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Thread: Houserules: Tier 3, Simply

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    Default Races

    Player Races
    Bans: Greensnake Naga, All LA+0 anthropomorphic races, all awakened creatures. Kobold is banned in lieu of banning the 10 billion abuses individually. Mineral Warrior and Divine Minion are banned. Sarrukhs don't exist. Partial racial classes are not for every campaign. Talk to me first.

    Race Rules: LA Buyoff is in effect. If you want to play something underpowered, talk to me and we can (maybe) buff it a bit. In general, 3.5 has enough stuff floating around to make a concept work at decent power without this.

    Feral: Fast Healing is changed to DR. All abilities key off of Monster Hit Dice explicitly.

    Half-Orc: Stat adjustments are Str +2, Int -2.

    Petal: Too hilarious to disallow as a PC race.