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    Scholar of Rovagug

    Modified Class: Wizard

    Trapped in the depth of his planar prison, Rovagug meditates on his revenge and the destruction of the universe. From his cage, he whispers to mortals words of hatred and chaos, sending his mad worshipers across Golarion to wreak havoc among civilizations. He also sets a good example by spawning his monstrous children, like the well-known Tarrasque.
    A lesser-known fact is that all this seemingly mindless destruction is only a small part of Rovagug’s plan of revenge; in fact, he also inspires erudites all around the world to devote themselves to him and seek ancient knowledge in order to bring him back from captivity. Rovagug waits, dreaming of the day when he will be free from his prison and won’t need to spawn monsters to sow catastrophes.

    When Rovagug reaches for the mind of a magically-talented mortal, he starts whispering his will to him, corrupting the mortal’s mind with promises of immortality and power. When the feeble mind of the mortal surrenders to the heavy pressure of the Destroyer, he fills it with lust for power and hate for the world. Then the Bringer of chaos gives the wizard new spells, knowledge of secrets and long forgotten languages and a “friend” that spies on them and takes care of Rovagug’s interest.
    This erudites are then sent across the world to scavenge buried temples and libraries and the remnants of lost civilizations to find all the bits of the puzzles that, once completed, will allow their master to be free. Everything found along the route that would try to stop the Scholars from achieving success will be eradicated.
    Often regarded as the most powerful and blessed among Rovagug’s servants, these wizards are no more than pawns, a little investment guarded with magic. The Unmaker has little to no interest in their life and only cares about what they can achieve for him.

    Inspired learning: Rovagug constantly speaks tremendous words of hate and destruction in the ears of those who study ancient secrets on his behalf. Instead of “wasting time” specializing in one school, Scholars of Rovagug listen patiently to those words and learn new spells that help them get closer to their divine master and to destroy those who oppose him.
    At every level they gain as Wizards they learn an extra spell in addition to those normally gained for obtaining a new level, as shown in the list below.

    1- Break (1st)
    2 - Corrosive touch (1st)
    3- Murderous command (1st)
    4- Shatter (2nd)
    5- Disfiguring touch (2nd)
    6 - Call the void (3rd)
    7 - Howling agony (3rd)
    8- Unholy blight (4th)
    9 - Enervation (4th)
    10 - Vermin shape II (5th)
    11- Cloudkill (5th)
    12 - Suffocation (5th)
    13 - Disintegrate (6th)
    14 - Antilife shell (6th)
    15 - Finger of death (7th)
    16 - Creepeing doom (7th)
    17 - Rift of ruin (8th)
    18 - Orb of the void (8th)
    19 - Earthquake (9th)
    20 - Implosion (9th)

    The spells are learned as spells of the level indicated in parenthesis.
    To prepare a spell learned from of this ability, a Scholar of Rovagug must study his spellbook in presence of his familiar (see below).
    In addition, a Scholar of Rovagug receives an additional spell slot of each spell level he can cast, from 1st on up. Each day, he can prepare one of the spells received from Inspired learning in that slot.

    This ability replaces Arcane School.

    Destroyer’s Envoy (Sp): When choosing the benefit from his “Arcane bond” ability, a Rovagug’s scholar must choose to summon a familiar, which must take the form of a Centipede. This vermin is Rovagug’s envoy, sent to “take care” of the scholar and provide him more power.
    This familiar gains the benefits of the Demonic Vermin template though it's considered to have the "qlippoth" subtype, rather than "demon", for the purpose of resolving all effects relating to that subtype.
    This ability otherwise works like a normal familiar, except that a Scholar of Rovagug needs to have the centipede at his side while studying for any of the spells received from “inspired learning”.
    In addition, the centipede has a constant scrying effect that allows him to passively see and listen to what his master is doing, storing the information he learns deep in his memory. This ability automatically overcomes any protection from divination that his master may have. The vermin cannot share this connection with anyone (neither forcefully) and the memories so gathered cannot be reached by any means other than described below.

    Should the Scholar of Rovagug die, the centipede will be automatically teleported in a safe location within one mile as immediate action. There, as a fullround action, it will give to Rovagug all it’s memories and all it learned from the wizard’s life; the wizard's private life (a topic that is of no interest for the Hater) as well as all his discoveries, plans, ancient secrets and the generic information that the Destroyer will use to refine his program for revenge.
    Should a centipede familiar die, a new one is automatically summoned a minute later at the same location. It then devours the corpse of its predecessor in one minute, gaining all the memories it had stored and granting a continued service to Rovagug.

    This ability replaces Arcane Bond.

    Rovagug’s Tongue (Ex): As Rovagug is the oldest creature in Golarion’s universe, from his prison he has seen rise and fall of every population and empire and, with them, their languages. He uses these languages to speak to his scholars.
    At 1st level, a Scholar of Rovagug gains three additional known languages. He may learn secret languages, like druidic, in this way.
    In addition, 3/day a Scholar of Rovagug targeting an enemy with spell having verbal components can choose to inflict additional damage to that target equal to the level of the spell being casted. The damage is untyped and not subject to DR. A successful save against that spell doesn't prevent the damage but if the wizard fail to overcome the target's SR the damage doesn't apply and the use of this ability is wasted.
    A creature reduced to 0 or fewer hit points by this spell is entirely disintegrated, leaving behind only a trace of fine dust. A disintegrated creature's equipment is unaffected.

    When chosen, this ability replaces Scribe Scroll.

    Aura of Evil and Chaos: Regardless of his actual alignment, a Scholar of Rovagug has an aura of evil and an aura of chaos (see detect evil spell for details) whose power is equal to his wizard level.

    This is a new ability gained at 1st level.