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    Quote Originally Posted by Thiyr View Post
    As I was just thinking about this earlier.

    Spoiler: Our good friend
    Adam Jensen, of Deus Ex: Human Revolution

    would be an interesting one to see
    Spoiler: I Never Asked For This
    Name: Fantasy!Jensen
    Rather than, you know, Adam Jensen. The one from the game.

    Race: Nimblewright (10 RHD, +6 LA)
    For the majority of the game Adam Jensen is no longer human, but a human mind kept alive by a cybernetic body. Just as a Nimblewright is the soul of a water elemental trapped inside a metal body, Fantasy!Jensen is a human who lives on beyond death as a construct.
    Spoiler: What's a Nimblewright?
    Nimblewrights offer the following properties:
    • Construct type, traits and immunities.
    • Spell Resistance 27
    • Tipping Thrust: When the nimblewright lands a critical hit, the target is forged to make a DC 19 Reflex save or fall prone as if tripped.
    • Spell-Like Abilities: At-will: alter self, cat's grace, entropic shield, feather fall and haste. Caster level of 10, saves seem to be charisma-based (DC 14).
    • Vulnerabilities: Any cold effect slows the nimblewright for 3 rounds, and any fire effect stuns it for 1 round. Tough cookies.
    • Extra Stuff: Combat Reflexes and Combat Expertise as bonus feats, also gets +7 natural armour.

    Ability Scores: 32 Point-Buy
    Base: 16 Str, 14 Dex, 8 Con, 14 Int, 14 Wis, 12 Cha
    Racial: 8 Str, +14 Dex, --- Con, +6 Wis, +8 Cha
    Levels: +3 Strength
    Total: 27 Str, 28 Dex, --- Con, 14 Int, 20 Wis, 20 Cha

    Build: Construct 10/Crusader 2/Unarmed Swordsage 2/LA 6
    Spoiler: Courtesy of Zinc Saucier
    Level (ECL) Class Base Attack Bonus Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Skills Feats Class Features
    10 (16) Nimblewright RHD +7/+2 +3 +3 +3 13 Jump, 6 (Cross-Class) Concentration, 6 (Cross-Class) Move Silently, 6 (Cross-Class) Hide, 3 Tumble Two-Weapon Fighting, Power Attack, Weapon Focus (Light Mace), Lightning Maces, Combat Expertise (Bonus Feat), Combat Reflexes (Bonus Feat) Spell-Like Abilities, Spell Resistance 27, Tipping Thrust, Augmented Critical, Construct Traits, Vulnerabilities
    11 (17) Crusader 1 +8/+3 +5 +3 +3 14 Jump, 9 Concentration, 6 (Cross-Class) Move Silently, 6 (Cross-Class) Hide, 3 Tumble Furious Counterstrike, Steely Resolve 5
    12 (18) Crusader 2 +9/+4 +6 +3 +3 15 Jump, 12 Concentration, 6 (Cross-Class) Move Silently, 6 (Cross-Class) Hide, 3 Tumble Improved Critical (Rapier-Hand) Indomitable Soul (Charisma to Reflex)
    13 (19) Unarmed Swordsage 1 +9/+4 +6 +5 +5 16 Jump, 16 Concentration, 9 Move Silently, 6 Hide, 3 Tumble Quick to Act +1, Monk's Unarmed Strike, Discipline Focus (Weapon Focus, Diamond Mind)
    14 (20) Unarmed Swordsage 2 +10/+5 +6 +6 +6 17 Jump, 17 Concentration, 13 Move Silently, 6 Hide, 3 Tumble AC Bonus (Wisdom to AC)

    ECL 20 Statistics, No Gear:
    HP: 12d10+2d8+20
    AC: 31 (+9 Dexterity, +5 Wisdom, +7 Natural)
    Saves: +6 Fortitude, +20 Reflex, +12 Will
    Attack: +19/+14
    Attacks (Two-Weapon Fighting): +17/+12 and +17
    Attacks (Haste): +20/+15/+20
    Attacks (TWF+Haste): +18/+13+18 and +18
    Damage: 2d6+8 main hand, 2d6+4 off-hand

    Spoiler: Crusader
    Maneuvers: 5 Known, 5 Readied, 2 Granted
    Crusader 1 Maneuvers: Foehammer (Devoted Spirit, Level 2), Mountain Hammer (Stone Dragon, Level 2), Bonecrusher (Stone Dragon, Level 3), Defensive Rebuke (Devoted Spirit, Level 3), Stone Dragon's Fury (Stone Dragon, Level 3)
    Crusader 2 Maneuvers: None.

    Stances: 2 Known
    Crusader 1 Stance: Martial Spirit (Devoted Spirit, Level 1)
    Crusader 2 Stance: Thicket of Blades (Devoted Spirit, level 3)

    Spoiler: Swordsage
    Maneuvers: 7 Known, 4 Readied
    Swordsage 1 Maneuvers: Cloak of Deception (Shadow Hand, Level 2), Mind Over Body (Diamond Mind, Level 3), Emerald Razor (Diamond Mind, Level 2), Death from Above (Tiger Claw, Level 4), Flesh Ripper (Tiger Claw, Level 3), Ruby Nightmare Blade (Diamond Mind, Level 4)
    Swordsage 2 Maneuver: Hand of Death (Shadow Hand, Level 4)

    Stances: 2 Known
    Swordsage 1 Stance: Blood in the Water (Tiger Claw, Level 1)
    Swordsage 2 Stance: Child of Shadow (Shadow Hand, Level 1)

    Nimblewrights come pre-packaged with a pair of "rapier-hands," which are stored in their arms when not in use. They can be retrieved or deposited as a free action, deal 2d6 damage and have a critical hit range of 15-20.

    At bare minimum, Fantasy!Jensen's rapier-hands possess the Aptitude property. This +1 Enhancement bonus-equivalent ability allows one weapon to count as any other weapon for the purpose of weapon-specific feats. This is your standard crit-fisher affair; Improved Critical doubles his threat range, and then Lightning Maces grants a bonus attack on each critical threat. It's not a perfect build and there's still a chance that he'll run out of attacks, but it was as good as I could manage with a mere four levels to work with.

    Critical Threat Calculation:
    Base: 15-20 (6 numbers)
    Improved Critical: 9-20 (6*2 = 12 numbers)

    Monster Manual 2
    Tome of Battle
    Complete Warrior
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