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    Guide to Chaos Space Marines

    The Lost and the Damned

    You will need the FAQ/Errata.
    Disclaimer: This Guide does not take Unbound or multiple Combined Arms Detachments into account. However, notes will be made where relevant.

    Special Rules
    Champion of Chaos: You must always issue and accept Challenges. This can either make Chaos Marine Characters extremely powerful, or a massive liability depending on which army you're facing. Especially horrifying when you come up against Monstrous Creature Characters; You must Challenge them, they'll turn your Champion into paste, and then the Wounds carry over into the unit and then the rest of your killy squad can't do anything. MC/Ch wins the combat. To that end, all your Chaos Marine Characters must factor in that they can and will end up in Challenges all the time.

    When using Tactical Objectives, Hungry for Glory gives you Victory Points for what you have to do, anyway.

    However, if you do manage to win a Challenge, you get a Boon. Since the entire table is 100% random, there's no point in trying to talk about it except that most of them are good. Becoming a Daemon Prince also may actually be bad since you lose all your wargear.

    Warlord Traits
    1. If your meta is full of Space Marines, great. If not, re-roll.
    2. Only applies to Melee weapons. Re-roll.
    3. Same as #3 Strategic, except random.
    4. Hatred is good. Re-roll if you've already paid points for Veterans of the Long War.
    5. Fear is crap. Re-roll.
    6. Awesome. Makes what you're doing anyway, more reliable.

    4/6 Traits are not great, and the two that are, are still random to get, anyway. Just roll on the Personal table.

    Daemon Weapons: There are only four Daemon Weapons in the whole Codex, and two of them are on Special Characters. Don't worry about it too much.

    Veterans of the Long War: Hatred vs. most of the better armies in the game? You have to pay for it, but it's better than nothing. Keep in mind that Hatred is Assault only and only in the first round. So...It's amazing for Challenges - remember those things you have to do, anyway? Assault, declare Challenge, roll Hatred, kill Character. Next round there shouldn't be a Character which means Hatred isn't as important anymore.
    ...Not great for Shooty squads. It can give them a minor boost if/when they get Charged. But that's about it.

    Marks of Chaos
    The problem with Marks is that Independent Characters can't join units that don't have the same Mark as they do. However, if the Independent Character, or the unit he is joining, is un-Marked, it doesn't matter. Example, Kharn has the Mark of Khorne, and can join units of un-Marked Cultists. Or, your un-Marked Chaos Sorcerer, can join a unit of Nurgle Spawn. Point is, not all of your units need to be Marked, and, in many cases, isn't advised.
    Khorne: Rage/Counter-Attack. The Icon of Wrath is a must for any Khorne unit. The Furious Charge is great, but, re-rolling your Charge distance is super important.
    Nurgle: +1T makes your unit super tough. This is good. The Icon of Despair should be ignored in most cases. Fear isn't that important.
    Tzeentch: Get an Invulnerable save, or +1 if you already have one. Totally ignoreable. The Icon of Flame gives Soul Blaze, and that isn't so good either.
    Slaanesh: +1I isn't that great, since you need to be in Assault to use it, and you can't re-roll Charges like Khorne units can. The Icon of Excess gives you FNP, which is really, really good and probably the real reason that you're taking the Mark of Slaanesh. However, it is really expensive.

    The Icon of Vengeance can be given to most units in the Codex. It grants Fearless. That's cool. But, any unit that you actually want to stick around should probably be equipped with a Chaos Lord instead. However, there's only so many Lords to go around. One of the main problems of all Icons, is that you need to be wary of Precision Shots. You can equip Icons to unit Champions so you can Look Out, Sir!, but, then you're making expensive single models. Basically, check if your meta is full of Sniper weapons - or Astra Militarum.

    Psychic Powers
    Remember, if you have a Mark of Chaos, you automatically know the Primaris for free. But, you still have to roll on your God's table at least once, which is annoying. The solution to that is to simply not Mark your Psykers.
    Tzeentch: Boon of Mutation is a dud. Be mad if you roll it.
    Nurgle: They're all good.
    Slaanesh: Like Nurgle, Slaanesh doesn't suck, which is unlike Tzeentch.

    Abaddon the Despoiler: One of the best Characters in the game. Unfortunately, you're paying a lot of Points for him, too. If your meta is lousy with Marines, there is no good reason that you shouldn't bring Abaddon because he passes Preferred Enemy (Marines) onto any squad he joins. Also, pay attention to his I6, S8 weapon that he has 5 base attacks with. The only reason you should use his Daemon Weapon, is if you're attacking models with 2+ Armour. Five, S8 attacks is more than enough. On the roll of '1', Abaddon drops to WS1, and that just lets other models just pound on him, and that's terrible.
    Chosen as Troops is not the best. Chosen are way too expensive to be taken in any great numbers.

    Huron Blackheart: Huron is 'Abaddon-Lite'. He has S6, AP3 Armourbane. Instead of Abby's S8 AP3. Huron has a Power Axe for his AP2 - wheras Abby gets his AP2 at Initiative 6. The reason Abaddon is so good is because he's doubly more powerful than everybody else. Huron, being 'half-Abaddon', is only just as good as everyone else. Huron is guaranteed the #3 Warlord Trait, so you can build around that, which is great. Just for extra icing on the cake, Huron is Mastery Level 1. Yes, the Power he has is random every turn and you can't swap to the Primaris. But, if you get a crap Power, you're still generating a Warp Dice anyway, hopefully there's someone else in your army that can use it.
    Somehow, Huron is a Veteran of the Long War, which is something he never even took part in.

    Kharn the Betrayer: 'For his points cost', he's the best Character in the book. He always hits on a 2+ with S6 (7 on the Charge), AP2, at Initiative, with 5 base attacks.
    Rules stupidity: Kharn always hits on a 2+, however, he specifically can not re-roll 1s. Kharn's Hatred (Everything) does nothing. Since he already has Hatred (Everything) and Ld10 (and Fearless), his Veterans of the Long War also does nothing. But, to be fair, he is a Veteran of the Long War, and he really does hate everyone - except Argel Tal.

    Ahriman: 230 Points!? Really. He has Mastery Level 4, and that's kind of a big deal, unfortunately, he has the Mark of Tzeentch, so must roll on His table. That means that you can't auto-get other Primarises and you have to 'waste' rolls swapping into a Primaris if you need it. Ahriman is guaranteed the same Warlord Trait as Huron, which solves the mobility problem of Thousand Sons - which Ahriman makes Troops. He can cast the same Witchfire Power three times a turn. That's...Not a big deal. It's very, very powerful in certain circumstances - three Doombolts a turn, for example - but, it's not actually that good.
    Huron and a Sorcerer with Mastery Level 1 and the Mark of Tzeentch totals to 235 Points. This gives the salient points of Ahriman without the uselessness; You get the Warlord Trait, and you make Thousand Sons, Troops. You even get two Warp Dice out of it.

    Typhus: Typhus is...The best. Granted, he's 70 Points more expensive than Kharn, but, if you've got points to spare, why not? Typhus is T5, 2+/5++/FNP and four Wounds. He's an extremely tough nut to crack, and, if you don't kill him, he's going to hit back with his Axe. Which will wreck you. Typhus hits at S6, AP2, with 5-11 attacks. Oh. We're not done though. Typhus has Mastery Level 2, and his Daemon Weapon is also a Force Weapon, so he also knows Force. Rolling all averages, Typhus still deals two Wounds straight up to any Hive Tyrant. Dead. Typhus knows the Nurgle Primaris and two other Powers. He's also allowed to generate from Demonology.
    We're still not done. Typhus makes Plague Marines, Troops, and that's kind of cool. But, the real deal, is Plague Zombies. Typhus may give any unit of Cultists, Fearless and FNP for free. Free. Why are you not flooding the board with 4 Point models that don't die and tarpit forever? And they still Score!
    For Unbound/Multiple CAs/Allies, Typhus can make any Cultist unit in your army, Plague Zombies. Using Black Legion or Crimson Slaughter? Doesn't matter. Zombies. Using four CA Detachments? Doesn't matter. Zombies. Zombies. Zombies everywhere.

    Lucius the Eternal: Where Kharn and Typhus are packing AP2 weapons, Lucius is bringing an AP3 weapon - like an idiot. Lucius doesn't do anything except kill Marines, with his Doom Siren and Power Sword. I mean, that's great. But a lot of things can kill Marines. You're much better off just making your own Lord of Slaanesh.

    Fabius Bile: Same cost as Lucius. Fabulous Bile (it's the coat, it's always the coat), makes one unit of Chaos Space Marines (the Troops unit, that is, not any unit in the Codex), S5, and Fearless. Fabius Bile can then join a different unit, and make that unit, also Fearless. Fabius Bile is a force multiplier, and not that good of a one, either. The only other notable thing about him is that he has five, S5 attacks. Unfortunately, these attacks are AP-, but, he only needs to Wound once. Still, he's better than Lucius.

    Chaos Lord: These guys are awesome. Cheap and killy. Just what you want him to be. Be aware that he's cheap because he doesn't come stock with an Invulnerable like Loyalist Captains do. A Chaos Lord also always needs to bring a Bike or Terminator Armour. A Bike makes him faster to get into Assault faster and better Toughness and a Jink Save. He can only fire Snap Shots, but, that's okay, since he does most of his damage in the Assault phase.
    Terminator Armour includes a Power Weapon and an Aura of Dark Glory, and you just don't have the option of 2+ Armour anyway else. You don't ever really need more than one Chaos Lord. The only reason you need to take two, is if you desperately need to have two different Cult units as Troops - which you really don't need. If you are taking a second Chaos Lord, consider swapping him into a Sorcerer or Dark Apostle.

    Mark of Khorne: The trap to avoid is being an inferior version of Kharn. You must bring a Bike or Juggernaut, and the Axe of Blind Fury. Melta Bombs are also helpful. Remember that Wounds from Challenges carry over into the unit.
    Mark of Nurgle: The trap to avoid is being an inferior version of Typhus (but everything is inferior to Typhus). Bring a Bike (T6!), and a Power Fist/Lightning Claw combo. Blight Grenades are good, too.
    Mark of Tzeentch: Power Fist, Sigil of Corruption, Disc of Tzeentch. Use your supreme mobility to donkey punch tanks.
    Mark of Slaanesh: If you haven't spotted the pattern, you're bringing a Mount of some kind. The Steed of Slaanesh is very cheap, and gives you the option of an Outflank. Bring the Burning Brand of Skalathrax, a Power Sword - or The Murder Sword - so you can actually use your higher Initiative. You're Lucius, except you can move faster and you have a Torrent weapon. Don't leave Melta Bombs at home.

    Sorcerer: Mastery Level 3, Gift of Mutation, Melta Bombs, Bike, done. You don't need the Mark of Nurgle, the only reason to have the Mark of Slaanesh is if you're using Noise Marines (and remember that a Sorcerer doesn't make them Troops), and the only reason to use the Mark of Tzeentch is if you're using Thousand Sons. You are far, far, far better off using all three rolls on Biomancy, Telepathy or Daemonology. Just be wary about having Witchfires while you're on a Bike.
    Don't forget about Spell Familiars. Arguably one of the most broken pieces of wargear in the entire book. You shouldn't leave home without one.

    Daemon Prince: You must have a Mark of Chaos, which always hurts Psykers. Since you have to pick one, choose Nurgle. Nurgle gives you Shrouded for a 2+ Jink save, just remember that you're still Slow and Purposeful and you can make Sweeping Advances. Biomancy is extremely important on Daemon Princes, just for Iron Arm, other Disciplines aren't great. The other Power that you really, really want is Invisibility, which means that you're Flying, even when you're on the ground and if you are in the air anyway, Skyfire does nothing. Both are Blessings too, which means your opponent can't realistically do anything about it. Because Daemon Princes always hit with AP2, and are terrified of being tarpitted, the Black Mace is the best choice for a Daemon Prince - when it's a sub-par choice for Chaos Lords. Don't ever leave your Wings or Power Armour at home. Daemon Princes are expensive. Yes. Daemon of Tzeentch is cool, too. Since you're a Daemon, your head wont explode when you try and cast Cursed Earth. Furious Charge from Khorne wont do a whole lot, and Rending attacks from Slaanesh don't really matter when you're a Monstrous Creature.

    Warpsmith: Comes stock with a Power Axe which means he's hitting last. Make sure he survives to use it. Sigil of Corruption and Mark of Tzeentch. He doesn't need anything else. However, at 110 base points, he's coming, minimum, at the same as a Mastery Level 3 Sorcerer.

    Dark Apostle: He's a Chaos Lord, but not as good. But he doesn't have to be. His job is to make everyone else better. You can give him any Mark or any Wargear you want, but he doesn't really need it, as long as the guy standing next to him can win Challenges. He's the archetypal 'second HQ'. Bear in mind that Veteran doesn't do anything. He's already Ld10, and Zealot already gives Hatred (Everything) and Fearless. Make sure that he, and any unit he's in, are equipped with as many Gifts of Mutation as possible.

    Chaos Space Marines: Space Marines. What else is there to know? You can have double Plasma Guns or Meltaguns in a Rhino. You can grab a Missile Launcher with optional Skyfire. You can bring a Lascannon and Plasma Gun if that's how your meta rolls. But, a Missile Launcher is fine in most cases that aren't Leman Russes or Land Raiders. The Icon of Vengeance is always nice for a Fearless Objective Secured unit, but, aside from that, the big plus of a Chaos Marines unit, is putting them in a Rhino, which is giving you a Vehicle with Objective Secured.

    Cultists: If you're not buying Rhinos for your Chaos Marines, then load up on Cultists. For many high-end Chaos Marine lists, it's not uncommon for an army to have 60+ Cultists (especially with Typhus in the army). The role of Cultists is to simply ensure that your Chaos Lord on foot - - can make it into close combat. If your Cultist unit isn't 30+ models strong with a Chaos Lord, then you've probably Gone To Ground on an Objective and you aren't coming up 'til the last turn.

    Khorne Berzerkers: Don't use your Chaos Marines for Assault. Use these instead. Also, bring a Rhino and Icon. Remember though, just because you bought a Rhino, doesn't mean you have to get in it. Jump in a Land Raider instead. You still have the Objective Secured Vehicle anyway.

    Plague Marines: 90% of the time, these guys are doing exactly what your Chaos Marine units are doing, except that they're harder to kill and so stick around longer, which is exactly what you want in a Scoring unit. The only reason not to take these guys is if you really, really, really want Missile Launchers or Lascannons in your units.

    Noise Marines: It's hard to know what to do with these guys. On one hand, they need to be in a Land Raider, and deliver their Noise Champion into close combat as soon as possible. On the other hand, Noise Marines have excellent shooting weapons - which become even better with a Sorcerer - and every turn they don't spend shooting, is a turn you're wasting points. However, both roles of Noise Marines cost a lot of points. If you need a Shooty unit, make them Shooty. If you want to play Assault, then play Assault.

    Rhino: Rhinos are great. 35 Point models with Objective Secured are great.

    Chosen: Chosen have two attacks each, and an extra point of Leadership for +5 Points over a normal Chaos Marine model. In effect, you're buying Chaos Marines and paying five points per model for Veterans of the Long War as opposed to the 1 point. That's atrocious. What you're really paying for, is access to up to five special weapons, which also still costs points. Avoid these guys. They're expensive as Hell and Terminators are right over the page.

    Possessed: They're Fleet, Fearless Daemons, for 26 points per model, before Marks. That's kind of bad. For five more points, you can get Terminators.

    Chaos Terminators: A Chosen model with a Power Weapon is 33 Points. A Terminator is 31 Points, with a Storm Bolter and 2+/5++ and trades away the ability to Sweeping Advance - which is mostly fine, considering. Build them however you want. Terminators with the Icon of Wrath will tear most units apart. With the Icon of Excess they're extremely resilient. But, watch this;
    x4 Terminators - to fit in a Land Raider with a Character.
    Mark of Khorne + Icon of Wrath - 37 Points
    Mark of Tzeentch - 20 Points
    Mark of Nurgle - 24 Points
    Mark of Slaanesh + Icon of Excess - 51 Points

    Icons are brutal on on the points costs. And, that before you factor in the additional cost of wargear. The Mark of Tzeentch improves your survivability against everything by about 50%, and it's the cheapest to do anything with. It's not bad at all.

    Helbrute: Even with the 5 Point discount in the Errata, they're still bad.

    Mutilator: Slow & Purposeful Assault unit with zero ranged weapons. They can't take the Icon of Wrath, so ignore Khorne. Mark of Slaanesh does nothing because they don't have Grenades. Mark of Tzeentch gives them 2+/4++, and Nurgle stops them being doubled out so easily. Unfortunately, both Nurgle and Tzeentch take them upwards of 60 Points per model, and that's kind of bad. Bring loads or none.

    Thousand Sons: Why are these guys here, instead of in the Troops slot like the other Cult units? Well, in short, it's because Sorcerers of Tzeentch are bad. Thousand Sons are great, left where they are, in the Elites slot. In many regards, they're a lot like Legion of the Damned for Space Marines. If you want them, use them. They're Fearless and Relentless so they love having firefights with other units in the midfield because with their 4++ they don't need to stand in cover (although it can help). They have Veterans of the Long War with AP3 ammo, they'll kill Marines very easily. Unfortunately, they aren't so great against other targets.

    Fast Attack
    Chaos Bikers: If you intend for them to survive by using Jink, then don't give them ranged weapons that you need to use a lot. That costs points! Luckily, Chaos Marines is a Codex that likes being in Assault, and wants you to be in Assault rather than trying to shoot Snap Shots. Like Terminators, Bikers have the same problem with Marks that everyone else does. The Slaanesh Icon is a trap. I know they're T5 Bikes. I get it. But, Nurgle actually gives the Bikes T6 for cheaper. A Slaaneshi Lord, on the other hand, gives you access to Outflank, where you can fire your Meltaguns or Flamers before you need to Jink. So, if you want that, that's okay. Just be wary of how expensive the Icon of Excess actually is.

    Chaos Spawn: A much better unit to cart your Chaos Lord in, because of their Beast type. If your IC is on a Mount, you can actually move faster up the board, leading to less getting shot at. However, remember that if you only have one unit in your opponents' face, he's going to shoot it. Using Chaos Spawn - and Cultists - effectively, is all about target saturation. If your opponent needs to divide his fire, his fire, in the end, is less effective.

    Raptors: Less expensive than Khorne Berzerkers, but also less good. Giving them the Icon of Wrath makes them Jump-Fleet and that's really good for an Assault unit. Again, the key to fast-moving units is target saturation. Don't hang your Raptors out to dry by putting them 12" in front of the rest of your army.

    Warp Talons: They can't bring an Icon of Wrath, which actually does reduce their effectiveness. Mark of Tzeentch is too expensive to be useful. They don't have Grenades so Mark of Slaanesh does nothing. Ultimately, you can give them an extra attack with Rage, or you can increase their Toughness. Both cost the same points, so it really is a decision that's left up to you.

    Heldrake: An AV12 Flier with the Daemon rule and IWND. It's arguably one of the toughest Fliers around. With the Hades Autocannon, it has 4, S8 shots, which makes it a fairly decent dogfighter - especially considering its toughness. With the Baleflamer, it becomes really, really good at destroying ground-bound units. Unfortunately, it's a Template weapon, so if you ever need to Jink, you'll either need to run off the board for a turn, or look stupid while you do not much of anything.

    Heavy Support
    Havocs: Autocannons or Missile Launchers.

    Obliterators: Similar to Mutilators, you need more than a pair or so to be really effective. Mark of Nurgle is kind of a must. But it's really, really expensive.

    Defilers: I don't get why this is so expensive. Ignore every time for...

    Forgefiends: One of the best units in the Codex. Even including its points cost. If you haven't got Heldrakes, take the Autocannons for Flier Defense. If you do have Heldrakes, the Plasma Cannons are also good. Like the Heldrake, both weapon options are good, but requires the rest of your army to know what they're doing.

    Maulerfiend: I3 means you're going after Grenades. You're a Daemon, so make sure to use that fact. Like Spawn, Maulerfiends are definitely better, the more you have of them.

    Land Raider: The only Assault Vehicle that you've got, and it really is that good, because they can come with Dirge Casters. Dozer Blades are good.

    Vindicator: You need more than one. And AP2 here is cheaper than on a Forgefiend, but, Forgefiends can regenerate.

    Predator: You don't need the anti-Infantry. You can get that pretty much anywhere else in the army.

    Your best (only?) choice of Allies is Chaos Daemons. They're Battle Brothers. Why would you not? Daemons bring Divination support that you don't have, and, they can bring Malefic Demonology conjurations that don't make your head explode, as well as reliable manifestations of Cursed Earth, which, also happens to make Warp Talons a lot more reliable. Don't forget that you can also put Daemons in Land Raiders, which is dumb. But you can do it. Daemons would love it if they didn't get Overwatched when they Charged.

    Your Allies of Convenience are Necrons and Orks. Necrons give you some tough Troops which you don't even need, but using particular Crypteks or a C'Tan Shard with Writhing Worldshape, you can do some weird stuff. Not even close to being as effective as Daemons, but, it's still pretty good. Necrons also give you some good Fliers without having to resort to Forge World which may or may not be allowed in your meta.

    Orks will be noted when the Codex is redone.

    Other stuff and Forge World
    The books noted are the most recent (to my knowledge) set of rules.

    Black Legion and Crimson Slaughter supplements.

    Be'lakor: Be'lakor is...Amazing. But, having said that, he does cost 350 Points, which is even more than Abaddon. He's a Daemon Prince that is only T5, but, that doesn't matter because he has Eternal Warrior and 4 Wounds. He didn't bring Power Armour, and that was dumb. But, he did bring a 4++, and Shrouded, which means he has the 2+ Jink save which doesn't matter because Be'lakor doesn't plan on shooting anyway (aside from Psychic Shriek). He is Mastery Level 3, and generates +D3 Warp Charge just for being awesome. He knows all the Powers from Telepathy. He doesn't need to use Shrouded because he already has it, but, that just means he can focus more on manifesting Invisibility.
    In Assault, Be'lakor brings a S7, AP2 Fleshbane, Armourbane sword with Initiative 8. Aside from his huge points cost, the only apparent downside of Be'lakor is the lack of Grenades.

    Cypher: For 190 Points, he's a BS10 Eternal Warrior that can shoot his Pistols twice, and he actually uses his Pistols' profiles in close combat, which means at least one of his attacks is going to be S7, AP2. The problem with Cypher, mostly, is that he does cost 190 Points and can't even be your Warlord. The other problem with Cypher that is your actual Warlord, just for having Cypher in the army, gets -1 Leadership. For Chaos Marines, it's not so much a problem, because most of your Warlords that you can pick are going to be Fearless. If your Warlord is a Sorcerer (not Fearless), either have the Sorcerer in a Fearless unit, or don't bring Cypher. Cypher behind an Emplaced Weapon is very powerful, as it gives his BS10 some range. Cypher also gives any Chaos unit he joins ATSKNF, which is a decent buff.

    Fallen Champions: Formation from the Cypher Dataslate. It's Cypher and a bunch of Chosen who can't take Marks of Chaos. Every unit in the Formation can Infiltrate, which is very powerful on Chosen. Just remember that by having Cypher, your Warlord immediately takes a -1 Leadership nerf. As Cypher is an Independent Character with Infiltrate, he can join another unit and give them Infiltrate, too.

    Necrosius the Undying: Imperial Armour: Apocalypse. Necrosius, like Typhus, is Mastery Level 2, but comes set with Powers already. Necrosius and Typhus are best buddies like Shrike and Korvydae. If you take both of them together, your army ramps in effectiveness. Necrosius is Zack Snyder to Typhus' George Romero. Typhus brings slow Zombies to the table, and then Necrosius gives them all Furious Charge somewhow. Necrosius also has a guarenteed Warlord Trait, and that's cool, if you don't want that Trait for some reason, use Typhus as your Warlord (because Typhus is more unkillable) and random roll the die.

    Zhufor the Impaler, Lord of the Skulltakers: IA: A. Abaddon. But for Khorne. It sounds cool, but do not put Kharn and Zhufor in the same unit. Kharn will get jealous and kill Zhufor. It's happened.

    Arkos the Faithless, Scion of Alpharius: IA: A. Arkos re-rolls to go first - remember if you win the roll you can choose to go second - and re-rolls Seize the Initiative, and, due to the wording, you can re-roll a success if you really, really don't want it. He comes with a Relic Blade and gives his squad Counter-Attack, and he's only 130 Points. Cool.

    Chaos Decimator Daemon Engine: Imperial Armour: Apocalypse. Because Helbrutes are awful and Chaos Marines really like these guys. Decimators come at nearly twice the cost of a Helbrute, but don't have RNG and have an Invulnerable save. Once again, Nurgle is the best Dedication for Chaos. But, one of the under-considered options of the Decimator is how good it actually is at Flier Defense. Its two best weapons are Heavy 4, and Heavy D3+2, and, with the Mark of Tzeentch, can re-roll 1s into 6s, which is always good. Definitely worth a look if you really want Helbrutes, but are forced to admite that Helbrutes are terrible, and Forge World is allowed in your meta. It comes at the exact same cost as a Contemptor Dreadnought, and, is arguably more survivable.

    Chaos Contemptor Dreadnought: IA:A. 13/12/11 with a 4++ against Glancing Hits and a 6++ against Penetrating Hits. Extremely survivable. Unlike the Decimator Engine, it can't grab two weapons, just the one. But, if you want to put it in Assault, you can definitely do that. It's Fleet, and, Dedication to Slaanesh also gives it Grenades. AP3 Flame weapons from Tzeentch is also strong. Dedicated to Nurgle means it's not dying anytime soon which is great on an Objective

    Giant Chaos Spawn: IA:A. A Chaos Spawn with a Monstrous Creature statline (4 Wounds) in your Elites slot. Better than a Helbrute, at least. Only 80 Points.

    Fast Attack
    Hell Blade: Imperial Armour: Aeronautica. For 115 Points, it's the Stormtalon of Chaos Marines. While it doesn't have the one Hades Autocannon of the Heldrake - which gets Weapon Destroyed - it does have a pair of Reaper Autocannons. So, it's not as strong, or tough, but it's weapons are Twin-Linked and it costs far less than a Heldrake.

    Dreadclaw: IA:Aero. An 85 Point Flying Transport. Very useful.

    Hell Talon: IA: Aero. The model was created in a time before the Heldrake. It's not even close to being as good as a Heldrake. Pass. Save your Forge World for something else. Like...

    Blight Drones: IA: Apocalypse. If your army includes Plague Marines, you can bring them. Your army does have Plague Marines, right? Ignore the Hell Blade, bring these. I lied. At 150 points each, Blight Drones are the real Stormtalons of Chaos Marines. The update also gave them an extra Hull Point. Basically, imagine the weapons of a Soul Grinder, on a Flying chassis. What's more, Blight Drones can be bought in squadrons, for 150 Points each. Wow. Also important, is that Blight Drones have the Chaos Daemons version of the Mark of Nurgle, so they're also Shrouded for the 2+ Jink.

    Chaos Storm Eagle Assault Gunship: IA:A. It's a Chaos Stormraven, except better. 'Cause it transports 20 models and can take Dirge Casters.

    Heavy Support
    Chaos Spartan Assault Tank: IA:A. It's a Land Raider with 5 Hull Points that transports 25 Models. It costs about 50 more Points than a normal Land Raider.

    Chaos Relic Predator: IA:A. It costs a bit less than Forgefiend, and is probably worth it.

    Blood Slaughterers of Khorne: IA:A. If you've brought Khorne Berzerkers, you can bring these too - like Blight Drones and Plague Marines. 13/12/10. They're Fleet so they can actually make it into combat, but, even more easily, they may take Impalers. Monstrous Creatures and Vehicles Wounded/Penetrated by the Impaler are dragged 2d6" towards the Slaughterer. So that's cool. They come in squadrons. They also have the Chaos Daemons version of the Mark of Khorne, so that's fun.

    Plague Hulk of Nurgle: IA:A. If you've brought Plague Marines (again), you can have some. It's a Soul Grinder that is very good at killing Marines on Foot, but, so are a lot of things.

    Lords of War will come in a different post. At some point. Maybe.
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