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    So if I were gonna play a character it would be this:

    Race: Elan (lives forever, a good guy's work is never done, doesn't need to eat most of the time, starting age? absolute minimum possible. Optimized? No it's not but w/e)
    Class: Cleric (heal the nasty conditions, buff allies, not squishy if charged)
    Domains: Good and Trickery Domains (I'm a good person but I like to use my brain sometimes because I have no skill, these domains are who I am, it just happens that Polymorph any object is on one of them but I don't really care too much about it)
    Alignment: Neutral Good (The law is useful but there are exceptions needed to help people, you could make me play neutral but I'd act neutral good... it's just who I am)

    Notes: As long as you didn't throw something at the party that required a 9th level spell to deal with I think I'd be okay. I think the phrase I hate to hear most from a DM is "You should be able to deal with this at your level". I hate it very much. I don't believe in backstories but I could make one if I had to.

    Feats: Touch of Healing (a reserve feat that allows you to heal allies up to half (more specifically it takes your highest level heal spell memorized into account and heals for 3 times the spell level up to half their hit points so a 3rd level spell heals 9 and if a fighter has 2/50 hp you can heal them up to 25 hp), then whatever (maybe toughness a few times).

    Equipment: Defensive focus (who will heal the people otherwise?), let other party members and occasionally summons (limit 1 if possible because lazy and is not nice to overshadow others) deal with stuff.

    Why not a druid? Hippy. The woods are there... so are the bugs, and the poison ivy, and the mugginess, and the regret of life for choosing to sleep on a rock, and the...
    Why not a wizard? Squishy and you sort of cheese unintentionally.
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