Hi, I've only read through the first four pages of the thread so far, so I hope these aren't duplicate questions.

- When can Durkon's healing schtick be used? Does it have to be on Durkon's player's turn? Does it have to be in a particular phase of a turn? Can the player use it when resting, before flipping up all their cards? The rules for schticks don't talk about timing for non-battle schticks, and the text on the schtick itself doesn't either give timing requirements or say "anytime".

- How many assistance-for-loot proposals can be extended by a player for a particular battle? The rules don't seem to say, but we thought we found some wording that implied that only one other character can assist in a single battle. However, the wording of one of the answers in the FAQ at http://www.apegames.com/oots/oots-dod/OOTSDoD-FAQ.pdf as of 10/25/2006 suggests that multiple players can assist.

Also, a comment on something we found confusing when getting started: it was hard to find the part that explained how and when new Battle Deck cards are drawn. As far as we could tell it was only mentioned in an inset box, not anywhere in the "getting started" area or main rules covering the Battle Deck.