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    I am a...
    Weapon (which can hypothetically become my other Weapon)

    Spoiler: Avatars not in use
    Nalin Fiendborn the Magus, by Ceika

    Nalin as a different kind of Magus, also by Ceika

    Spoiler: Quotes
    Quote Originally Posted by LoyalPaladin View Post
    Did I ever tell you that you are my favorite playgrounder Keledrath.
    Quote Originally Posted by Xalos View Post
    You were the someone

    Quote Originally Posted by QuickLyRaiNbow View Post
    Campaign settings are fluff. That's what they are. They're big fluffy beds for the Player's Handbook and the Dungeon Master's Guide and the Monster Manual, and sometimes, when people feel like gettin' kinky, the Psionics Handbook, to roll around in. The idea that there's some crunchy switch that you have to flip before your campaign can be Officially Forgotten Realms or Officially Dragonlance or Officially Dark Sun or, hell, Officially Takes Place In That World Jaqueline Carey Writes That Definitely Isn't Basically 1400s History We Promise... that idea is absurd.

    Quote Originally Posted by Raven777 View Post
    Which is why you tell your Simulacrum-of-yourself assistant to get the Helm of Opposite Alignment ready before asking your Control-Undead-Vampire assistant to proceed with the biting. Experimental procedures are made to be followed, folks!

    Quote Originally Posted by Flickerdart View Post
    Jedipotter, here's a helpful link for after you've read that.

    Quote Originally Posted by Keledrath View Post
    Hello Yas. Look at your character. Now back the zombie in front of the gate. Now back at your character. Now back to the zombie.
    Luckily, it isn't you, but if you try to poison me and I live through it, you could look like it.
    Look down, now back up. Where are you? You're in a city with the corpse your character could look like.
    What's in your hand? Now back to me. I have a heavy flail I know how to use. Look again. The flail is now smiting.
    Anything is possible when your character doesn't try to poison the Paladin.
    I'm on a horse in three levels.

    Quote Originally Posted by Segev View Post
    The Far Realms are Apple programs trying to run on your Android device, and being aggressive about trying to physically re-wire the hardware to suit them.
    Quote Originally Posted by Xaroth View Post
    Sweet korean jesus on a motorbike that's amazing. Thanks!
    Quote Originally Posted by TheCountAlucard View Post
    Racist magical blimps.
    Quote Originally Posted by JaronK View Post
    Of course, the Wizard class still had more power than the Fighter class, so his Tier ranking was the same. But that power was being used to, well, suck. And Tier 1s are good at everything. Even sucking if they want. Frankly, a Wizard can suck even more than a Fighter could ever dream of sucking. A Fighter can stab himself to death, but only a Wizard could Plane Shift to some horrible far realm to be tortured for an eternity of insanity.

    Quote Originally Posted by willpell View Post
    Only playing Tier 1s is like only eating in five-star restaurants...even if you can afford such a diet, gorrammit sometimes I just want a cheeseburger and some frogurt. Why limit yourself?

    The Mutant, a Pathfinder Base Class for those who have always wanted to play with the Eidolon's Evolutions without the baggage of a Summoner

    Sphere Occultist, converting an interesting idea into a system where it works.

    The Condemned, a port of 3.5's Hellbred. Now with added functionality!

    Sarkans, a Dragontouched Race for PF

    Warforged Templates!

    The Purifier, A Path of War PrC based on League of Legends

    The Adrenal Savant

    And things not worthy of their own thread

    Sig if you love Jade_Tarem
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