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    Default Spells and Powers

    Spells and Powers
    Bans: Celerity Line, all Polymorph spells, all calling spells. Delicate Disk. Forced Dream, Linked Power, Magic Jar, Psychic Reformation, and True Mind Switch are banned. Guidance of the Avatar, Divine Insight, Consumptive Field, Delay Death, Energy Transformation Field, and Love’s Pain are banned. Most spells above 6th level are banned, even castable through items, but can be used in the creation of existing non-banned items. For instance, Ring of Three Wishes is banned, but a Tome of Clear Thought is allowed. I don’t want to play gotcha with a caster, but: this list is not meant to be exhaustive if there are spells with effects exceedingly similar to spells listed. For instance, other spells that give more than +5 to skill checks (like Guidance or Divine Insight).

    Spell Rules: Blast of X (in the conjuration school), Doom Scarabs, Cloud spells, Orb spells, and Vitriolic X are moved to the evocation school. Any other spell whose only purpose is to deal damage is moved as well. Healing spells are moved from conjuration to necromancy. If you attempt to negate expensive material or XP components of any spells through any means, talk to me first or we’ll be talking after.

    Mage Armor: Moved to Abjuration.

    Emotion: Emotion is a 4rd level spell, on the list of any class that gets one of its components. It can replicate the effects of Rage, Good Hope, or Crushing Despair.