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Thread: Houserules: Tier 3, Simply

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    Default Feats

    Bans: Extra Spell an Extra Spell Slot are banned. Persist Spell is banned. Metamagic Reducers are almost all banned mention if you want one in a build. Battle Jump, Body Fuel, Earth Spell, Exalted Companion, Exalted Wild Shape, Initiate of Mystra, Item Familiar, Leadership (and any variation thereof), Planar Touchstone, Reserves of Strength, and Shock Trooper, are banned. Many feats seem useless outside of cheese (Alternative Source Spell, for instance, is used exclusively for hunting ethergaunts). All +2/+2 Skill Feats are removed from any prerequisite lists.

    Feat Rules: Any and all methods of exchanging feats for other feats follow the restrictions of Retraining in PHB2. One flaw is allowed. All skill-boosting feats use their pathfinder equivalents, which are strictly better. Weapon Finesse is granted for free. I buff many crappy feats below. Combined feats count as all feats you qualify for, for purposes of prerequisites. If you need a different crappy feat, talk to me and we can maybe work something out.

    Dodge: Uses Pathfinder Dodge. When the prerequisites are met, includes Mobility and Spring Attack.

    Great Fortitude: Includes Toughness and Improved Toughness.

    Invisible Spell: +1 Level Adjust.

    Iron Will: Includes Blind-Fight.

    Lighting Reflexes: Includes Quick Draw when prerequisites are met. Quick Draw can be used as "Quick Holster" once per round.

    Point-Blank Shot: Includes Far Shot.

    Two-Weapon Defense: When the prerequisites are met, this includes Improved and Greater versions.

    Two-Weapon Fighting: When the prerequisites are met, this includes Improved and Greater versions.

    Weapon Focus: When the prerequisites are met, this includes Greater Weapon Focus, Weapon Specialization, and Greater Weapon Specialization.