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    Default Re: Video Game protagonists as D&D characters

    Oh, I did one of these for fun, might as well put it here:

    Spoiler: Travis Touchdown

    Statted this guy for the lulz and tried to make him as badass as possible while staying true to the games.

    Serene Barbarian is 3rd Party, Rite Publishing: http://www.d20pfsrd.com/classes/core...rene-barbarian. Brackets represent the boosts he gets while using Greater Serenity.

    The Uncrowned, Travis of Touchdown

    L1 Unbreakable Fighter / L8 Tetori Monk / Serene Pit Fighter Barbarian 11
    Lawful Evil

    STR 8 (-1)
    DEX 24 (+7) [+3]
    CON 10 (0)
    INT 8 (-1)
    WIS 17 (+3) [+3]
    CHA 12 (+1)

    HP 151
    SPD 60
    BAB +18/+13/+8
    CMB 29 (grapple +37) (trip +31/AOE +33) (dirty trick +31) [+3] CMD 39 (grapple +45) (trip +43)
    AC 22 [+8]

    Fort + 15 [+3]
    Ref + 16 [+6]
    Will + 12 [+6]

    Improved Grapple
    Agile Maneuvers
    Weapon Finesse
    Stunning Pin
    Greater Grapple
    Wolf Style/Trip/Savage
    Improved Trip
    Ki Throw
    Binding Throw
    Fury’s Fall
    Combat Expertise

    Graceful Grappler/Grab special ability
    Martial Weapons
    Improved Unarmed Strike
    Stunning Fist
    Greater Serenity 29 rounds/day
    Serene Powers: Knockdown, Beast Totem Lesser, Beast Totem, Beast Totem Greater, Unexpected Strike
    Wis to AC
    Pit Fighter (+2 to grapples/trips/dirty tricks)
    Improved Savage Grapple
    Break Free
    Damage Reduction -2
    Killer (+3 to damage on Critical Hits)
    Berserker of the Society

    Languages: Common, Sylvan

    Weapon: Blood Berry - Brilliant Energy Nodachi +23 (1d10+7)
    Rose Nasty - Brilliant Energy Katana/Brilliant Energy Wakizashi +19 (1d8+5) / +11 (1d6+5)
    Unarmed Strikes - 1d10

    Knowledge (otaku): 20 - 1
    Knowledge (nature): 9 + 3 - 1
    Profession (exterminator): 5 + 3 + 3
    Profession (plumber): 5 + 3 + 3
    Survival: 1 + 3 + 3
    Perception: 18 + 3 + 3
    Ride: 20 + 7 + 3

    There are theoretically an infinite number of Knowledge skills. Presumably Knowledge (otaku) checks would be made to gain insight into obscure pop culture references, and Ride is naturally for riding the Schpeltiger. Travis's Strength and Int are below-average (since he's a 26-year-old nerd with no long-term career prospects), but his Wisdom is fairly high (he is quite Genre Savvy and aware of his metaphysical position in the universe), and he is dextrous enough to strike vital points with ease and deflect enemy projectiles. His Charisma can't be that bad, since his enemies come to fear and respect him, Shinobu follows him, and Sylvia was willing to bang him.

    Unbreakable Fighter is for the absurd durability that comes from being a video game character. Tetori Monk covers his wrestling training, while Serene Pit Fighter Barbarian further enhances his grapples and grants him a dex-boosting, cool-headed rage to account for his awesome dodges and lack of armor.

    His "rage" powers simulate the second game's tiger form. His weapon is of course a Brilliant Energy Nodachi (it's used two-handed most times). Leadership is for his cohort (Shinobu). Couldn't find an elegant way to represent Glastonbury, of course.

    Regarding Berserker of the Society - Anyone who's played a Pathfinder Society game will agree that the United Assassin's Association is a fairly close approximation - if Travis existed in Golarion he would definitely be a "professional adventurer" (read: murderhobo.) I interpreted him as Evil because he enjoys killing people and does so for sport, but Lawful because that's *all* he does that's evil - he leads an organized life otherwise, pays for his clothes, swords, and entry fees, and keeps his word.

    Finally, by adding each level's bonus point to his HP, Travis's HP ends in "51."

    Did I miss anything?

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