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    ((apologizing for the fact I accidentally posted between Gr8artist))

    Some races are set in stone, others are morphic. Races change over time because society and the world as a whole is evolving. The endena are born blank slates however.

    Physical Description: Prematurely, all endenas look like thin, pale white humanoids with shaggy hair. When an endena reaches coming of age, they select a deity that they worship, and their appearance becomes closer to resembling that deity. For example an endena worshiping a goddess of wealth may appear less like a pauper and more of a prince(ss) and may have a more gold tone to their skin.

    Society: Endenas clump together with other endenas or other races who worship the same deity as themselves. These societies vary drastically from each city. You might see a vast empire underwater with towers of coral as homes in an Endena city dedicated to a God of the Sea, while a Fire God worshiping Endena might have basalt homes, where torches are everywhere.

    Relations: When it comes to other races, it's a matter of which deities the group in question is worshiping.

    Alignment and Religion: As expected, alignments usually correspond with their given deity.

    Adventurers: Endenas tend to go out adventuring to either promote the agenda of their deity, find out about other deities, or seek further ways to become one with their deity.

    Names in General: Endena at birth are given a name that's simple and usually no more than 2 syllables. They are given a second name on their coming of age, based on the deity they worship.

    Male Names: Alk, Adiro, Dorid, Gerrit, Isaan, Orrad, Palon, Wintil

    Female Names: Asa, Alra, Circa, Hica, Let, Toral, Vize

    Family Names: Endenas usually take on a family name consisting of the name of their deity, abbreviated, then adding -kin, -born, or -son to the end of it.


    • Endena characters gain a +2 racial bonus to one ability score of their choice at creation to represent their varied nature. This bonus is usually an attribute that is related to the deity's work.
    • Size. Endenas are medium.
    • Endenas have a move speed of 30ft.
    • Divine Work: Endenas get a +2 skill bonus to a skill relating to their deities domains.
    • Domain Power: An endena with 3 or more hit dice counts as a cleric one level higher than he is, but only for the purpose of domain powers. If you lack domains, you must select a single domain from the deity you worship. You only gain the domain power of the domain chosen.
    • Deity's Blessing At 6 hit dice, they gain the ability to use Commune once a month to talk to their deity without fail. At 12 hit dice, they may cast Atonement once a week. The caster level for all these abilities are 1/2 the hit die the Endena has.
    • Languages: Common and a divine language (Celestia, Infernal, Abyssal) corresponding to their deity of worship. Bonus languages are all, barring secret ones.
    • Favored Class: Deity's preferred class.


    Random Starting Ages
    15 years

    Aging Effects
    Middle Age
    Maximum Age
    60 years
    120 years
    180 years
    +4d20 years

    Random Height and Weight
    Base Height
    Height Modifier
    Base Weight
    Weight Modifier
    120 lb.
    + (1d20 x 5) lb.
    110 lb.
    + (3d6 x 4) lb.

    Endena Cause [Racial]
    Prerequisites: Endena
    Your connection with your deity is strong. You gain a +4 bonus to any charisma based skill roll when interacting with followers of your deity.

    Endena Apostle[Racial]
    Prerequisites: Endena
    Your deity grants you the power to turn or rebuke undead, based on your deity's alignment. Your effective cleric level is 1/2 your CL. If you are already a cleric, you gain 4 extra attempts to turn/rebuke and get a +1 to your effective cleric level when turning/rebuking undead.

    Endena Empowerment[Racial]
    Prerequisites: Endena, Chaotic Alignment, Worshiping a deity with Wrath or War domains.
    You tap into the rage that belongs to your deity, you gain the ability to rage 1/day as a Barbarian 1/2 your ECL.
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