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    Quote Originally Posted by Legato Endless View Post
    Any good advice from anyone who's played this in real life? What's different, what's more effective, things to keep in mind? If, in a strange confluence of events I manage to win, I will personally credit everyone here for my victory.
    The nurse always, always banes themselves. Chances are, they will never be attacked.
    The sheriff is occasionally someone who starts talking during their scry. Be cautious.

    Avoid changing what you're doing. If you're assertive, stay assertive. If you're passive, stay passive. And I would suggest being assertive. Partly because it's hilarious when you're Mafia and convince everyone else to kill someone who is not. And being passive is boring.

    If you are Mafia, kill whoever talks most. Passive people will take care of themselves. In fact, your targets should be similar if you are the Baner or the Seer.

    If you're the narrator, it's difficult to stay impartial.

    Also: Your claims will not save you.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lenlo View Post
    Hey (Can I do a "hello" post in here?) I just joined the OOTS forums and noticed some Mafia/Werewolf games goin on down here. Glad to see that, I love playing Werewolf, been playin afew years now on other forums.

    Ive been looking over how you guys do things here and its pretty different from anywhere else ive played. Gonna take some getting used to but I look forward to playing with you lot.
    Welcome, welcome!
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    Finally forced me into getting one of these.

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