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    wink 3.5 Magic Item Golden Fiddle PEACH [Esp. if Kellus is around]

    I designed a magic fiddle to go with Kellus' Golden Fiddle Prestige Class and Fiddler Devil. See here: http://www.giantitp.com/forums/shows...72&postcount=1

    Golden Fiddle
    Aura Faint Transmutation CL 5
    Slot ; Cost 42,900 gp; Weight as brooch (3 lbs. full sized)

    The golden fiddle is a solid gold brooch in the shape of a violin.

    When the command word is spoken, the fiddle expands into an exquisite masterwork violin with gleaming wood and silver strings. When the command word is spoken again, the fiddle reverts to its brooch form. The violin adds a +2 competence bonus to anyone playing it, but in the hands of bard, its magical properties are enhanced.

    • Any devil (except fiddler devils) within 100 feet who hears the fiddle must succeed on a Will save (DC 20) or take 1d6 points of sonic damage each round that the fiddle is played. Devils with 9 to 16 HD gain a +2 bonus to their saves, and devils with 17 or more HD have a +4 bonus to their saves.
    • Bardic Music: When used by a bard to inspire courage, the golden fiddle increases the morale bonus on saves against charm and fear by 1. In the hands of bard with 5 or more ranks in Perform (string instrument), the morale bonus instead increases by 2. A bard who uses a fiddle for bardic music can cast spells while performing but only if those spells have no somatic, material or focus components.
    • A bard gains the Impromptu Bow feat as long as she meets the requirements and can use the golden fiddle to shoot arrows without penalty. The golden fiddle becomes a +2 evil outsider bane fiddle with a range increment of 10 feet and projectiles launched from it inflict 1d4 points of damage (+and additional 2d6 to evil outsiders).

    Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, shrink item, sound burst; Price 21,450 gp, 1,716 XP

    I haven't created many magic items so any help and feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    Boring Construction notes and background information
    I am using material from Complete Adventurer page 126 for bardic music effect for fiddles and open content from Bastion Press' Ink & Quill (See below). A masterwork musical instrument gives you a +2 circumstance bonus on Perform checks that involve its use. See Perform Skill. Also, the base cost for a masterwork instrument is 100 gp and it weighs 3 lbs. Clearly this is a Wondrous Item or Minor Artifact.

    Construction would include masterwork instrument, Craft Wondrous Item feat and shrink item spell and sound burst spell.

    I figure the costs as such 100 gp for masterwork fiddle, Impromptu Bow feat is 10,000 gp. Basing the item off the shrink item spell costs 27,000 gp [Spell level (3) caster level (5) 1,800 gp as it is command word activated], and sound burst spell [2x 3x 2,700] 16,200 +8,000 for bane enhancement = 61,300 [plus 30% discount for needing to be a bard to get full use of it]. 61,300-18390= 42,900 gp.
    Impromptu Bow feat from Bastion Press Ink & Quill OGC.
    Impromptu Bow [General]
    You can shoot arrows with a string instrument.
    Prerequisites: Base Attack Bonus +3, 5 ranks of Perform (any string instrument), Point Blank Shot
    Benefits: You can fire arrows or bolts from a string instrument without penalty. Cellos, guitars, harps, mandolins, violas and violins can be used in this manner. Guitars, mandolins, violas and violins have a range increment of 10 ft., and projectiles launched from these instruments inflict 1d4 points of damage. Cellos and harps have a range increment of 20 ft., and projectiles launched from these instruments inflict 1d6 points of damage. A character must use both hands to properly fire the arrow. Unfortunately, because these items were not constructed for combat purposes, a natural 1 on the attack roll automatically destroys the strings, rendering the instrument useless until repaired.
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