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So sure, bring back Bob the 1st level commoner dirt*farmer*from the ''lets start as commoners campaign''. Bob's story was that he has never been in a fight or any type of combat and has just walked from his farm to town. So Kyle, the cheating optimizer, gives Bob the feat Improved Initiative...for the sole reason to make his awesome build when he levels up. But why would non-combat Bob have that feat? Other then to cheat....
I've decided that if I am going to do this right I should probably name my Dirt Farming Commoner "Bob Kyleson".

Now I made a few tweaks to the original background… accounting for the fact that if this commoner is going to show any ambition whatsoever later on (as he will undoubtedly become an adventurer during the course of this PbP campaign) he should probably show a little more ambition in his backstory.

Spoiler: Original Background for Reference

Dirt Farming Commoner Business Plan:
Live in town w/ 400 homes.*
Start w/ 20 gp from class.
Borrow 20 gp from moneylender @ 50% interest/month.

Buy cart - 15 gp
Buy donkey - 8 gp
Buy 3 shovels - 6 gp

Buy feed - 1.5 gp/month
Hire 1 skilled Laborers - 9 gp/month
Hire 1 unskilled Laborer - 3 gp/month

Collect everyone's waste in town, for 1 sp/household/week... This = 40 gp/week, or 160 gp/ month. This task uses the untrained laborer, donkey and cart. Collecting waste from 80 homes/day.

Waste is brought to the dirt farm where I, and skilled laborer mix it with soil, to create compost through weekly craft checks, using skill Craft: Compost.

Taking a 10 on this skill, allows each of us to craft 100 sp worth of compost/week.*
This comes out to a total of 80 gp/week. That I sell to the local farmers

Income generated in first month =240 gp
- 30 to pay back moneylender
- 12 to pay laborers
- 2 for feed for the donkey
- 26 for meals for me and my laborers
= 170 gp profit

After the first month, I'm bringing in 200 gp/month.

My character is 24 years old. He's been "dirt farming" for 6 years now.
He has a net worth of 14,370 gp.

I was originally going to go with an Azerblood Dwarf, but the only connection to the Earth was a resistance to bull rushing when on the ground. Instead, I am going to go with the subtle...

FYI, I rolled stats (4d6k3), and after racial adjustments, this is what I got:
STR:19 DEX:11 CON:16 INT:16 WIS:13 CHA:11

If you need me to re-roll later, so be it... I just wanted to make clear this guy has the strength and constitution one would expect of a farmer, but he is also unusually intelligent, thereby supporting his ability to do the following:

Here is the Revised Background
Spoiler: Chapter 1: The Business Plan

Bob Kylson lives just outside of a town w/ approximately 400 homes in it.*He grew up in a small shack of a house under the abuse of his dishonest father (Kyle). The Family owned land, but it was literally just a bunch of barren dirt fields.

On Bob's 18th birthday, he takes the 20 gp that come with his acceptance of his "Commoner" class status. He chooses to take that money, and borrow an additional 20 gp from a local moneylender in order to start a business. Bob will need to repay the loan @ 50% interest/month.

Bob Kylson then purchases:
Cart - 15 gp
Donkey - 8 gp
3 shovels - 6 gp
Total: 29 gp

Bob Kylson then takes on the following monthly expenses:
Feed for the Donkey - 2 gp/month
Hire/Pay 1 skilled Laborer (Jim) - 9 gp/month
Hire/Pay 1 unskilled Laborer (Tim) - 3 gp/month
Provide meals for he and his laborers 26 gp/month
Total: 40 gp/moth

Bob Kyleson establishes a monopoly on a crucial town service that will not only increase the attractiveness of the town (both Visually and Odiferously) but also reduce the risk of th eplague and other illnesses spreading.

Bob Kyleson has agreed to collect the waste from every household and business in town, for the low cost of 1 sp per household/business per week. Bob has Tim take the donkey and cart through the town (sector by sector), collecting the waste from 80 homes / businesses per day. This generates a revenue of 40 gp/week, or 160 gp/ month. (Bob pays back the Moneylender after the first week)

Tim brings the daily haul of waste back to Bob Kylson's farm. Once there, Bob and Jim mix waste in with piles of the farm's dirt. Through daily attention, and weekly craft checks, using the skill Craft: Compost, they are able to create an average of 200 sp worth of compost per week (or 80 gp/month). Bob then sells his compost to the local farmers.

After paying all of his monthly expenses, Bob is able to make an average of 200 gp per month (or 2,400 gp per year).

Spoiler: Chapter 2: Expansion and Growth

After two years of Dirt Farming, Bob has saved up 4,761 gp. However, recently he has become smitten with a young lady named Sally. She is the daughter of one of the farmers who buys compost from Bob. She is a nice you lady who really likes Caribou. Bob asked Sally's father for permission to marry her, but Sally's father wants Bob to prove that he can provide the life that Sally truly deserves.

At age 20, Bob Kyleson decides to hire a new Unskilled Laborer (Fred). After working on the Dirt Farm for 2 years, Tim has developed some skills and is able to help Jim with the Compost Crafting. Fred is now in charge of the waste collection around town. Bob has decided he is going to travel to the 2 closest towns or similar size, and establish franchises of his Dirt Farming/Compost business. Bob purchases a light horse, saddle, saddle bags and stocks it with traveling supplies (120 gp).

When he reaches his first destination, he purchases a small cottage just outside of town (2000 gp). He then finds three of the poorest young men in town he can find. He makes the following proposition to the men. He will let them stay in the cottage rent free so long as they work for him. He will purchase their equipment (29 gp), train them, and build up the customer base. In addition to the pre-agreed upon price for meals, the three workers will be allowed to keep 10% of the profits each. They will not be given daily wages on top of this, their wages will come form the profit sharing.

This franchise will bring in 212 gp/month (adjusting for the agreed upon monthly expenses). Of that amount, each of the workers will receive 20 gp. That will leave 152 gp per month in profit. Bob will come out four times per year to check in on the operation, and to collect the profits. Bob will stay with these men for the first month, getting everything established, before moving on and repeating this process with the second town.

After the two months of setting up the franchises, Bob is down to just 1,101 gp, but by the end of that year, he has brought his total net worth up to 6,293 gp. And by the following year, he has saved up 12,340 gp. In order to ensure that Sally will be well taken care of her entire life, Bob decides to repeat the expansion process to two more towns.

Bob Kyleson is now 24 years old. He has been married to Sally for a year now. They are expecting a child in a few months. Bob invested some money into building a nicer house in town for he and his growing family (4,000 gp). He is well regarded in town. He still works on the farm every day, but now Tim is living in the old shack there. Every month, he makes a week long journey to one of the other towns where he has a dirt farm running. Bob Kyleson currently has 13,769 gp saved up, and continues to earn a total of 808 gp/month from his 5 waste management/dirt farm businesses.