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    Modified Class: Paladin

    Some Paladins are not content with mere loyalty and worship, and instead take their vows and their faith to the extreme. By inhaling sacred smokes, going days without sleep, or some other method, these Zealots go above and beyond to respond to their holy duty. They fall into a furious trance similar to that of savage berserkers, carving a warpath against those who dare to stand against all that is good and orderly with the world.

    Zealous Rage (Ex): A Zealot may go into a holy trance that for all mechanical purposes is the same as a Barbarian's Rage, except for the following. A Zealot may Lay On Hands while in his Zealous Rage, but doing so costs 1 round of Rage in addition to all other costs. You may not gain any Rage Powers from this Zealous Rage unless you also have levels in Barbarian (see below). This replaces Smite Evil.

    Sacred Fury Understanding: Your Barbarian levels count as Paladin levels for the purpose of determining your Zealous Rage. In addition, a Zealot may be any Good Alignment, and in addition a Barbarian who multiclasses with Zealot may be Lawful Good and ignore the penalty for being Lawful.

    Lay On Hands (Su): A Zealot cares less about health than a normal Paladin, preferring to destroy enemies of their faith. A Zealot's Lay On Hands only heals 1d4 hit points of damage for every two paladin levels he possesses; however, the damage they deal to foes using Lay On Hands increases to 1d8 for every two Paladin levels he possesses.

    Aura of the Crusader: At 11th level, a Zealot may expend six uses of his Zealous Rage to grant the ability to fly into a Zealous Rage to all allies within 10 feet. Allies who fly into a Zealous Rage are treated as though their Paladin level was half that of the Zealot or their own for the purposes of determining how long they stay in this state, whichever is higher. Using this ability is a free action. Evil creatures gain no benefit from this ability. This ability replaces Aura of Justice.
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