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    So, time to vote! Remember to vote in RED (Note: Cuthalion and asdflove, I counted your votes already.)

    My votes:
    Fey Week
    Victorian Week
    Elemental Week

    For some inexplicable reason, I get the impression that some nominations were made for the sole purpose of nominating, without expecting them to get voted on. Did anyone else get this feeling?
    Italicized means it is a rerun of a past theme week, followed by what year it happened in.
    Nomination Votes
    8-bit Week
    Abstract Expressionist Week
    Alignment Swap Week
    Art Week 1
    Bird Week
    Celestial Week
    Centaur Week
    Circus Week
    Clone Week (2011)
    Computer Week
    Crossover Week
    Cubist Week
    Demolition Week
    Derpatar Week (2013)
    Dessert Week
    Divine Week
    Doll Week
    Elemental Week (2011) 1
    Face Week/Formal Portrait Week
    Fae Pirate Catfolk Week
    Fauvist Week
    Favourite Colour Week
    Fey Week 2
    Food Week
    Formally Naked Dragon
    with Poor Eyesight
    Running away from Pie Week
    Friend Week
    Impressionist Week
    Ironic Week
    Magic Week 1
    Monty Python Week (2010)
    Music Week
    Nationality Week (2010)
    Nude Week (2012)
    Palette Swap Week
    Plant Week
    Pointillist Week
    Pony Week (2011)
    Pop Art Week
    Rural Week
    Sci-Fi Week
    Shipping Week
    Steampunk Week (2009) 1
    Surrealist Week
    Tropics Week
    Unicorn Week
    Victorian Week (2010) 1
    Weak Week
    Werewolf Week 1
    Zodiac Week

    For the purposes of whoever wants to count votes...
    People whose votes have already been counted:
    Mahonri Violist

    Voting ends in one week, next Friday the 13th.
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