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    Status update, since apparently there's a tad of an audience: this is not dead. Over the past few weeks, I've been hashing out rules for basic adventuring tasks because a lot of what is in mind for the thief (and a good bit for the soldier) hinged on it - I can't make rules for a sneaky class without a solid foundation for sneaking. You can see some of this in the "Adventuring" section, which wasn't around when I last replied. Once that's done, I will technically have a playable system, and will add in the thief abilities (all of which are conceptualized, but not implemented).

    Quote Originally Posted by Jaillyn View Post
    I've been meaning to post here for some time, but never took the time to actually do it. So here I am, posting now.

    I'm excited to see how your system comes out, since I'm a fan of Dust's system. I am like most everyone else, I imagine, waiting for an update that we were promised over six months ago, and since then, have remainded in the dark as Dust has stopped posting.

    Your system seems well thought out for a different change of pace without insulting the system we've come to love, so I look forward to playing around with this. Keep up the work. I just had to post to let you know your thread isn't going unignored. People are watching it.
    It's nice to know someone cares. :D If you have any comments on material I've posted, or questions about why I do X/how I plan to do Y, please post away.

    Quote Originally Posted by Larkas View Post
    Have you tried Marc's system? It's not only actively maintained, but the creator is always after input from people who play it!

    Now, that's not to discourage you from making your own system, I just thought it could be interesting to bring attention to a nice, well-thought out system that might actually help you out
    While I'm have nothing against d20 (like I mentioned, the game was run with such a system at the start), I'm deliberately shying away from it here. I know the system well, and it's too tight when I don't need it to be (e.g. positioning) and not tight enough when I do (e.g. skills). I do appreciate the link, though; I will shamelessly crib whatever I find useful. ;)
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