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    The answer to that is to keep the numbers on a tight range, which is what we're doing here. With the current setup, if two characters (and monsters follow the same rules as characters) have the same level, the largest possible difference in stats is 6. This takes you from a 62.5% hit chance (when your stats are equal) to either a 99.5% chance (if your stat is 6 higher) or a 4.6% chance (if your stat is 6 lower). A big difference, yes, but that's is the full extent of your stat range. Barring status ailments (which I'm okay with) and size differences (which need work, but are usually in your favor when hitting things anyway), even if you deliberately dump both your to-hit stats and your opponent has maximized both of theirs, your hit chance is still the equivalent of rolling a natural 20.
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