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Several questions.

1) Warder. Deathless defenses. Free action? Perhaps Immediate would be better? No one is gonna kill you in your own turn.

2) Zweihander Sentinel. They gain a Shield bonus from their own Aegis. Does it works with the feat Martial Power to add +50% temporal HP? Or only physical shields?

3) Zweihander Sentinel again. They may do shield bash with their weapon. What about the ranged shield bash Iron Tortoise maneuvers offer? The spear/greatsword/bardiche/halfing is gonna fly and riccochet around? I love that idea but it's kinda hard to justify. And what happens with Weapon Focus? The shield bash gets the +1?

4) What happens to organizations now? I haven't read more about them (maybe I missed it).
1) Double checking for the hundredth time on the SRD (away from books atm), I see nothing that prevents you from using a free action on another turn short of DM ruling. As quoted from the SRD under Free Actions in Combat:
Free Actions

Free actions don't take any time at all, though there may be limits to the number of free actions you can perform in a turn. Free actions rarely incur attacks of opportunity.
Annoyingly, it is swift actions that make free actions kind of murky; the wording of free action doesn't explicitly say when you can or cannot use them. Just that you can. Swift actions state that you can make one per turn on your turn whenever you'd be able to make a free action. Swift actions use what is defined as a free action, but free actions are undefined explicitly. (Ugh, Paizo, you cannot use one action to define the limits of another!) I set it as a free action because I did not feel it should prevent you from using a counter and/or Deathless Defenses as necessary. It should probably be redefined to an immediate action, but it's because it's in the rules hell that is Pathfinder's swift / free action writing.

2) Yes, yes it does.

3) Yes, and you're finding it hard to justify throwing a weapon around in a spinning fashion so that it would return to your grasp but a shield is not outside of that realm of probability? Ya know the dude next to you is getting power from his god to raise the dead and that lady over there is breaking the fundamental rules of reality with finger wiggling and bat guano, right?

4) They've been renamed "Martial Traditions" and we've added some for the first book, and more in the second. I'd like to see it expand beyond martial disciples to see Psionic Traditions or Akashic Traditions as well.