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    Oh sweet merciful Yog-sothoth, I regret doing this so much now, but I finally got at least a something done (Like I said before, I'm under qualified for this sort of work) If anyone has anything they want to fix/improve, they can because I'm not

    Spoiler: The makred ninja

    Spoiler: Stats and the likes

    Level 4 factotum/6 swordsage lawful/neutral/chaotic neutral/evil human

    Strength 16 (+2)
    Dexterity 14 (+2)
    Constitution 10
    Intelligence 14
    Wisdom 14
    Charisma 10

    BAB +7/+2

    Will +7
    Fortitude +2
    Reflex +11

    Use rope=10 (+3)
    Focus= 7 (+0)
    Hide=13 (+3)
    Move silently=13 (+3)
    Listen=13 (+2)
    Jump =13 (+4)
    Pick pocket =1 (+3)
    Climb=6 (+4)
    Open lock=10 (+3)
    Concentrate=13 (+0)
    Disable device = 1 (+2)
    Intimidate = 13 (+0)

    Improved unarmed strike
    Quick draw
    Point blank shot
    Rapid shot
    Font of Inspiration

    Relevant maneuvers and stances

    Mighty throw, sapphire nightmare blade, hand of death, assassin's stance, dance of the spider (and everything else really doesn't matter)

    Spoiler: Why I did what I did

    So the marked is about as fit as Batman, not a physical god, but definitely better than all but the physically best humans ever, so I made him level ten. Considering he's a ninja, swordsage was an obvious start for a class, but I gave him four levels of Factotum for the "I have all the skills" abilities and some (albeit extremely limited) arcane spells for what ever that can't cover (such as animate rope or something). The marked ninja can fall huge distances without taking fall damage (feather fall), is almost spider-man like with his grappling hook (use rope and animate rope) able to intimidate guards with corpses (intimidate and surprisingly use rope), pick locks (skills and equipment), he occasionally pickpockets his targets (cunning knowledge), can navigate the exterior and ceilings of buildings with ease (dance of the spider +climb) has enough knowledge of devices to find the power supply and stab it (cunning knowledge + a good weapon), and of course, stab people ( Focus + assassin's stance, maybe SNB). But if he can't get a backstab, a few unarmed strikes of opportunity against the jerks using a ranged weapon in melee, followed by a mighty throw into a SNB. Edit: Also, he put is two leveling bonuses into dex, and the +2 strength is a magic tattoo, as the spell

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