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    Default Re: Werewolf Classic XVII - game starts on page 2

    Quote Originally Posted by Askthepizzaguy View Post
    Which always wins for village, when villagers volunteer to die.

    If you want to lynch yourself, prove it. Do it today.

    I'm waiting.
    Rather have the certainty that we won't lose this game tomorrow first even though I'm pretty certain we have our last 3 wolves. On the off chance that Banjo is actually village, there is no reason for me to sacrifice myself today and give you the chance to try convince the village tomorrow that Banjo makes the best lynch.

    We're both agreed that Banjo and I should be the next 2 to die, why are you so desperate to lynch me over Banjo today?

    Quote Originally Posted by Askthepizzaguy View Post
    I'm wolf with Banjo, right?

    So, you lynch today and flip villager, and village lynches Banjo tomorrow, and then me the next day.

    I will agree to these terms.
    And I see you're already trying to maneuver things in that direction.
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    He's Fleeing Coward. The man could be a cookie-baking, cancer-stricken orphan kitten and still look like a reasonable suspect.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ramsus View Post
    I would advise people not to trust FC just on principle. Even if he's on your team, confirmed by the narrator.