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Hmmmmmmm... Crazy idea here, but have you thought of dumping size differences completely? FF characters don't seem to have much of a problem hitting anything from a tiny fly to a huge Weapon, nor grappling or throwing them. I mean, it might not be realistic, but it is in line with FF, is it not?
We've made a couple of conscious decisions with this game to emulate the Final Fantasy flavor as much as possible without sacrificing good gameplay mechanics. At a certain point, you have to say "this is cool, but doing this thing would throw balance out the window", so we've had to do a couple of losses of flavor and feel to make sure that the game is solid. This isn't a better approach than saying, for instance, flavor trumps all and mechanics be damned, but it is the approach that we're taking.

Also note that your to-hit not succeeding doesn't mean that you didn't hit it - it could also mean that you simply did not affect it with your attack, as it may have been deflected by armor or something similar.