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    Zhnsh Tiānci, the Coronet of the Master Tactician

    Aura: Strong Transmutation; CL: 20th; Slot: Head; Weight: 3 lbs.

    Zhnsh Tiānci is a simple coronet at first glance- two simple bands of gold, connected together by a large number of golden spikes, and adorned with a small circle of gold, with a small platinum circle over the forehead, detailed with the Coronet's name in Draconic runes. Closer inspection will reveal that each spike is in fact an intricately engraved scabbard, sheath, or holster, most of which contain a minute weapon, cast from silver and inset with miniscule precious stones. Even without its phenomenal propeties, Zhnsh Tiānci is easily worth in excess of 2000 gp on merit of its craftsmanship alone. Those who are moderately educated in magical items may misidentify it as a particularly ornate Crown of Swords, however, a successful Knowledge (History) check at DC 30 shows Zhnsh Tiānci's true nature, as the Master Tactician's coronet.

    By any means, however, Zhnsh Tiānci is far from a mundane crown. When worn, Zhnsh Tiānci floods the mind of its wearer with memories of a thousand charges led, a thousand battles won, a thousand victories wrested from the jaws of defeat. The force of the coronet imposing itself on a creature's mind is overwhelming, forcing them to make a DC 30 Will save or have their charisma and intelligence scores reduced to 1 as the spell Feeblemind. Creatures gain a +2 bonus to their Will save against this effect for every time they have previously passed it, due to acclimatizing to the effect, increasing by +1 for every day the Coronet is worn. This bonus decays by +1 for each week the Coronet is not worn. Assuming that they manage to survive putting it on unscathed, the creature is able to make use of the memories contained within. This has a number of effects. First, the wearer gains a +6 enhancement bonus to their Wisdom and Charisma scores as a Headband of Mental Prowess. Additionally, the wearer gains a +6 untyped bonus to Knowledge (History), Knowledge (Geography), and Knowledge (Nobility) checks, in addition to a +6 circumstance bonus to any checks pertaining to strategy, tactics, or commanding troops.

    This, however, is not the only magical property of Zhnsh Tiānci. Stored within the Coronet, reduced by powerful transmutations, are thirty-six weapons, each representing one of the Master Tactician's teachings. By speaking the name of one of the weapons stored within, as a standard action, that weapon may be called to the wearer's hand. Similarly, as a free action, by speaking its name again, a weapon currently held by the wearer can be returned to the Coronet. Multiple weapons can be outside of the crown at the same time, but the Wisdom, Charisma and skill bonuses granted by Zhnsh Tiānci are reduced by +1 for every six weapons currently missing from it. While missing from the Coronet, the tiny replica of the weapon in question will also be missing from its place in the crown, leaving its tiny golden sheath, scabbard or holster empty. If the wearer of Zhnsh Tiānci wishes to draw a new weapon from the Coronet without knowing its name, they may attempt a Use Magic Device check to activate it blindly. If successful, they draw a weapon at random from the Coronet, and learn its name in a language they are fluent in. While the weapons were all originally named in Tien and Draconic, they will respond to their names- or an adequate translation- being spoken in any language. Wearers who speak either Tien or Draconic gain a +2 situation bonus to the Use Magic Device check to activate Zhnsh Tiānci blindly.

    All of the weapons drawn from Zhnsh Tiānci function as masterwork +3 weapons that penetrate damage resistance as if they were made of silver. Each one also has extraordinary properties relevant to the teaching that they embody.

    If all thirty-six weapons are simultaenously missing from Zhnsh Tiānci, it can be destroyed simply by slaying its wearer using one of the weapons, with a blow that also destroys the platinum circle over the wearer's forehead. If this occurs, most of the weapons associated with Zhnsh Tiānci immediately have their enhancement bonus reduced to +1 and lose their extraordinary properties. However, the weapons that have slain at least one wearer of Zhnsh Tiānci, including the one used to destroy it, retain both their +3 enhancement bonus and their extraordinary properties. Gūf (#10) and Zhǎnshǒu (#18) will always be among those that retain their power.

    Legend tells of a Tian-Dan wise man named Mngzh Hu. There are many stories of him, telling of how he felled demons with his bare hands, how he demolished armies with but a thought and a wave of his hand, how he slew king and commoner alike with his incredible martial prowess. There is little, if any, truth to these stories, however- he had no magical skill to speak of, and while an accomplished spearman, he was far from the legendary fighter or martial artist the tales would suggest. No, Mngzh Hu was a general- some would claim the greatest general who has ever lived.

    While his status as the greatest general is disputed, it is definitely a testament to his intelligence that he died of old age, not of enemy action. Our story truly begins, in fact, with him lying on his deathbed, surrounded by his three most trusted lieutenants: Lǚl, the strongest woman, nay, person in the entire army; Msh, master of the arcane arts; and Yn, covert operative extraordinaire. Each had studied under Mngzh Hu for much of their adult life. Each knew his thirty-six teachings by heart, and knew how to apply each and every one. And with the imminent passing of their mentor, they were soon to take on command of the army.

    It was Msh who created it. A golden coronet, a gift to his mentor, for all that he had done for them. Thirty-six prongs, one for each teaching that the wise man swore by. A mere trinket, maybe... but heartfelt. The tactician adored it. And not long after, was buried still wearing it.

    There was little time for mourning, however- Mngzh Hu had passed at an... inopportune time, midway through one of the greatest wars that Xa Hoi had ever seen. It soon became evident that the three lieutenants, even with all their training, did not have the knowledge or skill required to command the army to victory. There had only ever been one man who could.

    So they went to consult him.

    They first thought it was just confidence- the fact that they had something tangible to remind them of their teacher, and his teachings- that gave them the ability to command so much better. But it quickly became clear that there was something else at work- a fragment of the old master himself, perhaps? Whatever it was, it was enough to bring victory. The war was soon won, with Msh at the head, bearing the coronet of his teacher, with Lǚl and Yn by his side, bearing Zhǎnshǒu and Gūf, an Axe and a Knife conjured from the crown in their time of need.

    From there on, however, the history of Zhnsh Tiānci is a dark one, bathed in blood. Yn grew jealous of the mage, and came at him under cover of darkness. Gūf, the Betrayer, struck true as she slew Msh and took the Coronet for herself. With the general dead, confusion reigned, and Yn seized power with the help of a small group of her followers. Enraged by the events, Lǚl took Zhǎnshǒu, the Decapitator, and challenged the usurper to single combat. In a single, fateful strike, the axewoman took Yn's life, with Zhǎnshǒu's dark power killing many of the assassin's followers as she did. Lǚl took on both Zhnsh Tiānci and the title of general, and held both for many years. However, her reign was cut short by one of her lieutenants- and his was cut short by one of his own- and so on, and so forth.

    The last man to wear Zhnsh Tiānci, and still die a peaceful death, was the great Mngzh Hu himself.

    Make no mistake. The Coronet of the Master Tactician is a blessing as long as you shall live. The trick is making sure that blessing lasts as long as possible.

    Other Properties
    As its history suggests, Zhnsh Tiānci's wearer is at incredibly high risk of being assassinated or otherwise killed, often by someone to whom a weapon has been distributed. Even when the wearer is wise in who to distribute weapons to, it is likely that merely by being publicly seen to own Zhnsh Tiānci they will attract attention from those who know of its history. Additionally, if either of Zhǎnshǒu or Gūf is distributed, the two weapons have an unfortunate history of sowing the seeds of disloyalty in even the most devoted of wielders. But who knows? Maybe this time, the Betrayer and the Decapitator will be faithful lieutenants...

    Acclimatizing with Mngzh Hu's memories can have a profound effect on a person. Once a week, the wearer of Zhnsh Tiānci must make a Will save with a DC equal to the acclimatization bonus they have to the Will save against the effects of donning the coronet. If the wearer is unsuccessful in this roll, their alignment moves one step towards Lawful Neutral. Additionally, they start to gain a dependency on the Coronet, taking a point of damage to Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma. This damage cannot be reversed by anything short of a Wish or Miracle, and cannot be reversed until the Coronet is removed, however, the Coronet grants that specific wearer a bonus to Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma equal to the amount of damage sustained to those abilities. If the wearer has a base Intelligence, Wisdom or Charisma of 0 or lower due to this damage, they will die the next time the Crown is removed.

    Spoiler: Weapons

    Spoiler: Mng Min Yt, Masked Intent
    +3 Naginata (Two Handed Martial Melee 1d8 x4, S, Reach)

    At any time during an action involving movement (including before it starts), Mng Min Yt's wielder may activate it. If they do so, the wielder immediately becomes invisible as the spell Invisibility, and ends the movement they were undertaking. Mng Min Yt simultaneously creates an ephemeral copy of the wielder, who completes the movement action as normal. This copy is an Illusion, and can thus be detected through effects such as True Sight or Arcane Sight, however, it is a tactile illusion, autonomously reacting to blows and strikes against it. If the copy attacks or is attacked by a creature, that creature is entitled to a saving throw with a DC equal to 10 plus the wielder's hit dice plus the wielder's charisma modifier to disbelieve the illusion. When the wielder breaks invisibility, the copy instantly dissipates. While the copy is in place, it may be used as a flanker by the wielders allies, or by the wielder, and the wielder may control the copy, making it move or take actions, with just a thought. Mng Min Yt can make its wielder invisible for a number of rounds per day equal to their hit dice plus their charisma score.
    Spoiler: Ru Gōu, Weakest Link
    +3 Morningstar (One Handed Simple Melee 1d8 x2, BP)

    When Ru Gōu's wielder attacks with Ru Gōu, they may choose to "echo" their damage before making an attack roll. If they do so, choose a secondary target who has indifferent or better attitude towards the target of the attack. Ru Gōu's wielder takes a penalty to their attack roll of -2, plus -1 for every 5ft of separation between the initial target and the secondary target beyond the first 10ft. If the attack is successful, the secondary target takes damage from the attack as if they had been struck by it. Damage dealt in this way does not use the defences of the secondary target, but instead uses those of the initial target- for example, even if the secondary target is immune to precision damage and aware of the wielder, they can still have sneak attack damage echoed to them as long as the initial target would suffer a sneak attack and can take precision damage. Similarly, damage inflicted in this way uses the initial target's damage resistance, not the secondary target's.
    Spoiler: Jidāoshārn, Borrowed Knife
    +3 Shortsword (Light Martial Melee 1d6 19-20/x2, P)

    By forgoing an iterative attack, fighting defensively, or taking a total defence action with Jidāoshārn, its wielder gains a +2 Shield bonus to AC for one round. While the wielder has a shield bonus from this effect, they may deflect incoming attacks onto adjacent foes. When an attack is made against the wielder, whether it will hit or not, Jidāoshārn's wielder may make an attack roll against an AC equal to the attack roll, after all modifiers, of the incoming attack. Jidāoshārn's wielder takes a -2 penalty to this attack roll for every deflection they have attempted so far this round. If the "attack" hits, Jidāoshārn's wielder selects a new target for the attack. The new target of the attack must be adjacent to Jidāoshārn's wielder, and the attack uses the same attack roll used for the original attack.

    Spoiler: Chcn Xiūx, Saved Rest
    +3 Warhammer (One Handed Martial Melee 1d8 x3, B)

    Chcn Xiūx has two states, charged, and uncharged. While uncharged, the wielder gains no benefit from resting- they do not restore spell slots, rage, or any other daily effects, temporary ability damage is not repaired, and fatigue and exhaustion effects are not removed. Once eight hours of rest have been nullified in this way, Chcn Xiūx becomes charged. While Chcn Xiūx is charged, its wielder may use an immediate action to activate it. If they do so, the wielder immediately benefits as if they had just had 8 hours of restful sleep.
    Spoiler: Fh Wnt, Compound Problems
    +3 Glaive (Two Handed Martial Melee 1d10 x3, S, Reach)

    The critical threat range of attacks made with Fh Wnt is increased by one for every condition that the target of the attack is suffering from. Eligible conditions are Bleeding, Blinded, Confused, Cowering, Dazed, Dazzled, Deafened, Disabled, Entangled, Exhausted, Fascinated, Fatigued, Flat-Footed, Frightened, Grappled, Helpless, Nauseated, Panicked, Paralyzed, Petrified, Pinned, Prone,
    Shaken, Sickened, Sinking, Staggered, Stunned, and Unconscious. Additionally, if Fh Wnt confirms a critical hit against a target who is suffering from at least one of the above conditions for a set amount of time, the duration of one effect of the wielder's choice is increased by one- if the original effect was measured in rounds, it lasts an extra round, in minutes, the duration is increased by one minute, and so on.
    Spoiler: Kū Lng, Cries Wolf
    +3 Fighting Fan (One Handed Exotic Melee 1d4 x3, SP, Monk, Distracting)

    Like a regular Fighting Fan, Kū Lng grants a +2 bonus to Bluff skill checks made to feint in combat while wielding it. Additionally, every time Kū Lng's wielder successfully feints in combat, it gains a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls on all attacks made with Kū Lng in that round and the next round. If multiple feints are made in consecutive rounds, the bonus is carried over and stacks without maximum, however, if the wielder does not attempt to feint during a round, the bonus is lost. Finally, with Kū Lng, Feints may be attempted in place of an iterative attack, rather than requiring a standard action.
    Spoiler: Mishnme Yǐngzi, Shadow of Nothing
    +3 Flail (One Handed Martial Melee 1d8 x2, B)

    While holding Mishnme Yǐngzi in both hands, its wielder may command it to "split". If they do so, an illusory copy of Mishnme Yǐngzi is created, overlapping the real version. By pulling their hands apart, Mishnme Yǐngzi's wielder may dual-wield the two as if they were both real, +3 Flails, or they may latch them together and wield them as if they were a single +3 Dire Flail (Two Handed, Exotic, Double, otherwise the same as a Flail). When dual-wielding Mishnme Yǐngzi, reduce the penalties for two-weapon fighting by 4. Additionally, when striking a foe with the illusory flail (or the illusory end, if it is being used as a Dire Flail), the target of the attack may make a Will Save with a DC equal to the attack roll made for the attack. If successful, the target takes no damage from the attack, and learns that that flail is illusory, taking no further damage from that flail. If Mishnme Yǐngzi is being used as a Dire Flail, it is not possible to keep track of which end is illusory, and the target must make a Will Save every time they are struck by the illusion, even if they have passed before.
    Spoiler: Kuis Tōngdo, Swift Passage
    +3 Rapier (One Handed Martial Melee 1d6 18-20x2, P, Finesse)

    Kuis Tōngdo's wielder may, as a move action, teleport a distance equal to half their movement allowance, rounded down. If the wielder makes an attack during the same round as making such a teleport, the target of the attack is treated as flat-footed.
    Spoiler: Zhōng Mif, Lie in Wait
    +3 Gladius (Light Martial Melee 1d6 19-20x2, SP, Performance)

    While Zhōng Mif is being wielded, it generates an aura with a radius of 40 feet around itself. While concentrating, Zhōng Mif's wielder may move the centre of this aura up to (50 + 10 x the wielder's hit dice) feet away. When damage is rolled against a target inside this aura that is not being inflicted by Zhōng Mif or inflicted against its wielder, Zhōng Mif grants its wielder one point of temporary hp for every die of damage that is rolled (d4 count as half a die for the purposes of this effect). Zhōng Mif can grant its wielder a maximum number of temporary health points equal to their constitution bonus (minimum 1) times their hit dice. These health points decay at a rate of one per minute.
    Spoiler: Gūf, Betrayal
    +3 Dagger (Light Simple Melee 1d4 18-20x2, PS)

    Gūf grants its wielder a +2 enhancement bonus to Diplomacy checks. Additionally, attacks made with Gūf against targets with a Friendly or better disposition towards the wielder have a critical threat range of Yes 1-20. Critical hits achieved against targets with a Friendly or better disposition towards the wielder also multiply damage that ordinarily would not be multiplied by critical hits, such as the damage dealt by the Sneak Attack class feature.
    Spoiler: Tōu Qingd, Stolen Strength
    +3 Scythe (Two Handed Martial Melee 2d4 x4, SP)

    While Tōu Qingd is held, its wielder takes a temporary penalty to their Strength score of -4. However, whenever a creature is reduced to 0 or fewer hit points that took damage from Tōu Qingd this round and has a number of hit dice at least equal to the wielder's hit dice minus two, Tōu Qingd's wielder gains a temporary bonus of +1 to their Strength score, and a +1 bonus to Acrobatics checks made to jump. These bonuses stack indefinitely, and while the bonus is at least +1, Tōu Qingd's wielder is always treated as having a running start for the purposes of acrobatics checks, and may jump in excess of their maximum movement allowance. If Tōu Qingd has not inflicted damage on a valid target within the last minute, these bonuses decay at a rate of one point per minute.
    Spoiler: Yng Zi, Goat Thief
    +3 Seven-Branched Sword (Two Handed Exotic Melee 1d10 x3, S, Disarm, Monk)

    Yng Zi is covered in barbs and hooks, which tend to snag against things. A clever wielder can use this to their advantage. Like a mundane seven-branched sword, Yng Zi can be used to trip foes, causing them to become flat-footed rather than prone, and gives a +2 bonus to CMB when attempting to disarm an opponent. Additionally, as a standard action, or as one attack of a full attack action, Yng Zi's wielder may attempt to make a steal or disarm combat maneuver. If successful, the stolen item is snagged on one of Yng Zi's hooks or spikes, and the magic is siphoned from it. Yng Zi makes a dispel check against the item as the spell Dispel Magic, using the wielders hitdice in place of caster level. If successful, the item is suppressed for as long as it is snagged on Yng Zi. Yng Zi gains an additional +1 enhancement bonus to attack and damage rolls if 5000gp of enchantments are currently suppressed, increasing to +2 at 20000gp, +3 at 45000gp, +4 at 80000gp, and finally +5 at 125000gp worth of enchantments. Yng Zi can have a maximum of 6 items snagged at a time.
    Spoiler: Jīngxi Xiǎnsh, Startling Reveal
    +3 Spear (Two Handed Simple Melee 1d8 x3, P, brace)

    As a standard action, Jīngxi Xiǎnsh may have its blunt end slammed into the ground, letting off a shockwave of force with a radius of five feet for each of the wielder's hit dice. This shockwave deals 1 point of Force damage and Staggers all creatures inside the burst for one round (Reflex save with a DC equal to 10 plus the wielder's hit dice plus the wielder's charisma modifier if positive negates the Staggering but not the damage). Additionally, the wielder can sense the echoes from the shockwave, telling him the precise locations of all creatures affected by the burst. This includes creatures that are currently ethereal, invisible (either through magical or natural invisibility), in darkness, or otherwise impossible for the wielder to see. Additionally, the wielder may, as a swift action, outline a single creature that the wielder knows the location of as the spell Faerie Fire at will.
    Spoiler: Xnhun Tǐ, Recycled Body
    +3 Starknife (One Handed Martial Melee 1d4 x3, P, 20ft range)

    As a move action, one of the four Blades on Xnhun Tǐ can be removed, or replaced. If removed in this way, each individual Blade is treated as a +1 Dagger. If one of the Blades is removed from Xnhun Tǐ, it cannot be thrown. If all four Blades are removed, it cannot be used as a weapon, however, it can be worn in the wrist slot as a bracelet. While Xnhun Tǐ is worn, placing one of the Blades into the hand of a dead humanoid reanimates the body as the spell Animate Dead. Undead creatures created in this way are controlled by Xnhun Tǐ's current wearer, but do not contribute towards the hit dice limit on controlled undead. If one of the undead creatures created in this way relinquishes its grip on the Blade, it immediately dies. If Xnhun Tǐ is removed, all associated undead creatures immediately die.
    Spoiler: Li Zhlǐ, Come To Me
    +3 Spiked Steel Light Shield (One Handed Martial Melee 1d4 x2, P, +1 AC)

    Li Zhlǐ exerts a number of strange effects on ranged attacks. If a ranged attack is made in earnest on Li Zhlǐ's wielder, it grants an additional +5 shield bonus to AC. Additionally, whether the attack hits or not, Li Zhlǐ compels the attacker to come closer, forcing the attacker to make a Will save with a DC of 14 plus the wielder's hit-dice or take a step five feet towards the wielder. This check must be made separately for every attack made against the wielder, and the distance travelled is taken from the attacker's movement allowance for the next round.
    Spoiler: Miyǒu Yīn Toy, No Fleeing
    +3 Longbow (Martial Ranged 1d8 x3, P, 100ft range)

    If a standard arrow is fired by Miyǒu Yīn Toy upon a foe who is Panicking, is Frightened, has attempted a Withdraw action in the last round, has attempted to use a [Teleportation] subschool effect in the last round, or has attempted a Run action away from the wielder in the last round, Miyǒu Yīn Toy enchants the arrow as it is loosed to prevent the target's escape, giving the arrow the benefits of the Anchoring, Phase Locking and Lesser Designating enchantments. The Designation and Phase Lock effects last for as long as the arrow is Anchored in the target. As a full round action, the target or one of their allies can attempt to pull out the arrow, using a DC 20 Strength check.
    Spoiler: Shēncng Ywng, Deep Desire
    +3 Saw Blade (2d6 x2, S, special)

    Shēncng Ywng cannot be used as a weapon normally. However, when incorporated into a trap, Shēncng Ywng exhibits special properties. Shēncng Ywng continuously produces a convincing image above itself, shaping itself to something that the viewer desires. A DC 25 Will Save must be made by the viewer, or they are compelled to try and claim the illusory item, thus suffering the ill effects of the trap that Shēncng Ywng is incorporated into. This effect is mind-affecting.
    Spoiler: Zhǎnshǒu, Decapitator
    +3 Greataxe (Two Handed Martial Melee 1d12 x3, S)

    Like a regular Greataxe, Zhǎnshǒu kills stuff well. Additionally, Zhǎnshǒu is treated as having the deadly discriptor, adding 4 to the DC of the Fortitude saving throw to avoid dying instantly to a Coup de Grace attack made with Zhǎnshǒu. If Zhǎnshǒu kills a foe, negative energy surges out in a 60ft radius, killing nearby creatures as an activated Symbol of Death, with a DC equal to 10 plus the wielder's hitdice plus the wielder's charisma modifier, if positive, and a maximum number of hitpoints slain equal to the killed foe's maximum hitpoints. This effect only targets creatures that were directly subordinate to the slain foe. Creatures slain by this effect create bursts of their own, slaying their subordinates up to their maximum hitpoints, and so on.
    Spoiler: Fǒurn Bgōng, Denied Strike
    +3 Sharpened Combat Scabbard (One Handed Martial Melee 1d6 18-20x2, S)

    As an immediate action, Fǒurn Bgōng's wielder may speak a command word and mime drawing a weapon from Fǒurn Bgōng. If they do so, the target foe must make a will save with a DC equal to 10 plus half the wielder's hitdice, rounded up, plus the wielder's charisma modifier. If unsuccessful, the weapon currently being held in the target's main hand is transferred into the wielder's off-hand. If successful, the target is immune to this effect for the next 24 hours. This effect can only be used if the wielder's off-hand is empty. If a weapon is successfully stolen with Fǒurn Bgōng, Fǒurn Bgōng becomes a mundane Masterwork Sharpened Combat Scabbard until the stolen weapon is resheathed in Fǒurn Bgōng, at which point the weapon is immediately transferred back to the foe's hands.
    Spoiler: Huxun Shuǐy, Whirling Waters
    +3 Longsword (One Handed Martial Melee 1d8 19-20x2, S)

    Once per day, Huxun Shuǐy's wielder may command it to induce a spatial distortion. When they do so, all creatures in a 50 foot radius, except for the wielder, must make a Fortitude save with a DC of 10 plus the wielder's hit dice plus the wielder's constitution modifier or be sucked into the distortion. If at least two creatures were sucked into the distortion, all creatures that were sucked into the distortion are instantly transported to the location of another creature that had been sucked into the distortion. When this happens, all creatures in this radius who were in combat must immediately reroll initiative. Creatures who had been sucked into the distortion take a -20 penalty to this initiative roll, while they try to get their bearings again.
    Spoiler: Min Du Rnqn, Face in the Crowd
    +3 Punching Dagger (Light Simple Melee 1d4 x3, P)

    Once per day, as an immediate action, Min Du Rnqn's wielder may 'shed their skin'. When they do so, all creatures who can currently see the wielder must attempt a Will save with a DC of 10 plus the wielder's hit dice plus the wielder's Charisma bonus, if positive. Any creatures failing this save lose awareness of the wielder, forgetting they were ever here, and cannot detect the wielder until the wielder attempts hostile action against them, or until the wielder is specifically pointed out by a creature who is able to perceive the wielder. No senses, magical or otherwise, will betray the presence of Min Du Rnqn's wielder to a creature who fails their save. Creatures who cannot perceive the wielder are treated as flatfooted towards the wielder's attacks.
    Spoiler: Zuhu Jiāny, Final Prison
    +3 Trident (One Handed Martial Melee 1d8 x2, P, 10ft range)

    If a Coup de Grace attack is made with Zuhu Jiāny, its wielder may choose to force the target of the attack to make a Will save instead of a Fortitude save, with the same DC. If the target fails this Will save, instead of dying, they are Imprisoned as the spell Imprisonment. If Zhnsh Tiānci is worn by the target, the Coronet is not Imprisoned, and falls to the ground. If this causes the wearer to die, Zuhu Jiāny is treated as having killed the wearer. Additionally, Zuhu Jiāny's wielder may free creatures that have been imprisoned by this effect as the spell Freedom as an action that takes one minute of concentration, at the location that the creature was imprisoned. This cannot be used to free creatures who were imprisoned by any means other than Zuhu Jiāny's effect.
    Spoiler: Drn Jiējn, Enemies Closer
    +3 Scythe (Two Handed Martial Melee 2d4 x4, SP, Trip)

    Attacks made with Drn Jiējn deal 1d4 points of bleed damage for every hit-die common between the wielder and the target of the attack, on a successful hit, in addition to regular damage. For example, if a character with 4 levels of Rogue and 1 level of Fighter. attacks a character with 3 levels of Rogue and 2 levels of Fighter, Drn Jiējn would deal 4d4 points of bleed damage, 3 for the shared rogue hit-dice and one for the shared fighter hit-die. All racial hit dice are treated as being common to each other for the purposes of this damage.
    Spoiler: Cǎiqǔ Zīyun, Take Resources
    +3 Rapier (One Handed Martial Melee 1d6 18-20x2, P, Finesse)

    On successfully dealing damage to an armed foe (including an unarmed foe with Improved Unarmed Strike) with Cǎiqǔ Zīyun, the foe in question must make a Will save with a DC of 10 plus the wielder's hit-die plus the wielder's charisma bonus, minimum one, or take additional damage from the attack as if they had been struck with their own weapon as well as Cǎiqǔ Zīyun. If the target is wielding multiple weapons, the wielder may choose which weapon to inflict damage as.
    Spoiler: Chq Xnlin, Remove Training
    +3 Scimitar (One Handed Martial Melee 1d6 18-20x2, S)

    Chq Xnlin cuts into the mind of its targets, taking from them not their health, but their expertise. On successfully dealing damage with Chq Xnlin, its wielder may choose to inflict damage to skill. If they do so, double the damage that would have been dealt by the attack, then divide it by the size of the target's largest hit-die, rounding up. The wielder may then choose a number of feats that the target has equal to this result. The target is denied the benefits of the chosen feats. Every round, the target is entitled to a Will save with a DC of 18 plus the wielder's hit-dice. For every 5 points they beat this save by, minimum one, they regain access to one feat that has been denied from them.
    Spoiler: H Guī, Compliance
    +3 Battleaxe (One Handed Martial Melee 1d8 x3, S)

    If H Guī is used to kill a creature, H Guī's wielder gains a +2 circumstance bonus to the next Charisma based skill check they attempt against all creatures that see the killing who had an Indifferent or better disposition towards the now dead creature. This bonus applies to a maximum of one check per creature, however, it stacks with itself.
    Spoiler: Zu Qun, Drunken Master
    +3 Spiked Gauntlet (Light Simple Melee 1d4 x2, P)

    When an attack made with Zu Qun hits, its wielder may choose to intentionally miss the attack. This must take place after the hit has been confirmed, including attack rolls, concealment miss chance, blinking miss chance, and any other possible miss effects. If an attack is missed in this way, Zu Qun generates a charge, up to a maximum of seven charges. As a free action, Zu Qun's wielder may expend a charge from Zu Qun to gain one of the following effects for one round:
    • +4 untyped bonus to attack rolls
    • +4 dodge bonus to armour class
    • +4 untyped bonus to reflex saves
    • +10 untyped bonus to acrobatics rolls made to pass through a square occupied by another creature or to move without provoking attacks of opportunity
    • Attacks made with Zu Qun are treated as the wielder's choice of energy type, material, or damage type for the purposes of overcoming damage resistance or regeneration, but not for the purpose of vulnerabilities.

    These effects stack with each other, as well as with themselves. Charges stored in Zu Qun decay at a rate of one per minute.
    Spoiler: L Pūmi, Force Fight
    +3 Dueling Sword (One Handed Exotic Melee 1d8 19-20x2, S)(Can be treated as Longsword)

    Once per day, L Pūmi's wielder may challenge a foe. While a foe is challenged, any move action or 5 foot step they take must end at least 5 feet closer to L Pūmi's wielder than they started. However, L Pūmi's wielder is subject to the same limitation, withe each of their moves bringing them closer to the challenged foe. While in this state, the wielder and the foe may attempt a Will save with a DC of 20 plus the wielder's hit dice plus the wielder's Wisdom modifier to avoid this effect, but even if they succeed, they may only move a maximum of half their movement allowance away from their foe. This save must be reattempted every round that either combatant attempts to move away.
    Spoiler: Kěp Minmo, Fearful Visage
    +3 Heavy Pick (One Handed Martial Melee 1d6 x4, P)

    As a standard action, Kěp Minmo's wielder may attempt to use it to carve the image of a humanoid into a suitable sized hard material, such as a stone wall, a tree, or any similar upright surface. When they do so, they attempt a disguise check, or any skill relevant to artwork- Craft (Sculpture) or Profession (Artist) may be substituted, with other skills permitted at the DMs description. Any creature seeing the carving must attempt a Perception check with a DC equal to the result of the skill check made at the time of carving. If they fail this check, they perceive the carving as a hostile humanoid of the kind depicted in the carving. Any bonuses to saving throws against illusion effects may be added to the perception check, and True Seeing thwarts the effect outright. The carvings additionally do not affect mindless creatures, the wielder, or any creatures that the wielder has designated as immune (designating a creature as immune takes one round, and requires the target to be willing and touched for the whole time).
    Spoiler: Nǐ Sh Kung, Yours is Mine
    +3 Shortspear (One Handed Simple Melee 1d6 x2, P, 20ft range increment)

    Once per day, Nǐ Sh Kun's wielder can command it to activate. When they do so, the next attack made with Nǐ Sh Kung has a critical threat range of Yes 1-20. If this attack successfully critically strikes, after applying damage, the wielder and the target of the attack switch bodies as the spell Mind Switch. This effect lasts for as long as Nǐ Sh Kung is lodged in the "wielder"'s body. Removing Nǐ Sh Kung from someone's body requires a DC 15 Strength check, with the DC increasing by the hit-dice of the person it is lodged in if they are unwilling to release it.
    Spoiler: Měinǚ, Beauty
    +3 Brass Knuckles (Light Simple Melee 1d3 x2, B, Monk)

    While Měinǚ is worn, its wielder may use it to project a minor glamour over themselves, shaping their features to make them more attractive to a specific target. Charisma based checks made against that target gain a +4 untyped bonus, increasing to +8 if the wielder is (or appears to be) of a desirable gender to the target, however, charisma based checks made against anyone other than that target take a -4 untyped penalty. Changing the target of Měinǚ's effect takes a full round action that provokes attacks of opportunity, and any creature seeing the transformation take the -4 penalty, even if they are the intended target. True Seeing thwarts both the bonus and the penalty, as does any other effect that penetrates illusions.

    Spoiler: Zhngmin, Facade
    +3 Falchion (Two Handed Martial Melee 2d4 18-20x2, S)

    On command, Zhngmin throws a subtle illusion over its wielder's body, making parts of them feel subtly off. Creatures seeing Zhngmin's wielder while they are obscured by this effect are entitled to a Will Save with a DC of 19. If successful, the creature disbelieves the wielder, believing them to be the effect of a Minor Image spell. True Seeing thwarts this effect, as does the wielder interacting with a creature that has disbelieved them in any way that indicates they are not an illusion.
    Spoiler: Jiǎ Yǎn, False Eyes
    +3 Hook Hand (Light Simple Melee 1d4 x2, P)

    Like a regular Hook Hand, in order to gain benefit from Jiǎ Yǎn, its wielder must remove or otherwise lose a hand. While Jiǎ Yǎn is attached to a wielder, its wielder immediately becomes aware of any attempts to divine information made against themselves, from effects such as Scrying down to Arcane Sight or even True Seeing. Additionally, while aware of a divination effect, the wielder may attempt to thwart it, allowing them to make a Bluff check, opposed by the diviner's Sense Motive check. If the Bluff check is successful, the divination returns results as chosen by the wielder, rather than accurate results.
    Spoiler: Jiǎzhuāng Xūru, Feign Weakness
    +3 War Razor (Light Martial Melee 1d4 19-20x2, S)

    When Jiǎzhuāng Xūru inflicts damage to a foe, its wielder may choose to inflict 1d4 points of damage to themself. Any damage dealt in this way is stored in a small ruby inset in the razor's handle. Jiǎzhuāng Xūru can hold a maximum number of hit points equal to the amount of hit points its wielder is currently missing- if the wielder is healed in such a way that the number of hit points stored in Jiǎzhuāng Xūru is above this cap, the points above the cap are lost. As an immediate action, Jiǎzhuāng Xūru's wielder may tap into it, consuming all of the hit points currently stored within it and restoring them to the wielder. Additionally, while the amount of hit points stored in Jiǎzhuāng Xūru is greater than the wielder's health total, the wielder appears non-threatening. Any foe who has not been attacked by Jiǎzhuāng Xūru's wielder in the combat must pass a Will save with a DC of 10 plus the wielder's charisma modifier plus the wielder's hit dice in order to attack the wielder- if they fail, the attacker must choose a new, more threatening target for their attack. If no other valid threat exists, no saving throw is required.
    Spoiler: Dǎchngyīpin, Become One
    +3 Meteor Hammer (Two Handed Exotic Melee 1d8 x2, B)

    Dǎchngyīpin looks much like a regular meteor hammer, however, it has two strange latches on each ball. As a move action, one of Zhnsh Tiānci's other weapons may be latched onto one of the balls using the latches. Up to two weapons can be latched onto Dǎchngyīpin in this way at a time. While a weapon is attached to one of Dǎchngyīpin's balls, attacks made with that ball are made as if they had been made with that weapon, and Dǎchngyīpin is treated as having the same extraordinary properties as the weapons attached to it. All attacks made with Dǎchngyīpin (or attached weapons) take a -1 penalty for every one-handed weapon attached to it, a -2 penalty for every two-handed weapon attached to it, and a -4 penalty for every weapon that the wielder is not proficient with attached to it. These penalties stack with each other, as well as the -4 penalty to attack rolls for non-proficient use of the meteor hammer itself, if applicable.
    Spoiler: Kuis Toshēng, Fast Escape
    +3 Kukri (Light Martial Melee 1d4 18-20x2, S)

    Once per day, Kuis Toshēng's wielder may speak a command word. When the wielder next relinquishes their grip on Kuis Toshēng for any reason, both Kuis Toshēng and the wielder are transported to a private demiplane, as the spell Plane Shift. This demiplane has normal gravity and time, is a finite shape, taking the form of four small but well furnished rooms, with alterable morphic trait, minor positive-dominant energy, and normal magic. If the wielder picks up Kuis Toshēng again, they are both transported back to the plane they originated from, to the same location they vacated.
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