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    Default Re: Theme Week Character Collection: Snappy Thread Title Pending

    Name: Anna
    Age: 20
    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Place of Origin: Ah-Vatar
    Powers/Magic: Low level wizard
    Gear: Usually wears long blue robes and wields a staff, and almost always has a book in hand
    Appearance (Original): Long red hair, green eyes, pale skin
    Appearance (Current): Anna in a Leon costume for Halloween
    Personality: Always curious to learn new things, she is friendly and willing to help the townsfolk however she can. She's not always entirely confident in her powers and would much rather look things up in her books and double check that she's got everything right instead of making hasty decisions.
    Short Bio: Anna was apprenticed to the local wizard who has gone missing in search of the mysterious cause of Ah-Vatar's constant shifts (which have been happening as long as Anna can remember). She has inherited his tower and the rather large library contained within which she uses to continue her wizard studies and to help the townspeople to puzzle their way through each change.
    (Picture of original avatar):
    (Picture of current change):
    (Picture of previous changes):
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