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    Default Re: The Common Garden-Pixie [decorative (and highly invasive) Old World fey]

    Quote Originally Posted by Admiral Squish View Post
    Ahh, I seee where the confusion arose. The swarm template is intended to apply to larger creatures, such as chimeras or other things. The swarm-templated creatures itself would be made of much smaller versions of the base creature, reducing their size as mentioned on the table, which in turn increases their size modifier. Applying the template directly to the base creature of a garden pixie would be inappropriate, as they don't shrink as they gather together into numbers.
    They're still diminutive, they still use diminutive's size mod.

    Actually the Template applies to Any creature (there is no size restriction). According to the Pathfinder Swarm Template, any base creature from Tiny to Small uses +8 as its modifier. If you are using the swarm subtype but without the template, the modifier for those creatures seems to be the same the same as the base creature. Having conflicting sources does make things more difficult to assess.

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