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    Default Re: Channeling the power of the planes (with subsystem, WIP)

    Planar Mage Formula list:
    1st level
    Elemental Infusion
    Elemental Mist
    Elemental Ray
    Planar Adaptation

    2nd level
    Elemental Needles
    Elemental Weapon
    Greasy Skin
    Gust of Wind
    Ice Climb
    Soften Earth and Stone
    Sound Burst
    Summon Elemental I

    3rd level
    Cure Disease
    Field of Earth
    Light and Darkness
    Quasielemental Blood
    Quasielemental Breath
    Quasielemental Flame
    Smoke Cloud
    Summon Elemental II

    4th level
    Arc of Lightning
    Bridge of Sound
    Control Water
    Earth's Vigor
    Fire Shield
    Flare Gun
    Ice Storm
    Ray of Enervation
    Scorching Ash
    Summon Elemental III
    Winter's Embrace

    5th level
    Airy Water
    Dance of the Unicorn
    Destroy City
    Dispel Element
    Earth Reaver
    Elemental Tentacle
    Fire and Brimstone
    Flaywind Burst
    Lightning Touch
    Red Sea
    Summon Elemental IV

    6th level
    Circle of Death
    Extract Water Elemental
    Fires of Purity
    Heart of the Elements
    Move Earth
    Storm of Fire and Ice
    Summon Elemental V
    Suppress Flame

    7th level
    Channel the Dragon
    Control Weather
    Detachment of the Primitive World
    Elemental Storm
    Great Worm of the Earth
    Horn of the Elements
    Ice Claw
    Infuse Emerald Flame
    Leech Undead
    Quasielemental Claws
    Retributive Enervation
    Scalding Touch
    Stun Ray
    Summon Elemental VI
    Wrack Earth

    8th level
    Deadly Lahar
    Paraelemental Wyrm
    Red Tide
    Summon Elemental VII

    9th level
    Burst of Glacial Wrath
    Elemental Monolith
    Frozen Heart
    Internal Fire
    Storm of Vengeance
    Summon Elemental VIII
    Towering Thunderhead
    Transmute Rock to Lava

    Planar Devotee Formula list:
    1st level
    Investiture I
    Summon Planar Monster I

    2nd level
    Investiture II
    Summon Planar Monster II

    3rd level
    Investiture III
    Planar Blast
    Summon Planar Monster III

    4th level
    Investiture IV
    Summon Planar Monster IV

    5th level
    Investiture V
    Summon Planar Monster V

    6th level
    Investiture VI
    Summon Planar Monster VI

    7th level
    Investiture VII
    Summon Planar Monster VII

    8th level
    Investiture VIII
    Summon Planar Monster VIII

    9th level
    Investiture IX
    Summon Planar Monster IX

    Astral Trickster Formula list:
    1st level
    Summon Transitive Ally I

    2nd level
    Summon Transitive Ally II

    3rd level
    Summon Transitive Ally III

    4th level
    Summon Transitive Ally IV

    5th level
    Summon Transitive Ally V

    6th level
    Shadow Walk
    Summon Transitive Ally VI

    7th level
    Summon Transitive Ally VII

    8th level
    Summon Transitive Ally VIII

    9th level
    Ectoplasmic Devastation
    Summon Transitive Ally IX

    Obsidian Shaper Formula list:
    4th level
    Obsidian Shards

    5th level
    Obsidian Barrier

    6th level
    Obsidian Blade

    7th level
    Obsidian Seed
    Obsidian Wave

    8th level
    Obsidian Ray

    9th level
    Obsidian Body
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