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    Default Re: [FwM] Recruitment/Plot/Recurring Character Thread

    Finally getting around to making this.




    SUBJECT: Violetta de Horseleans (Note: Purely colour-based individual name and locality-based family name suggest relatives in possession of minimal imagination).

    Spoiler: See enclosed

    Violetta experimenting with energy generation methods. Note smug expression and complete disregard for laboratory safety standards.

    AFFILIATION: None known.

    PHYSICAL ANALYSIS: Female unicorn, 20 years of age. Small build; seems deficient of proper exercise. Coat is lavender-hued, with a few small scars from exposure to fire and corrosive materials. Mane is deep violet and typically tied back for safety purposes. Eyes are greyish-red. Mark is a peculiar circular symbol. Not especially strong or hardy; relies mostly on dexterity in tactical situations.

    PSYCHOLOGICAL ANALYSIS: Highly educated and intelligent, but not as much as she believes herself to be, lacking individual experience with most matters. Typically pleasant and carefree, but also arrogant, especially about her intellectual capacity (Recommendation: Humiliate expeditiously). Highly curious, especially about the nature of life itself. Has some contempt for authority, but is not openly rebellious. Shows signs of kleptomania.

    BACKGROUND: Known to have originated from a rich family in Horseleans, Prance. Showed signs of strong magical talent, and was rapidly apprenticed to a powerful wizard from Equestria. Before training could conclude properly, mentor died while on a journey (Exact circumstances unknown; suspected to be Elderly Instructor Mortality Syndrome). Violetta continued her education on her own by studying deceased mentor's literature.

    During one of her occasional field research excursions, she encountered a grievously wounded pegasus. Recognising the pegasus would not survive without further care, she brought him to safety and ensured that his injuries were treated. Pegasus has been a friend and assistant to Violetta since, handling activity outside the laboratory (See file on Fleetwing for more information).

    Recently, she learned of unusual phenomena in the vicinity of Bridle Shores, and made preparations to travel there alongside Fleetwing.

    CRIMINAL RECORD: Wanted for questioning regarding the disappearance of money and potions in several towns in Prance. Once accused of performing experiments with forbidden magic on live subjects, but later contested these charges and was acquitted.

    ABILITIES: Primary abilities are in active magic. Possesses reasonably strong spellcasting, but sharply limited energy capacity and slow recovery. Also has training in the use of weaponry; although not a master swordspony, still capable of basic self-defence. Highly knowledgeable about the nature of magic. Can communicate fluently in the languages of Equestria and Prance.

    Spoiler: See enclosed
    FIREBOLT: Conjures a small fireball to strike distant foes. Too short-lasting to cause serious harm, but energy efficient.

    SEARING RAIN? (Precise spell name unknown): Conjures a shower of corrosive liquid. Area of effect is too small to effectively target multiple ponies under most circumstances. Causes gradual but severe injury should the liquid not be removed rapidly.

    WAR BLESSING: Magically enhances nearby allies' physical capabilities, allowing them to strike more precisely and deal stronger blows. Short duration; usually lasts through less than one combat encounter.

    PROTECTION: Creates a field of energy around nearby allies to soften enemy blows. Moderate duration; often cast in preparation for battle.

    DAZE: Attempts to cloud the minds of nearby enemies. Weak-willed victims will enter a short trance, unable to think, although physical pain will awaken them. Stronger-minded individuals can resist.

    MINOR HEAL: Accelerates the healing process in one target, allowing them to recover from minor injuries more rapidly. With repeated casting, capable of removing more serious injuries as well. Cannot allow complete recovery from wounds that would not otherwise heal through natural processes.

    POSSESSIONS: Known to possess several elaborate robes and cloaks, one iron shortsword, one wooden shield, several minor magical potions (Source unknown; possibilities include Violetta's own creation, trade with other magic specialists, or theft), lockpicking tools (Supposedly for "emergency purposes", but a suspicious sign nonetheless), and various spell reagents.

    RELATIONSHIPS: Has formed a partnership with Fleetwing after the latter's rescue; the two share a close bond despite a level of bickering that leads other ponies to suspect them to be either enemies or romantically involved.

    CURRENT STATUS: Active; en route to Bridle Shores region.

    THREAT LEVEL: Moderate; motives are questionable, and magical power, while not extreme, is still considerable. Caution is advised.

    RECOMMENDED NEUTRALIZATION PROCEDURE: If she is under any beneficial enchantments, it may be optimal to dispel them or stall until they dissipate. At close range, take an aggressive approach, attempt to corner, then disarm and incapacitate. At long range, take cover and remain on the defensive until her spell energy is exhausted, then incapacitate with hit-and-run tactics. If coated with corrosive liquid at any point, get cleaned off immediately. Once she is unconscious, spell limiters can be applied.
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