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    Default Houserules: Tier 3, Simply

    Below I present the houserules I made for PbP campaigns. The really important parts are in purple. The ones that are actually a ton of trouble and only fix minor things are in orange. Issues that do not change game balance, but are instead built to encourage playstyles, smooth tension, or simplify mechanics, are in green.

    Yes, the most important part of these rules is banning most spellcasters. Sorry, wizards, I prefer a rulesheet to the system rewrite required to make you balanced.

    I address a few small issues that I've had problems with, like rapid reload with slings. I doubt I addressed every small issues ever. Currently these rules are under 2000 words.

    Character Building: The power level weíre shooting for is tier 3/4. Infinite loops, action economy abuse, XP cost negation, time travel, and the like are right out. If you start to upset game balance, Iíll kick you into Jupiterís core. Generally I can spot these issues on character sheets. If you try to sneak something by me, it wonít lead to a better experience for anyone.

    I donít ban multiple character submissions per player, but a max of one is getting in, so itís kind of wasting your time to do so.

    Homebrew, Pathfinder and Dragon material are allowed case-by-case. I may reject things if the read is too long.

    If you have a use for something Iím banning, and your use will not trip any of the reasons Iíve banned it, then ask and we can work something out. If you honest to god want to play a kobold and itís not because of Scaled Ones, Loredrake, Dragonwraught, Draconic Rite of Passage, or any other crazy reason, talk to me.

    Backstories: Skirt length or longer. The longest backstory Iíve written for a D&D campaign was 2300 words (I was rejected for a character with a 12-word backstory, cíest la vie). Consider that a rough maximum. Feel free to do a 10-minute background in addition to a writeup, but I do expect one.

    Dice: HP after first level is half (Bard with 10 con gets 6, 3, 4, 3, 4Ö). Point Buy is 32.

    Alignment: Nearly everybody, with the exception of outsiders, is neutral. I recommend against a smite-based build. I donít care what alignment you make your character, but you should be part of the party. Donít build a kleptomaniac or a chronic backstabber. Ask if you want to break alignment restrictions on classes, please.

    Misc: Massive Damage triggers only if you take over 50 damage and over half of your total HP. Walk and Chew Gum: You may perform a move-equivalent action in the middle of a movement action. Doing so takes a full-round action (2 move actions). Shield bonuses apply to touch AC.

    Fixes: Some things need repair. Power Word Pain and Distract need to swap levels. Swordsage gets wisdom to AC in no armor. Martial Monk canít take weapon supremacy or epic feats. Things like this wonít be listed below. Most elements of RACSD will be used. Ask if thereís anything you want clarified.