember why the poem is relevant, or if the poem doesn't feel right. "disappointed" - when something fails to explode. "happy" - when something in front of her is burning.

    A misfortuned goomba student (New Portside College!) who was transformed into a human and has a myriad of other things.
    Spoiler: Story so far

    Kuriko woke up one day in Trog's Tavern, and found herself as a human. She was disoriented and found herself unable to grab things or finish her Thesis (Sociology) thanks to her new limbs. She's living with her brother's family in Inside (she has a niece and nephew), and while she went to Mallside to buy human clothes, everything went wrong. Reading dirty thoughts, being covered in honey, bruised by raining die, nearly going blind due to a potent spicy tear gas...and all that happened her first day as a human. She also found a Dice of Wonder.

    She gave the die to Geneva when she returned to Mallside to buy properly-sized clothing. Because of Geneva, she gained the abilities of a Master Plumber, including the ability to jump really really high. Also, she bought indigo underwear that turns her into a indigo succubus with cute feathery wings and small black horns. She used these powers to save and protect small villages around. She's a certified Medical First Responder, so it's totally legal and not vigilanteism at all. Mostly, she deals with natural disasters and uses that opportunity to do field research on her studies.

    She has since finished her thesis and defended it. "Adaption and integration of novel cultures into the Nexus"

    Now, she's a postdoc at New Portside College who is working on several papers, including "MagTopia: How early Nexitizens determined future culture", "Integration of high-magic and low-magic worlds and how they influence the hodge-podge culture", and "Behavior of recently-assimilated groups and how the assimilating microculture affects the adoption of values" (titles, scope, and research pending).

    She's concerned with how the pony population isn't integrating into the rest of society and instead is forming ghettos.

    Characters I need to be poked and prodded to play: (or, by chance, I might play them once in a while)
    Spoiler: Some unused characters

    Shanaya Evilene Klisvane
    A young Dragon Knight/Priestess (Initiate? I don't remember.) of Dalachrech who runs on video game power.
    Spoiler: Story so far

    Shanaya went to NO (now MERC), looking for an altar of the Dragon Queen so she could save. One thing led to another, and she became a member. She went on a mission to investigate the slavery of the Underside's Temple of Dalachrech. After the investigation, she became an Initiate of Dalachrech. After some training, she moved up and received a holy spellbook and (although she much prefers swords), a magic parrying dagger. She went on an underground investigation for the Church of Dalachrech...and hasn't been seen since.

    Breno Mathias Bonifacio Cullen
    A Stephenie Meyer Vampire.
    Spoiler: Story so far

    He had an introductory post.

    Tommy "Magtok" Sunshooter
    An alt-dimension Magtok-a-like.
    Spoiler: Story so far

    He went into Trog's Tavern.

    Alvilda Blood de _______ Victory
    A dragon who became a pirate. She has a Voltorb.
    Spoiler: Story so far

    Although she looks like a human pirate, she's a dragon. On a quest for buried treasure, she found a Voltorb she named Evil Doll, as it looks like an inanimate doll object. Since then, she's participated in a Pokemon battle and in a tournament. She uses both her own firebreathing skills with the Voltorb's explosive powers.

    William/The Firebird/The Shadow
    A heroic man in the style of a superhero with a seal on his hand.
    Spoiler: Story so far

    He went to a party in Westside in Riverside, and decided to become a masked vigilante. Occasionally, across Riverside, he has fought villains and things under his two different masked personas - The Firebird and The Shadow. They both look distinctly different and look much different than he does. (He looks like a mage with a robe and staff; The Firebird is an up-and-close fiery melee warrior, and The Shadow sticks to the shadows...obviously.)

    A male drow guard who has taken up dancing.
    Spoiler: Story so far

    He showed up in the Black Dragon's Den.

    A MaliceBot who wears a cape that flutters dramatically in the wind.
    Spoiler: Story so far

    He was one of the MalBots involved in a scheme by Malice.

    Since then, he's gone independent: acting as a hero in Riverside and Skyside, helping out at GLoG as an electrician, and dramatically hanging out at Trog's Tavern.

    Spoiler: Some unused characters

    Cap'n Lucy Jones
    A pirate who is much older than she remembers.
    Spoiler: Story so far

    She was one of my old characters.

    New character! Very interesting.

    A dark villainous body-thief who can manipulate and entrap souls (even her own) and use them as her weapons.
    Spoiler: Story so far

    She was one of the people who, under Gordon, helped bring AMEN back to prominence. Swapped bodies, lost lots of her powers, escaped, grew stronger, etc. Due to some family/personal reasons, however, she had to leave, with the promise that she'd return.

    Nearly a decade later, she returned while Zefir was in charge. Because Zefir distrusted her, she offered for him to write out a contract. She hung around AMEN, getting to know new members and discussing the organization with them.

    When Vigil attacked to retrieve a captured person, one of Requiem's bodies fled due to the presence of a Fae Lord who was assisting Vigil, while the others remained once she calmed down from the panicking. One pretended to be a captured prisoner from AMEN and was brought back with Vigil, only to leave later. (The body, it turns out, was an ex-slave who escaped slavery after being sold into it by her step-father, only to later be captured by Requiem.)

    One of her bodies' spirit got corrupted, so she got rid of that spirit. Meanwhile, Tiffany (the body that went back with Vigil) lost contact with the rest of herself, and is now living her own life - since her thinking is a mix of Requiem's and the original body's.

    Spoiler: Some unused characters

    Cerridwen Iceshimmer
    Sidhe who is much darker than she appears at first glance

    Originally intended to be Harley's arch-nemesis

    A cowboy! How can cowboys not be cool?!?

    A Vasto Lorde-style Panther

    Avatar of Chaos, masked woman with a fox tail who possesses whoever puts on the mask, transporting their soul to some time-shifted fae thing. So long as mortals and conflict exist, she can be recreated, because her existence is just a lie told by something greater.

    Caeyrn Flaviu Citlali Belenus
    Half-French Half-Japanese, All-Prince Charming (with spirit armor and weapon powers)

    a Nurse

    Rusedal Vari
    Rose magic, obviously

    Suou Nicole
    An exiled Noble with blood powers

    Nichole Williams
    A 1st year witch fascinated by magical beasts, potions, and herbology

    Violet Nuuitsu
    One of my original characters who's also a musician and had lots of bad things happen to her.

    A blood-red elf with fire powers

    ****Marin Ixchel
    A self-taught mechanic catgirl who works at a MagMart.
    Spoiler: Story so far
    Marin originally came to the Nexus (then a conglomeration of Town and ACRONYMIA) to flee a military regime on Earth, coming to her friend Elly for help after she was collared by an unfortunate will-controlling device. Because of Elly's connections with Magtok, Marin was able to get a a minimum-wage-paying job at a lowly MagMart.

    While working at MagMart, she learned many skills including hard work, sales experience, and how to repair robots. And under Magtok's orders to keep an eye on them, she joined NO. (Actually, to be honest, it was probably a ploy just to keep her from hooking up with Elly and taking her away from him.) For a couple years, she became imprisoned by a wizard who wanted a catgirl-maid, and who took advantage of the residual effects of the collar.

    After the Magbots were freed, her boss (a Magbot) made the MagMart in Riverside a franchised store, she joined the Magbot MagMart union, and remains a dues-paying member to this day - or, rather, under-member, because they don't allow fleshy meatbags to be actual union members but still require them to pay dues, helping reopen the store after the demons' invasion. She rejoined NO (Well, now it was MERC).

    One day, a floating temple appeared and, curious, she entered it. With a bunch of other people, she was enlisted to fight off some beast thing - even though she's not really a combatant and only had a personal-protection pistol on her. While the beast showed up and started attacking, she found an android who had previously fought it (and lost, which is why it was still there) and quickly made some sketchy repairs to it mid-combat, to get it running again. She was gifted a valuable electric blue ribbon as thanks.

    At a chance meeting where she did not run into Zee, Marin decided to brave up and speak to Magtok. At a Thanksmas party at HALO, she walked up to him and stared talking with him - the conversation awkward at first because she was awkward and had no idea what to say, while he unintentionally had video recordings of her nude when she curtained with Elly, but then luckily it got better when he gave her his phone number and then Zee gave her a sonic screwdriver.

    After embarrassing herself in front of an attractive woman in Trog's Tavern, she realized she probably has a fetish for cybernetics and robotics, in addition to finding curvy/soft animal-girls who she trusts attractive.

    It ought to be noted that Marin has 4 ears: 2 human ears and 2 cat ears. It makes sense: sometimes cats have 4 ears. Plus, Marin was born human.
    After getting accidentally kidnapped and almost getting burned to death, her skin is now incredibly sensitive.

    A very powerful paladin(?) who, in spite of his complicated story, is actually pretty simple
    Spoiler: Story so far

    Zophiel is a man who has been described as "a knight who worked out so much that armor no longer fits". He's pretty large and strong, helpful and kind, and respects all (or, nearly all) gods. He carries around on his back not one, but two huge swords so large it wouldn't be an exaggeration to call them three-handed anime swords. The skyblue one is called Justice and the bloodred one is Mercy. He can easily use both at the same time, if he wishes. And he's a paladin. Well, excommunicated paladin. Well, evil goddess. Well, it's a long story.

    Hundreds of years ago, he was in a Paladin's Order called the Purple Unicorn. It was tasked with guarding a portal to the demonic realm which is located in a swamp - or, at least, that's what he thought. In reality, it was working together with the demons to keep a certain evil assassin-goddess under wraps: they bound her as a man and rewrote her memories. In that world, the presence of divinity is the only thing keeping time and space from collapsing on itself, so it was a pretty ingenious plan they had, to trade him off between the two where whenever he began to grow suspicious, the demons would rewrite the memories through their torturous methods, or if the seal weakened the paladins would reapply it using their methods. This worked fine until one of the succubi, Helykaan, grew a conscience.

    After confronting the head of his Order - the man he thought of as a father - Zophiel was excommunicated and fled to the Nexus - or, as it was known back then, the Town. Zophiel met a musician named Cleo. They had fun together, went on adventures together, and so on until a random mishap gender-swapped both of them. Zophiel became pregnant and even though Cleo returned to normal, Zophiel didn't, even after becoming a mother. Fairies stole their child (Alkania Leah Danir) and they went off to rescue her. All the meanwhile, the seal was weakening and the memories were returning. With a sudden identity crisis and memories and impulses rushing back, the paladin quickly left the Nexus without properly even explaining what was going on to Cleo or his daughter, leaving them both in a bad place.

    He dealt with the Order back at home, ending it, failed to come to terms with him(her)self, and found a way to apply a new seal on his back. Then, nearly a decade later, he returned to the Nexus and found that everything had changed.

    Magtok took pity on him and recommended he go to Vigil - but, mistaking its floating island as just an island, Zophiel went to the sea to find it. There, he ran into his daughter ( version of her. Long story) on the run from a giant scorpion and a bunch of skeletons. A freak storm cut their reunion short, and they found themselves trapped in Marlick Bay, a town plagued by many mysteries.

    After returning and joining VIGIL, he ran into Cleo on his way to see Anchor and learned that he has more daughters than he thought. Shortly afterwards, he caught a curse that turned him into a woman, but even once the curse was removed, he stayed as a woman...again. He seemed to have been expecting that would happen, however. After getting lost a couple times, she met up with Cleo, got some better enchanting ink that will make the magical seal last better, confessed the situation she's in with the four seals (magical seal, physical body differences, a mental seal, and...) - including the most important, her being, slowly being eroded by the goddess within. After coming up with plans to make up for these, she met a hero Ririn who broke into the tower and went along with her on a quest to regain her father's sword, in order to keep her from getting hurt.

    She then went to meet up with Leah (who told she some choice words that she really needed to hear), and then went to Cleo's church, and then did some experimentation with Cleo (removing the seals as much as possible; it resulted in Zophiel's powers being revealed as more demonic than initially thought and after completely removing it she didn't even notice anything different - even though there obviously was, what with having 12 limbs and all - and so she was turned back to a man, reapplied all the seals, and then fixed all the time irregularities that were accidentally created by Zophiel's powers). And then he went to go meet Hunter.

    Spoiler: Other unused characters

    Any of the other ones someone wants me to play, like Helen or others. If you can name them and give me a 1-sentence description of what you remember, I'll play them and then put them in here. No, I am not going to post a list of them until after someone tells me to play them. Yes, I do have a list of them, but it's on paper it got lost. If you recall one of them (or look back at old threads and notice one's name) and you want to roleplay with them...just tell me.

    Nemo and thoughts
    Spoiler: Story so far

    Still filling out

    A smol black dragon whose favorite food is undead
    Spoiler: Story so far

    Several years ago, Obsidian was a tiny dragon who hung around the Dancing Fox Inn - after some people there saved her from a dragon slayer. She learned to read, she learned how to have a 'human form', and so on.

    Later, she returned onscreen. Went to Trog's Tavern, ordered a zombie llama, and then went to the Mispelled Cematery to hunt zombies and save some for later. While storing a handful of zombies in a tree, she met two other small dragons. Later, she hid her scales (which she removed like a selkie) to go into a weird door, got bit by a zombie, and then went to Vigil (while her immune system was fighting off the zombie bite - she's got a pretty good anti-undead immune system) where she was coerced into giving samples, met another dragon, and just before leaving a huge debacle happened.

    Persephone/Kore/The Mistress
    Spoiler: Story so far

    Still filling out

    June (Minerva)
    Fairly normal redhead human; very androgynous, appears male or female depending on what clothes are being worn.
    Spoiler: Story so far

    June *brown long-sleeve shirt with a couple buttons, shiny gray athleticwear trousers, coral ankle-length socks, black tennis shoes), apparently from a place called Eris, woke up with nothing but the clothes on his back, in a crater in the middle of nowhere. He made his way to Inside and Trog's Tavern and met Sekhmet, but was captured by Cearta's cultists who dressed him up in a french maid outfit and held him hostage in order to get at Zee. He was rescued, and chose to keep the french maid outfit - to wear something while washing clothes. Looking for a quick way to get shelter and food - and not wanting to admit defeat and get them free from GLoG - he interviewed at the Black Dragon Den with Raril and got hired (cook, server, busboy, whatever is needed at the time), got a dagger for self defense, an offer for cheap (until he can get on his feet) housing, and connection to get more clothes from Raril's sister. He also, in order to get more tips, was recommended to dress as a woman; he agreed to practice and do it.

    Later that night, June woke up again in a crater in the middle of nowhere, with again just the clothes on his back. Something key was different, but he didn't really care that his body was female. With no idea whether his memories actually happened, or what was going on, he made his way to a train station (closed for the night) and had an interesting encounter with a vampire. Introducing herself as female (and sticking to it), she helped the vampire set up some magic thing in the swamp - at the expense of a sprained wrist, a friction burn on the neck, a weird sensation, and dirty clothes. Cleaning them recolored them (top:amethyst, bottoms:teal, socks:lavender, shoes:jade) and in order to resist mind control and have access to magic, she agreed to drink the vampire's blood. Unfortunately, her clothes were stolen by some kids, with the exception of her ring (and underwear and a brand-new 'silk' bra made from spider webbing spit). In exchange, she unlocked 'The Seer' power, able to see ghosts, see in the dark and around corners kind-of, see people's spirits better through their eyes, speak telepathically with Wanessa when nearby, etc.

    Getting back to the BDD, she discovered that...there's two of her. Same mind. Very disorienting. June - the 'ghoul' - and Minerva when they're both together. Or at other times. It's all very confusing. Don't ask her. First name: Nikki. True name: Samantha. After all that was taken care of, and June worked at the BDD, went to a library, teased a dumb book, and so on.

    a baby

    Spoiler: List of colors

    Reserved for Manja

    Favorite Roleplaying Situations Here

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