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    Default Classes

    Base Classes
    Bans: Any class with 9s is banned unless mentioned below (Archivist to Wu Jen), except Sublime Way. If you really need them for some reason, they may end up in-game with reduced ACFs and the adept spell progression. Artificers are banned.

    Class Rules: No multiclass XP penalty. Fractional BAB and saves, with +2 bump added only once. ACF chaining and equivalencies are allowed on a case-by-case basis. If you want to play something underpowered, talk to me and we can (maybe) buff it a bit. In general, 3.5 has enough stuff floating around to make a concept work at decent power without this. All of my homebrew base classes are in play, although some are modified below.

    Barbarian: I recommend using the Professional mundane class fix.

    Beguiler: Uses the Bard spell progression.

    Binder: Online vestiges are banned.

    Factotum: To balance with reduced spell power, Factotums’ max spell level is reduced by 1, but you can cast multiple spells from your (new lower) maximum level. Cunning Breach fails against spell immunity. Cunning defense does not stack with improved cunning defense. Cunning Brilliance works off a limited list we will create.

    Fighter: I recommend using the Professional mundane class fix.

    Healer: Keeps its full progression.

    Hexblade: Use the Creator's Fix.

    Monk: The Monk gets full base attack bonus. Monks have pounce and the ability to lower SR as a free or immediate action. At level 4, monks get powerful build. At level 8 they can apply flurries to standard action attacks. At level 12, they can apply flurries to attacks of opportunity.

    Paladin: Codes are relaxed somewhat (including variant paladins). Battle Blessing is a bonus feat. Full turn undead as a cleric, once it's gained. Full caster level. Smites are per encounter. That said, keep in mind alignment norms above. Do not rely on detection and smiting.

    Ranger: Effective druid level for animal companions is equal to ranger level minus 3. Hit Dice are D10. A level 6 ranger gets a bonus feat, which can be Sword of the Arcane Order, even if she does not meet the SotAO prerequisites. Wild-Shape is recommended, but see the Shifter (below). If you do not take Wild Shape, gain both combat styles.

    Rappeler (Homebrew): Uses the Bard spell progression.

    Rogue: I recommend using the Professional mundane class fix.

    Shifter (Homebrew): This class is tier 2 as written. If you wish to use it, I will work with you to craft a fair assortment of familiar forms. I have a lot of experience with this. There will be no Myconid Sovereigns, Shaedlings, Ushemoi, Dire Tortoises, Darktentacles, etc. Empowered Arcane Shape is nerfed.

    Shugenja: Uses the Bard spell progression.

    Truenamer: Banned. I really don’t want to deal with it.

    Warlock: Eldritch blast may full attack for iteratives. Damage is fixed up to equal sneak attack. 4+Int Skill points per level. Warlocks get an invocation every level, but must take a blast essence or shape every 5 levels.

    Warmage: Keeps its full spell progression.