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    Woah, here comes Naruto!

    Wu-Jen 4/Warblade 1/Jade Phoenix Mage 10/Uncanny Trickster (JPM) 3/Archmage 1/Warblade 1 Human

    STR: 16 DEX: 12 CON: 16 INT: 16 WIS: 10 CHA: 10

    Stat bumps are 1 to INT and 4 to STR

    1 Power Attack/Improved Bull Rush/Improved Unarmed Strike/Flaw(Spell Focus)/Flaw(Spell Focus)
    3 Open Feat
    6 Superior Unarmed Strike
    9 Shock Trooper
    12 Skill Focus -- Spellcraft
    15 Open Feat (powerful charge? leap attack?)
    18 Martial Study -- White Raven Hammer

    Here, we gain +16 BAB and 2 7th level spell (Body Outside Body and Giant Size), as well as CL 14

    He can summon as much "shadow clones" by using Body Outside Body by designating High Arcana on it, allowing every single Body Outside Body clone to do it themselves twice, and with White Raven goodies and Devoted Spirit, you can do some beautiful things. Namely, War Masters Charge.

    Say we fill every space 30 feet away from us around us. That is 34 clones attacking, each dealing +25 damage, and gaining cumulative +2 attack bonus each time. Then, each clone can use War Master's Charge again themselves. You yourself can buy belt of battle and give yourself an extra full round (War Masters Charge). Not only that, you can do White Raven's Tactics each time, allowing everyone a full-round attack and maneuver recharge. Use the stance Swarm Tactics. Naruto Uzumaki 2K Barrage anyone? Not only that, but you can use emerald immolation on each one, dealing massive damage.

    For Nine-Tails, there are Polymorph(Dire Tiger(reflavor fox)+Giant Size to any size. When Giant sizing, make sure to use a Ioun stone and other boosts to get to Colossal.

    Rasengan is White Raven Hammer, stunning opponents, allowing your clones an opportunity to either do the same thing and stun lock, or full attacks all around.

    I couldn't figure out how to replicate Rasenshuriken, and keep in mind this would be around Pein, as i couldn't incorporate all the things he can use now.

    Ways to improve this is to fit in Pounce as well as Transcend Mortality for improved power.

    Complete Arcane: Wu-Jen, Body Outside Body, Giant Size, Transcend Mortality
    Complete Scoundrel: Uncanny Trickster
    Complete Warrior: Shock Trooper
    Dungeon Master's Guide: Archmage
    Player's Handbook: Spell Focus, Skill Focus, Power Attack, Improved Bull Rush, Improved Unarmed Strike, Polymorph
    Tome Of Battle: Warblade, Jade Phoenix Mage, Superior Unarmed Strike, Martial Study, War Master's Charge, White Raven Tactics, White Raven Hammer, Swarm Tactics
    Unearthed Arcana: Flaws
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