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    Quote Originally Posted by Hanuman View Post
    Pretty good list of bans, keeps players fairly equal if it's important.

    @Backstory Length
    I've always thought of backstory length as a negative thing in a depth:length ratio kind of way.
    Certainly a chronological listing of life events can lose me - deep as a puddle and all. I actually built a vecna-blooded human factotum infiltrator for two games. You can compare their writeups if you like - Here's a 2300 word one, and here's a 2000 word one. They're different in format, and neither is a chronological listing of significant life events.

    So, same race, same class, same template. But given the freedom of 3 empty pages each can distinguish itself as its own concept. If they just listed college education and important contacts, then yeah, that's way overdoing it. This is probably the longest "listing life events" backstory I've written, at ~600 words, designed to start play with the character in a bind.