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    Default Re: DM's campaign log- Wrath Of The Righteous (PF & spoliers!)

    Sorry for the delay in updating this part. I'm learning for my finals, and it's wearing me out. I come back home and usually just want to rest. That said, I hope you will enjoy. No battles in this one, mostly some roleplay, development and the set up for the module to come.

    Session 7, part 2- Level ups, Interlude, Interview with the queen, and the arrival of Julian

    This part of the session was done in a far more relaxed pace. Quite a bit was dedicated to leveling up and the mythical powers. Andrew's player helped Mad dog's player, our new player with her choices. An important note to make is that we are brand new to the mythical powers. I've read the general system of these rules, but not the specific feats or powers. So we're trying this on a trial basis.

    Conan- The Atlantean sword
    (Some music of the recuperating Kenabres, amidst the ruins and devastation- a new hope.

    The music escorted us throughout the second part of the session. Quite great for relaxing and hopeful music. So... about these level ups and mythical powers. A quick rundown of what the party picked.

    5th level feat: Channel alignment (Chaotic evil)- Vs. Demons.
    Mythical Feat: Extra mythic power.(For more uses of Inspired spell)
    Path powers: Inspired spell & Heathen Slayer (Focused at Deskari believers).

    5th level feat: Extra Ki
    Mythical feat: Mythical Weapon Finesse
    Path powers: Surprise attack (More SA) & Defensive move (More nobility)

    5th level feat: Create wand (He has plans!)
    Mythical feat: Mythical Spell penetration
    Mythical powers: Wild Arcana & Eldritch breach (He REALLY hates spell resistance!)

    Mad Dog
    5th level feat: Dodge (The player really sought to upgrade her defenses. She felt Mad Dog got hit a LOT!)
    Mythical feat: Mythic Cleave. (Oh my! )
    Mythical powers: Sudden attack, Blow back

    Andrew' player was about to change character, so We didn't deal with his leveling. We'll get to his character soon enough...

    Wrath of the Righteous- The Sword of Valor

    The Sword of Valor officially starts a few days after The destruction of the wardstone, with the Queen's visit to the city. I felt there was some roleplay to be had in these days, as well as some smoother transition, not to mention dealing with selling loot, buying items and the like.

    Though they have won, it was a t a great cost. More than half of the city's population was dead, including it's most powerful defenders. The streets were littered with dead demons, caught by the blast of the dying wardstone, and the mongrelmen and the soldiers of the Eagle watch greeted the party with cheers, and some confusion. They have won, for now... but the wardstone's protection was no more. It was time to rest, grieve, rebuild and take account of the after math, and to come to terms with the new change the characters hve gone through. They have become... not mere mortals. And people could fill it.

    In the next day people started returning to Kenabres from the surrounding region to which most have fled. These were the citizens, not the soldiers, though some armed forces did go with them for protection. The cries of the broken families, the victims and more tore through the city. But most stayed silent, the devastation was just... too overwhelming.

    Funerals, mass funerals started to take place. Arabeth spoke at the mas grave of most of her unit. Quendys over the dead of his library, The mongrel folk held their own hushed and silent ceremonies, with Opoli weeping over the body of Chief Sul who fell, and Lann was just stunned, declared as the new chief. John searched for the surviving members of their order, Thew Sovereign Knights of Sarenra (More on tht to come), But foundonly about 90 or so. Nayla Freyton, Andera's confidant mourned the death of Senest, who led their order, and happened to also be... her husband.

    Yet in amidst of all of this, rebuilding has begun. The Kenabres people knew very well that they must restore the city's defenses. As to the party? Well, all except for Sena were either outsiders or had no attachments. (Buggers! ). Sena decided to think about it. They decided to worry more about loot (Players!) and understanding their powers.

    About the loot- they sold the equipment they found in the garrison, or distributed some of it. They also found 5 wardstone fragments in the fort, each capable of restoring 1d3 mythic power points, once (Like a potion). They made some sells and bought some stuff (Sena bought armor and shiled enchantments, seeking to tank, as well as a headband of wisdom. Mad Dog upgraded his sword, Harry bought some scrolls and such). Harry built a wand of Sontaneous immolation. He LIKES that spell!

    Amidst all of that, I sent the players some emails, on some small events/ changes they went through. (We all play with lap tops)

    Spoiler: Andera
    In the days after the awakening of the mythic power in new, you yourself different. As if not fully "normal" anymore. You feel like you feel things, sense things that are subtly more acute than you did before. You even dream…

    You're not fully certain of the dream, But you feel two people who are at both connected and close, and yet opposite at the same time. A great desperation is felt strangely mixed with great elation, in a turmoil of emotions. One burning questions seem to sear through the two people's minds: "Have I succeeded or failed?!"
    (Roleplay with this as you'd like)

    Spoiler: Harry
    In the days after the awakening of the mythic power in new, you yourself different. As if not fully "normal" anymore. You feel like you feel things, sense things that are subtly more acute than you did before. And it seems that Aravashnial feels this as well.

    The elf speaks with you in secret. "Harry, we must talk. I was hesitant before, but I did some investigating, and I know a bit about who your lineage. You come from a line of Riftwardens. We explore the Worldwound and the planes. We seek to find a way to fight the demons, maybe even understand how the worldwound itself works. Few have evergotten even close to it. We have been an open sect in the past, but we have gone secret. Some of our members had… unconventional theories. I know that your parents went to the worldwound to try and prove something, but I know not what happened. Their records have been lost. Our members had long discussions about the paths to take, but all of that is moot, lost along with Blackwing. Unless We can find that wrom that walks, Xanthir Vang, who have stolen what we had. I do not know of it's fascination with our order…
    (Roleplay with this as you'd like)

    Spoiler: Mad Dog
    In the days after the awakening of the mythic power in new, you yourself different. As if not fully "normal" anymore. You feel like you feel things, sense things that are subtly more acute than you did before. But the past also haunts you… You dream of the ritual again.

    The scarring, the torment, the screams, and the feeling that SOMETHING was changed in you. You're not quite sure what, and you have been able to ignore it all of these years. In fast, it may have fueled your power, your strength, your mighty combat prowess and skill. But now, after the recent events, after this "Ascension" You feel that thing deep inside of you, stirring, once more… (Roleplay with this as you'd like)

    Spoiler: Senatef
    In the days after the awakening of the mythic power in new, you yourself different. As if not fully "normal" anymore. You feel like you feel things, sense things that are subtly more acute than you did before. Your prayers however have become… Interesting.

    On a prayer to Sarenrae (Either at a place that survived, or some other place) You have felt great peace, as if soaring through the sky. And then… Suddenly a great feel of… betrayel? From someone close? You suddenly have the need for air, you suffocate, or breath just barely. And then you feel yourself in great darkness, one that even your darkvision can't penetrate… It's not exactly a vision as it is… a memory? The moment took about 5 seconds, and then everything returned to normal. (Roleplay with this as you'd like)

    The events/ changes and the campaign traits
    The players were quite confused by this, but most didn't do much about this. They felt (Correctly) That this was a start of things to come. I plan on making the campaign traits into something bigger than the lousy quests they had in the 3rd module, and this is the start of this. An important note is that I didn't give the upgraded traits as reward for finishing the module. They are VERY strong, and the party gets enough rewards. Plus- nothing got changed regarding the traits! Their improved versions will be awarded in the 3rd module, upon developing the trait's stories.

    Harry tried to research more on the Worm that walks, but found little. Mad dog's player loved this, but didn't know what to do with it. Senatef however... He went to have a talk with Commander John, who was instructing some of the soldiers. They talked amiably, hugged and chatted. but Sena wanted to know more about the curse. "The witch showed us some things in her vision. Of you, and the curse. What happened in the Worldwound?" John was a bit uncomfortable with this. "A witch can lie quite convincingly, I would not trust her words". Sena insisted. "Yes, but you lie best while telling the truth most of the time, lying just at the crucial point. I believe there was truth in that. You never quite spoke of your expedition to the worldwound, or your imprisonment there." John sat down and sighed. "We went on a mission, a small group of crusaders, but we were ambushed, captured and... "He grimaced "tortured, quite extensively. It was there that I saw Sarenra's light, and with her help, I escaped, but not without being cursed by that blasted land." He seemed to grow quiet. "Sena... I do not wish to talk more of this. I've tried repressing those memories for a long time. I do not wish to go back there." Sena remained suspicious, but respected his mentor's wishes.

    But there were more winds flowing in the city. The party heard rumors- while most of the city though of them as saviors, some resented them, accusing them at being bewitched and destroying the wardstone on the demon's behalf. So far these were rumors at best, but these worried the party non the less. Andera asked Nayla to send their people to infiltrate and find more about this, while Andrew went from unit to unit, troop to troop and tried lifting up their spirits, nd helping with the defense plans. Mad Dog? He tried to get drunk thoroughly. The past few days were quite hard on him. He needed some R&R.

    Sena's commitment
    He surprised with nice piece of roleply. He went to the mongrelfolk, who stayed in the more ruined places in the city. Though the Eagle watch has fully accepted them as comrades to arms, the rest of the city still didn't know how to deal with them, and mistrust still endured. Sena went to the mourning tent of Lann and Opoli, and sat with them for awhile, before talking to Opoli. "You have fought with us, and for this let me do full justice to you. I welcome you ll to be full members of the Sovereign Order of the Knights Of Sarenrae. You have fought beside us bravely, and I would be honored to fight aside you, in whatever happens!" This struck many of the mongrelfolk (And the other players, including me) in a bit of a surprise. "We... shall need to discuss this with all. But thank you!"

    Sena wished to do more. "Please take me to Chief Sul's grave, I would like to pay my respects to him." He went there with Opoli, who upon his grave spoke. "I have lost my husband, I have lost all of my sons. And part of this is due to you. Yet... I hold you no grudge. You have done more for my people than anyone has. We shall be better for it, even if we have lost many... so many..." And then Sena's player did a nice improvisation. He knelt on his knee, and spoke respectfully. "You have lost everything, I have lost everything (He decided his family was killed). Please, will you adopt me as one of your children?" Opoli was struck, but she lid her hand on his hand, and accepted. "From this day forth, you are my son, Senatef light bringer! You are equal amongst my people" Sena hugged her as well (The party: "You sleek bastard! Hugging and kneeling much?") and returned to his group.

    Interview with the queen
    As the queen's troops approached the city more rumors began to spread- that she is an immortal, that she met with Iomadae, that she receives visions from her, that she is in fact a succubus aligned with the demons, which is why all of this has happened, and so on...

    Some of her troops camped outside, but she and her knights rode in, surveying the devastation, the people, and finally getting to the Church of Clydewell, a ruined place, overseeing the plaza. Soon after, the PCs along with Quendys, Arabeth and commander John were ushered to meet her.

    Queen Galfrey was in full armor, near the back of the church. With her was a middle aged halfling and another human woman, with mage robes. The queen turned to the party, with a weary smile on her face, before speaking to them (This part included a few "read aloud". I'm not that fond of these, but they worked here, with a relaxed party.

    It's nice to meet you at last! I've heard quite a lot about you. Pardon me for going over the pleasantries, but there is wr going on, and I understood you are people of action. I have summoned you more than just to congratulate you, I hope you'll agree to my offer. Lets get to it then, shall we? While there are some narrow-minded souls among the crusade who blame you for the destruction of the wardstone border, I do not begrudge you for what you did. Far from it. From the sound of it, you saved entire legions of crusaders from a most vile fate by preventing Vorlesh from transforming them, and the blast of energy gave us the time we needed to regroup and prepare for what will certainly come next. But you understand the implications of what you’ve done, I’m sure—the wardstones are gone, but Iomedae has seen fit that you will be their replacement. I can think of no other reason that would explain why their power would have settled in your bodies and souls and didn’t merely fade into the ether. In time, the demons will regroup and reorganize—we can trust their inherent chaos to make this period of regrouping longer than it otherwise would take, but we shouldn’t underestimate them. They’ll be back soon enough. Already I’ve had reports from along the front lines that small groups of demons are attacking fortifications and settlements along the southern border.

    But what intrigues me most is news from several reliable sources that as our fiendish enemies are starting to mass in the southern reaches along the Riftshadow within the Worldwound, they have left several of their northern lairs relatively unprotected. In particular, the fiend Aponavicius has taken the bulk of her army from Drezen, leaving it only moderately protected as she joins with the Storm King in Iz to, no doubt, plot greater attacks on larger targets like Nerosyan, Karcau, and beyond. The time is right to strike into their territory. Drezen was the first of our cities to fall after the First Crusade, and we lost more than our kin and our pride that day. We lost the Sword of Valor, a magical banner carried by the Inheritor herself during the Shining Crusade.

    If Drezen could be retaken—if the Sword of Valor could once again be held by the crusade... well, I trust I don’t need to explain how well that would affect morale. But with the imminent attacks along the border, I cannot spare many to lead an assault on Drezen. And even if I could, a large army attacking the city would only draw Aponavicius back to defend the place. The obvious tactic is to send in a group of capable heroes with a modest but well-trained army to strike now, while the proverbial iron is hot. And this is why I’ve sought you out. If you can retake Drezen and reclaim the Sword of Valor, not only will you silence the fools who would brand you traitors for destroying the wardstone, but more importantly, you would bolster the entire war effort with your heroism. And I fear we need all the bolstering we can get!"

    The party seemed quit e thrilled at this. They wanted to know more. The queen then motioned the halfling and human women to approach. "This here is Nurah Dandiwhare" the halfling smiled and bowed slightly. "She is a capable bard, as well as an astute historian, whose knowledge of Drezen and it's surroundings can be invaluable to you. She can also boost your troops moral as you venture forth to the worldwound, and you will need it!"

    "And this" The human woman looked at the party evenly "Is Julian. She is a sorcerer of some power, whom we met on the road to Kenabres. When you destroyed the wardstone some of it's power settled in Julian as well. We think that... her power was connected to the wardstone. I believe Iomedae sent her to our path not by chance. I think her destiny lies with you. I would like you to take her on your journey!" Julian nodded, but seemed somewhat uncertain of the party, and they of her. A whole vibe of "Who the hell are YOU?"

    Welcome Andrew's new character! But there was a need to say goodbye to Andrew. The queen spoke to Quendys. "Master Quendys. I do not wish to reproach you. What you have done in the absence of a ruler is commendable. But we are at war, and I need someone to bolster my troops, give them hope, courage, and lead this city to a new age. Do you know of someone?" Andrews player took his que. "My queen, I will be most honored to serve this city, and rebuild it for the war effort. However, I do not hold to the same views of the former ruler. I do not go for witch hunts and persecutions. I will not be another Hurlun." The queen smiled a faint smile. "I hoped you'd take my offer. I heard quite a bit of you, Andrew who wields Sirius. You will make a fine leader. As to Hurlun? Well, let us say we had more than one difference of opinion. Stay true to your values, and inspire the city to them, is all I ask." Andrew knelt before the queen and offered his allegiance.

    Sen and Johan exchanged glances (See their conversation in Defender's Heart) Sena took Andrew aside for a moment. "Well... This is a turn of events! I wish you the greatest luck and my full support!" (The party: "Licking your way up?") They exchanged and parted.

    There was starting to be a commotion outside. The queen looked off the window, and started to stride out. "Come, there are things that need be done, and you need to be recognized for what you've done!"

    She's a human female, sorcerer with the arcane blood line, 5th level. Her back story ties her to the wardstone at an early age, and later on wandering far and wide, till she started getting back, found by the Queen's army, and then imbued by some of the wardstones' power. (There is more to the story, but this is the jist of it).

    Mechanically the player went a long wy to try and get more spells, including buying spell pages. Most of his spells are battlefield control (He wishes not to go on the blasty side. That's Harry's department). She has a hawk familiar, which Julian's player hope to use for scouting.

    To keep things interesting, I allowed him to take the "Exposed to awfulness" trait and take the archmage mythical path (and powers later on)

    Some feats and such:
    (These included the Hall of Heroes bonuses. I didn't see a reason why not to add them)
    42 hp
    Cha 22 (Thanks to head band of charisma)
    Feats: Silent spell, piercing spell, Spell penetration (+ greater), Expanded arcana (2 more spells of 1st level)
    Mythic feat: Spell lore (Mirror image)
    Mythic powers: Wild Arcana, Enduring armor
    1st level
    Air bubble, grease, mount, identify, ear piercing scream, hydraulic push, magic missile (From spell page), Ray of enfeeblement (Spell page), Break, Blood money, feather fall
    2nd level
    invisibility, mirror image, aboleth's lung.

    Queen's speech, medals and knighthood!
    They came outside to a temporary stage in from of the broken arena, where many of Kenabres' folks gathered, seeking to hear their queen. (A bit more read through. Mine this time). She rose and addressed the crowd.

    "Citizens of Kenabres. It was in holy Aramasse, but a week before that the wardstone shook at Narosyan. We got the news fairly quickly- Kenabres was attacked, it's defenses overthrown, and a demon host ravaged it's streets. We tried to contact the leaders- Hurlun, the high priest, The general, but have failed. He was struck here, with many of our people, where the Storm King killed our valiant defender and friend, Terendelev…

    My heart sank that day, for I feared for Kenabres, for you, my beloved people. But I prayed for The Iomedae, Sarenrae, Torage, Desna, Shelyn and other gods to grant us hope. A chance to fight and prevent the worst." (Pause, she looks at all, and then smiles). "And the gods have answered. From the ranks of mere recruits rose new heroes. First locked in the depths of the city they have brought us a new light, a new sword, and our long awaited brothers, sisters, family and comrades to battle. The first ascendants." (The queen knelt in front of the mongrelfolk. This brought awed responses from the crowd, and the party as well. She just gained points with them it seemed.) "We have done you great wrong, but no longer will you leave in the darkness. I welcome you to our homes, to our hearts, to our people. May the transgressions of the ancestors be redeemed by the children."

    She stood up, and went towards the character, with Nurah in tow with a small brief at her side. "And from those recruits rose a few commendable, brave and resourceful individuals. For a demon may plot, scheme, betray, and confound, but they can never count for the rise of new heroes, protectors and defenders. I give you Kenabres champions."

    She went to Senatef "The Medal of Clarity, for discovering the demons' plot, and the presence of cultists in our midst. The Medal of Valor, for killing the half fiend bone cobbler, in the Hall of Heroes." She pinned the medals unto his chest.

    Next was Andera "The Medal of Clarity, for discovering the demons' plot, and the presence of cultists in our midst. (They all got it!) The Medal of Vigor, for killing the fiendish minotaur at the gray garrison, and the Medal of Vigor, for coming back to the fight with Hosila the cultist after being felled".

    Harry. "The Medal of Clarity, for discovering the demons' plot, and the presence of cultists in our midst. The Medal of Valor, for killing Jaslyn at the gray garrison"

    Andrew. "The Medal of Clarity, for discovering the demons' plot, and the presence of cultists in our midst. The Medal of Command, for redeeming one that was lost" (Millorn got a lot better after the event in the gray garrison, forgot to mention it).

    Mad Dog. "The Medal of Clarity, for discovering the demons' plot, and the presence of cultists in our midst.The Medal of Agility, for killing the cultist Faxon before he could act. The Medal of Valor, for killing Othirubo the cultist, as well as the Aghash Div demon."

    The queen draws her sword. John gives them a look and they all kneel. The queen goes one by one, placing the sword on their shoulders. "I knight thee, champions of Kenabres, Knights of Mendev! Citizens of Kenabres, I give you your champions!" As the party rose to their feet there was applause, shouts and such. (The party REALLY liked that).

    As the applause quieted down, the queen concluded. "Kenabres was struck, and the loss is great. The wardstones are no more, and their protection lost. But they have also suffered great losses, and have lost the initiative. And we shall cease it! As we stand here, in the rebuiliding of Saint Clydwell's cathedral, so shall we rise and rebuild, and more- we shall avenge those who died! We shall strike back, while the iron is hot, and we shall strike with such wrath, such might, with such a holy light that the demons will scamper back to the abyss from whence they've come! If the demons seek war, they will regret it! I declare the Fifth crusade begins today! We will end this war, once and for all!"

    (More applause and so on... )

    Queen's interview and speech
    I aimed to make the queen very approachable, friendly, someone the party can respect and relate to. Not just because of her title or paladin levels. As I understand she accompanies the PCs on later module, so they need to be friendly with her to some small degree.

    I wanted to play out some sort of a ceremony with the PCs at the center, to give them some recognition, and a change that things are now different. Knights get to lead armies and to own land, which comes up real shortly.

    As to the medals, I went with what the modules suggested. After the session Julian's plyer (Not Andrew no more, I need to get used to it as well) Commented about them. While they are nice (The party liekd them) they do not encourage group play, but rather a sort of a competition. He suggested making medals for soemthign a groups can accomplish. Plus, some were quite dumb- killing blow of an enemy? Whiel others are most likely to do more damage or affect. Or coming back to fight after going to negatives? It's not what you did, but rather what other did to get you back, and so on.

    Tell the truth, I didn't give the medals a lot of thought, but he is right. I will try to think of new, more interesting medals for the end of the next module, that do not encourage competition as such. Suggestions?

    Also, a bit of unthinking on my side- Julian didn't get knighted... She can't "Officially" lead armies. Though her player might have come up with an idea to circumvent that.

    Starting to plan...
    The party got back to the church, and Nurah pulled some of her maps to show the party (I sent the party via email a file with the general map of the worldwound and their location, of the march to Drezen, and of Drezen). They started discussing and asking questions. The Queen also sent Nulan, her elf advisor to help them with picking the units for their armies.

    The module let the party have an "army" of 100 paladins of 4th level. We were all in the army though (Israel). And that sounds quite... absurd. Plus, I intended to make a more interesting rmy interaction than that presented in the module and the PF rules (The PF army rules are meant for kingdoms and hex combat, not fora straight route, where the armies just hit each other back and forth).

    Now this got a bit... complicated. and we stopped the session there. It was apparent that these new rules will need some digesting, discussing, and some decisions need to be made.

    It seems we'll have TWO systems to try and get used to- mythic rules, and army rules. We all agreed we shall see them as we go. Gonna be a bit of a bumpy ride!
    We ended the session here. All in all a good session- the end of one module and the start of another, with high spirits, and planning. At least 2 of the players (Julian and Sena's players) quite tactics' svy, I hope I will be able to challenge them. I worry a bit about the others though- Andera seemed suspicious. Harry... I can't quite read Harry. But Mad Dog's player? I feel she got a bit lost. Both due to the overload of gaining a level, mythic powers and now armeis and lrger scale tactics (Not something she that good at). She closed up a bit at the end. I've discussed this with some players, and with her along the week, but that will come in further post.

    Currently I'm quite tired, so I'll go rest before the next leg of studying. I hope you all had a fun read, feel free to write your opinions, comments and questions, as always!
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