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    Rudisplorkers' Guild

    Threadnaught: The current High Rudisplorker, master of all Rudisplorking. The founder and leader of the Rudisplorkers' Guild.
    Grod_The_Giant: The first Rudisplorker, slayer of the unjust.
    Kazudo: The inventor of Rudisplorking, king of the sane.
    Keledrath: The great Rudisplorkian, knower of Rudisplork.
    FidgetySquirrel: The unknowable Rudisplorker, summoner of Orcus.
    kellbyb: The clone Rudisplorker, doppelganger of Threadnaught.
    ddude: Rudisplorkling of the Guild, the youngest of us, may his Rudisplorking be legendary.
    Orcus: Summoner of Rudisplorkers, our eternal ally in the Rudisplorking against Cheaters.
    Roland St. Jude: Let not his Rudisplork fool you, this is Orcus when he Rudisplorks.
    Oddman80: Rudisplork Captain, Rudisplorker of Cheaters our foul enemies.
    chaotic stupid: Rudisplorkrous judge, seeker of Rudisplork for all.

    Quote Originally Posted by ddude987 View Post
    /epic narrator voice/
    In a world where all squabbles come down to ddude vs rudisplorking, only one man can save them. //epic narrator voice/
    *Camera pans to a short person with a squeaky voice* "I wanna summon a puppy!"
    *dice clacking behind the DM screen* (1d100)[100]
    DM: "Thus the dice gods say! The abyss erupts from the ground and a large blood red demon claw pushes its way out. Orcus comes apon the battlefield!"
    *blank stares from players*
    DM: "Okay guys... roll initiative already."
    I Rudisplorked this earlier. We do not Rudisplork against Rudisplorking, we Rudisplork Cheating Cheaters and Cheating Optimisers. They are our Rudisplork enemies and must be Rudisplorked at all Rudisplorks.

    Also Orcus has Rudisplorked to Rudisplork the Rudisplorkers' Guild in their Rudisplork Rudisplork against the Cheaters. He's our Rudisplork in these Rudisplork times.

    Edit: Also I'm so happy to see something I wrote, get sigged. And by so many people.
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