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Thread: Houserules: Tier 3, Simply

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    Default Prestige Classes

    Prestige Classes
    Bans: Anima Mage, Apostle of Peace, Arcane Heirophant, Cancer Mage, Chameleon, Divine Crusader, Dweomerkeeper, Halruuan Elder, Incantatrix, Initiate of the Sevenfold Veil, Moonspeaker, Planar Shepherd, Rainbow Servant, Shadowcraft Mage, Sublime Chord, Thrallherd, Ur-Priest. If I missed a prestige class thatís similar in power to these ones, you may wish to ask me. If you have a really good build that needs one of these for reasons other than their crazy spell shenanigans, talk to me.

    Prestige Class Rules: Any prestige class that fully advances casting should have nontrivial entry requirements. If it's just a straight base class upgrade, the first level will not advance casting. This is my call. If you have a prestige class that has nontrivial entry requirement (more than a crappy feat, please), ask if that justifies full casting. Legacy Champion and uncanny trickster cannot extend classes past max pre-epic.

    Invisible Blade: Reduce depreciated entry requirements.

    Order of the Bow Initiate: Uses 3.0 version from Sword and Fist.