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    Default Re: MitD VIII: Everything we know about MITD (but were afraid Tarrasque)

    Complete list of MitD strips

    Purple = strips prior to Rich knowing what the MitD is (ends "around strip # 100")
    Italics = MitD mentioned but does not appear

    Start of Darkness


    Rainforest, 29 years ago
    Page 49 MitD captured
    Page 50 SBGH surprised MitD can talk, is in this part of the world
    Circus (3 years ago)
    Page 83 MitD likes stew, is about to be revealed
    Page 84 CIRCUS SCENE. It's hard for MitD to be looked at by a lot of people at once
    Page 85 MitD knows Right-Eye's family, playing with toys
    Page 88 MitD meets Redcloak, Redcloak says he could escape if he wanted to
    Page 89 Redcloak is going to free MitD
    Page 90-95 Breaking MitD out of the circus
    Page 96 Xykon meets MitD, : "You sure are one ugly sumbitch", MitD can be mind-controlled
    Taking Dungeon of Dorukan (6 months ago)
    Page 100-101,
    103, 105,
    107, 109
    MitD given control of zombies to attack tower, can't remember what to do, gets tacos instead
    Page 110 MitD being carried into dungeon

    Dungeon Crawlin' Fools


    23 Meanwhile... MitD's first appearance, he wants out of the shadows
    37 Evil, But Cost-Effective Watching Roy set off the trapped door
    47 But is it High Definition? Team Evil scrying on Order of the Stick/Linear Guild, MitD wants to watch Belkar and Yikyik fighting
    82 Beats Pay-Per-View Eating popcorn and watching Durkon and Hilgya have sex. MitD is (currently) in magical darkness
    The Gates
    85b A High Turnover Career Panel 8: Xykon says MitD whines a lot
    95 Dead Men Tell Tales Panel 3: Redcloak says MitD is attracting more demon-roaches
    96 Gate? What Gate? MitD can't see/doesn't recognize as gate/instantly forgets ginormous gate.
    97 Evil Plans Joining in a hearty evil villain laugh.
    Fighting the Order
    103 Practice Makes Perfect MitD practicing for his big reveal
    105 Hordes of Xykon MitD waiting behind the throne
    106 A Sure Bet Waiting, : "Wait, what gate?"
    109 Tensions Rise Still waiting
    110 Revenge is Best Served Really Cold Ditto
    113 Memories, Like the Edges of My Sword Ditto
    114 Exciting Climax MitD about to jump out of the shadows
    117 Delayed Gratification Wants to kill and eat the Order
    120 The End of the Beginning Fleeing through tunnel with Redcloak

    No Cure for the Paladin Blues

    ?? MitD appears briefly in Elan's finger puppet recap of the events of the previous book
    ?? MitD is given a brief introduction on the Cast of Characters
    Recruiting the hobgoblins
    147 The Light at the End of the Tunnel MitD wants to hold Xykon's phylacetry but can't because he might break it. Excited to get out of the shadows. Introduction of pink umbrella.
    148 Hobgoblins and You Grumbling about umbrella
    149 Cultural Differences Watching Redcloak become hobgoblin supreme leader.
    Retaking Xykon's tower
    190 A Lesson in Resource Management MitD respects how Redcloak isn't going to send hobgoblins to their deaths, despite hating them
    191 Dungeon Real Estate MitD scared to go into Xykon's old tower, "there's nothing in there any scarier than you - Correction: any scarier than you SHOULD be."
    192 Everything Sits Better on a Ritz Outside Xykon's tower
    194 You Light Up My Life MitD wants lantern archons to hit him with their light attacks
    194a Quit Dragon My Heart Around Xykon and Redcloak can't see MitD - he's permanently shrouded in magical darkness according to Redcloak
    194b Post-Dragon Reading a pamphlet from the forces of good
    195 Book Nook Watching while Redcloak and Xykon search for Serini's diary
    196 The Diary Plot exposition for Xykon's plan, "What "gate" do you guys keep talking about?"
    Preparing to march
    299 A Calling Missed MitD wants to help, according to Redcloack the only way he can help zombify monsters is to volunteer as raw materials or gain five levels in cleric overnight

    War and XPs

    Recap & Bonus
    ?? MitD is mentioned on the Cast of Characters page
    ?? MitD mentioned in passing in Vaarsuvius' plot recap
    Round 4 commentary bonus cartoon MitD is too tall to be a kobold
    331 For the Future MitD marching with the hobgoblins
    The Tower
    368 All Along the Watchtower MitD says he eats to fill the loneliness
    369 Fight! Cheering Redcloak against Miko
    371 The Road to Heck Watching Redcloak, Xykon and Miko talk
    373 Caged MitD is waiting for Miko after she escapes
    374 Black and Blue TOWER SCENE, Miko's attacks just tickle MitD, who can hit the lightest competition
    375 Undeliverable MitD eats the letter Miko was carrying, gets papercut on his tongue
    376 All Too Easy Xykon left MitD to guard Miko so that she would be sure to escape
    Preparing the Attack
    414 Noble is Goodble MitD is playing yahtzee with Xykon and Redcloak
    415 Idiot Box Watching TeeVo with Xykon and Redcloak, : "Gate?"
    415a Hey, What's Wrong with Crayons? MitD drew tactical plan, wants to smash through Azure City walls
    Battle of Azure City
    422 March to War MitD shocked that Redcloak is bossing "Xykon" around
    426 Three of a Kind Hanging out in the back with Redcloak and "Xykon", doesn't understand why there are three "Xykons"
    428 It Takes a Thief Still hanging out in the back
    431 My Three Xykons MitD still doesn't get the multiple Xykons, even after Redcloak explains it
    447 Guarding the Sapphire In the back with Redcloak
    450 Wands Are for Suckers MitD visible as tiny dot in back with Redcloak
    451 Change of Direction Wants to devour someone and get a new pet to ride
    463 Shattered Having a tea party when O-Chul drops in
    474 The Body Snatcher MitD having a tea party with O-Chul and Roy's corpse; Belkar tracking MitD : tracks are weird, definitely not hobgoblin or undead Roy
    475 Crashing the Party Belkar and Haley try to take O-Chul and Roy's corpse back from MitD; MitD yells loud enough to shake the ground and blow hair/cloaks back, is excited to eat moldy cheeseburgers, thinks he's seen Haley and Belkar somewhere before
    476 I Don't Suppose You Have Any Nutmeg? MitD remembers he was supposed to devour Haley and Belkar
    477 Shock and Awwwwww MitD can't decide if he should devour Haley and Belkar now, doesn't even notice a full attack from Belkar, gives a tiny stomp and creates a massive earthquake (: "Wow! I didn't know I could do that!!") after which he is suddenly tired

    Don't Split the Party
    ?? MitD appears on Cast of Characters page
    Team Evil and O'Chul
    541 He's a Gamblin' Thing MitD betting on O'Chul escaping and living happily ever after with monopoly money
    543 Shhh! Principal's Coming! MidD doesn't understand why hoping really hard didn't save O'Chul
    549 Grueling Ordeal MitD shares stew with O'Chul, says he won't eat babies, wants to start a secret club that doesn't allow girls
    550 +1 BFF MitD thinks Xykon and Redcloak are his friends, wants to play a game, and O'Chul says he's learning go very quickly
    V's Attack
    651 Two Eyes in the Dark MitD and O'Chul playing go, MitD remembers his dad, doesn't know what species he is
    654 Cages (Steel and Otherwise) Calls O'Chul by his real name the first time
    658 A Bird in Hand Rooting for O'Chul to escape
    661 The Path of Least Expectation Escape
    662 The Price is Right MitD sleeping

    Blood Runs in the Family

    ?? Blackwing says MitD teleported V and O-Chul away from Xykon.
    Back in Azure CityGobbotopia
    699 Escape Clause MitD trying and failing to repeat his "escape" trick on a hobgoblin.
    700 They Would Likely Both Disagree With That Sentiment Identified Tsukiko's scroll as half a magic ritual.
    701 Curtains for You MitD opens the curtains for Redcloak -- pushing is easier than pulling.
    702 One for the History Books MitD standing in the background, holding the rope.
    703 Meet the New Boss MitD is reading the Gobbotopia history book.
    704 Dead Men Give No Speeches MitD hopes that "Prime Minister" = in charge of prime rib.
    708b MitD visits the celebration (clowns and funnel cakes) and talks his way past the guards to get back home.
    709 No Scry Zone Wants Tsukiko to scry for O'Chul, but she can't.
    Phylactery found
    828 A Study in Viridian Redcloak says MitD was looking for Teevo remote.
    831 Two of a Kind Beats King High MitD warns Redcloak that Xykon is angry.
    832 Loose Ends Shocked that Redcloak murdered Tsukiko.
    833 Villainy Afoot MitD sad about Tsukiko's death. Knows Astral Plane is silvery and weightless, but can't remember going there.
    Girard's Gate
    899 Prophecy Fulfilled MitD arrives at the pyramid with Xykon and Redcloak.
    900 Hole on the Middle MitD survived the gate explosion, doesn't know what a pelvis is.
    901 Friend of a Friend MitD knows OotS are O-Chul's friends and doesn't want them killed, so he talks Xykon and Redcloak into not attacking the OotS and just going to Kraagor's gate.

    Online strips

    Snips, Snails, and Dragon Tales

    Bonus Strips
    Commentary page for Edition Wars MitD wonders if 4e Xykon's necromantic aura affects him and if he's been updated

    (This is a personal project that pre-dates my becoming a mod. It is still entirely my personal project.)
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