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    Charlotte La'Forette
    "Listen, it's my job to save people, so like it or not I'm coming with you. Besides, unless very specific cercumstances happen, a little backup couldn't hurt too badly, could it?"

    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Race: Human (French-Indian descent)
    Profession: Magical Girl
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Power Level: B
    Combat Skill: 8/10
    Intelligence/Cleverness: 7/10
    Tenacity/Determination: 3/10
    Voracity: 11/10

    Charlotte Herself
    Charlotte, a teenager with a slightly scrawny, wiry body of average height and slenderness, is fairly attractive when considering the fact she is just 15. Her skin , a light shade of olive that's more of a Coffee-Mixed-With-Lots-Of-Milk than olive, shows her heritage of mixed race. Charlotte's eyes are a tranquil, forest green that reminds one of an undisturbed grove of trees. Her oak-tree-bark-brown hair is tied in a short revolutionary-style ponytail that falls to the end of her ribcage (but, you know, not noticeable cuz she isn't a skeleton). Charlotte is usually clad in a long red cloak that wouldn't look out of place on a certain Roosterteeth character, dark blue t shirt the color of a stormy sea, leggings the color of blindness, and plain old black sneakers upon her feet. In the Fall, Winter and early Spring her shirt and cloak are replaced by a seafoam green hoodie and scarf, with black combat boots adorning her feet. Winter sees the return of her cloak.

    Puella Magi Form
    Normally, Charlotte's uniform in combat takes the form of a long red cloak like in the winter and summer, worn over a black shirt. This shirt is hard to notice, however, due to the black trench coat (without the neck guard thing) with red inner lining and scarlet trim she wears over it. Over where humans have their hearts, like a military uniform, is an amazingly well done silhouette of a red crescent moon with a silver sniper rifle crossed over it. Worn with this is a pair of long black leggings with red trim, black combat boots with red lace worn over them, and a military cap with the symbol upon the jacket upon it as well. During the summer, the black is white and the silver is black to deal with sweltering heat.

    No matter what she wears, an ever present necklace with a pendant in the shape of a crescent moon is worn around Charlotte's neck. She never seems to take it off.

    Charlotte is a hotheaded, reckless lass, with a sharp tongue and a foul mouth. She's one of those annoying people who act a bit like a bitch to conceal their emotions, but for Charlotte this is more of an occasional thing. One can sometimes be lucky enough to catch her in her emotion sharing moments. She's a bit of an optimist, and quite pugnacious.


    Charlotte doesn't have a true set of equipment besides her necklace, but she often wields a few different weapons in combat.
    • A silver-colored Anti Materiel Rifle with explosive rounds that seemingly never runs out of ammo.
    •A long Titanium-Silver glaive
    •Multiple firearms with seemingly bottomless clips
    •Various types of blades in the vein of swords, knives, and daggers.


    Charlotte can create anything she can imagine as long as she doesn't use up all her magic. She has astounding endurance and speed in combat, and has other "perks" of being a Puella Magi.

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