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    Boy am I beat! The final exams period is very tiring... Anyway, we had a session on Saturday, a very battle heavy one. The session went so- so... Sena's player was too tired, Andrew's player was distracted by real life problems, and I think there were too many battles, too few talks to my players' tastes. Anyway, Lets get to it!

    Session 6, Part 1- Into the Gray Garrison, Battle with Othirubo

    Last time the party just killed the Vermleks outside the garrison, and were ready to enter it, with it's strange twisting and "shifting out" properties. We didn't get to finish the Gray Garrison this session, but the party made great progress. The different players tried to help our new player, Mad dog's player play more tactically, and she liked their advice. She was trying her best through the session.

    A few changes I made to the Gray Garrison
    I made a few crucial changes to the Garrison, to make it more interesting. I will share these:
    1. I found the idea of the party attacking, retreating and resting and then coming back with so minimal reinforcements like in the module unbelievable. Instead, the party needed to do this in one go. However, they still had Terendelev's scales (Two of them left), which enabled two "rests". However, not everywhere enabled this since...

    2. I am a firm believer that the battle scenes at the final location of an arc should be memorable. The gray garrison's rooms are boring and constrained. So I added a twist- every now and then a rift may appear and some random effect from the abyss will happen. Either fire/ depressive wind/ a necrotic swarms of flies or summoned minor creatures and such. This usually happens in mid battles, but also by taking too much time exploring a location.

    3. Encoutner strengths: Most of them are... well... pathetic. Also, it was very repetitive, dishing out the exact foes they killed 2 levels ago. I saw this in Estrod tower where Mad dog (with a little help from Andera) took on by themselves the entire place. So.... I took all of the XP from the escalations, and used it and the existing encounters XP to produce some a bit higher level foes. Such as tiefling fighter 2, or cultists clerics level 3.

    4. Jaclyn's room: In the module she is in a TINY room, who will be crowded if there were reinforcements. I will explain it's change of design when I get to the room itself, but suffice to say I made it much bigger, with a lot of interesting terrain and conditions, and a LOT of reinforcements. A final battle should feel like one damnit!

    5. Iomedae's rewards and such: I put them in the Hall of Heroes encounter. some of the things there are absurd. Like in the minotaur room, fixing some helmets or somethign which take EIGHT hours! Really?

    I hope this all works out.

    Entry possibilites and entry room
    Mad dog looked for another way in other than the doors, and spotted the window at the first level (room 13a in the module). He climbed there, and found himself in a little coop (5x5ft room) with a door. Listening he heard some buzzing and words in abyssal from inside. He climbed down and there was a bit of a discussion whether to try and break the above door and go in, but they decided against it.

    The front doo was locked though. Andera tried to unlock it, but this drew attention from guards inside. The guard asked "What's the matter?" In Abyssal, but only Harry understood it. He replied with some fast lie, which surprisingly worked! Andera finally unlocked it, but made too much noise. This time Harry's lies didn't work. "Intruders!" went the shout. Roll initiative!

    Damnation, fro mQuake
    (This music was not a good choice. Not tense enough. we ended up replacing it later)

    The party went in and fought a small force of two tiefling fighters lvl 2 (Heavily armored mainly, AC 20) and two sorcerer lvl 1. They quite easily overcame them, but not before one of the fighters run towards the stairs and called for intruders.

    "Well, there goes the surprise!" Commented Sena sarcastically. "Let us hurry then! we are not sure how much the diversion will last."

    The party decided to hoof it. They had the map of the first level, and decided to go towards the temple.

    Where did he go?!
    They stopped by the defiled shrine, with Sirius (Radiance) giving emotional pings to where it lay for so many years. They tries to quickly clean the altar, but as they did a sort of a rift opened and too mad dog inside it!

    Mad dog appeared at the bottom of a gigantic heated cauldron, with what looked like souls trying to climb out and burning slowly. There were 2 quasits there having fun with the tormented souls. Mad dog quickly climbed to a relative safe spot and fought off the disappointing quasits for a round or tow, before he was transported back.

    The party were very worried in the meantime, and Harry understood that was a soul cleanse torment device in the Abyss. He surmounted people were probably transported there. Sirius gave Andrew a feeling of "show reverence" so he knelled and saw the hidden message in the altar "Iomedae let us inherit thine arms". The party was confused about that, but were more worried about the rifts, and moved on.

    The Battle with Othiburo and cultists
    The party skipped the museum and went to the room towards the stairs on one side, the temple on another. As they debated where to go, another rift opened and a fearful spirit tried to shake their nerves. But Andrew's courageous aura helped most to overcome this, and he used his mercy to remove the shaken condition from Andera. They decided to head to the temple.

    We decided to choose a more tense music. We chose the following:
    [URL="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wcdti-dzPVw"]Power of Darkness, two steps from Hell/URL]
    (We ended up using this for most of the session)

    There they met Othiburo, tiefling alchemist who stood near the west most point of the room, with 3 Deskari cultists (cleric 3) between him and the party. "You will not get to Jaclyn! Stop them before they get to my research!"

    Mad dog roared, and went quickly in. Andera disappeared and went quickly in,m near Othiburo, who threw a bomb, missing Andrew but catching quite a few in the 10 ft splash (discovery), and Mad do caught fire! (another dicovery). Seeing this was the case, Sena cast Murderous command on Othiburo, which worked! The cultists then unleashed their spells: Hold person on Mad dog, catching him in magical hold, Sound burst and... Silence! Which covered most of the place where the party was.

    Harry and Millorn cursed (figuratively) and moved to the former room till they could clear the silence. They then heard the museum door opening and 2 ABrikandilu slavering coming towards them. Andrew backed up to defend the squishy casters, while Arabeth pushed forward towards the cultists.

    If this wasn't enough, a quasit appeared behind Sena, and another rift opened, sending another fearful wind on the front liners- Mad dog and Arabeth, bot hof which were now shaken.

    Mad dog's player was not happy about all of this!

    Andera sneaked attacked a cultist from behind, nearly killing him, while Othiburo used his crossbow to attack another. The party thought I cheated here- "A cross bow? He's supposed to use bombs! Why not a bomb?" But there was a reason... Sena came and took the ifre out of Mad dog, While Arabeth fought the cultists. Another bomb came, hitting Arabeth hard, also Splashing Mad dog and Sena. "We're screwed, arent we?" Said Mad dog's player. "Not yet we are!" encouraged Sena's player.

    For the next few rounds they tried to push in, heal and kill the cultists while Othiuburo threw bomb after bomb, even getting Arabeth down to -5, and Mad dog to 0. Andrew managed to finally kill the two Abrikandilu (Hurt bad), And him and the casters came back, with the silence now gone. As they killed a cultist the other two started to unleash negative energy, but Andrew's channel attempts kept the party going.

    Some of hte bombs hit the cultists as well, but due to a resist energy spell they were protected from the splash (which is why he didn't use the bombs). Luckily he ran out of bombs and they closed on him, battering him easily enough, with Andera killing Othiburo at the end.

    Othiburo battle
    Much tougher than I expected. The party really lacks ranged options outside Harry. The silence was quite effective, but I forgot to keep track of it till the player told me. The 3 cultist were a very effective enemy.

    I never knew alchemist could be so effective as well! It was a good "lvl 1 boss battle".

    Armory and Arabeth' sword

    The party easily found the secret door, and after some fumbling remembered the sentence from the shrine and opened it. I changed some of the gear, but not all of it. For some reason a lot of the stuff went to Mad dog, who was allready packed with gear...
    They also went to the alchemist's lab (former high priest room) and found Arabeth sword, the one she sold to Kandro for Anevia's magical transformation. I made this to a scimitar (Said her father worshiped Sarenrae) but Sena was still worried about accepting this. He still thought she might be a betrayer, and this a trap. But th lure of a +1 bane (evil outsider) was too much even for him. They also found a letter detailing how Kandro came trying to bargain the sword for a better life and having been turned to a vermlek. The letter was addressed to Staunton Vhane, and mentioned that the weapon will "take likely to your brother's touch". which worried the party greatly for some reason.

    Dretches and an old acuqaintance

    As the party explored another rift opened, with a dozen of the fiendish locust insects (Stat wise fiendish stirges). They were killed with lauhgable ease, but the party didn't want to wait for something bigger. So they sought to head up. Andrew worked on the locks, and got them open as the dretches inside started summoning. As Mad dog entered, a familir figure shot at him- Wendaug the mongrelwoman ranger! The battle was quick, and she tried to run up the stairs but andrew grabbed her and pinned her.

    They interogated her quickly, and found of her hatred for the "uplanders" who made them all live underground in squalor while they lived in the riches. But she was also a survivalist, and just tried to live She didn't know much- she knew there were 3 levels, something really messed up at the top floor, and that a strange frightening one eyed demon came a few days ago- The Aghash Div.

    The party offered her to join Chief Sul, and she heartily agreed, if they'll vouchsafe for her. But Sena sensed that she lies. They decided to lock her up in the armory bound till they finish with this. They can't be dealing with this now!

    With that, they headed up the stairs.
    Here ends the first part. I hope I will get to the second one soon!
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