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    Zefir's Character Summary:

    Most Played Characters:

    - Leader of AMEN, adopted daughter Alexstraza (Played by the Alexandrian)[Is At School or else], pyrotechnist and owner of an own firework company. Got a secret Identity.

    Fade - Schadow Person, Member of MERC, Emotionless. He is on a search, but none has asked for what..

    Mia Mechanicus - High Priestress of Mechanicus, DnD Style Priest . Lost MDM in the Demon attack. Member of Virgil. Lost all her goods.

    Nameless Guy - The name says it all. he just forgot his name and is a summoner.

    Lesser Played Characters:

    Arkant Del Gadis - Mastermind, manipulates the DNA of people to create his own minions. Currently raising up his lab in Skyside.

    Mr C - Small magical green Lizard Toy creature, Librerian and adventurer.

    Tovpir - Big Stone Scorpion (Simular to Skarner from League of Legends), Member of HALO.

    Mika - Fox girl, born in the nexus. Graduation as Diploma - Chemistry.

    Vis - Young Pokemon Trainer with a medival Design. Current Pokemon ??LvL Joltik(Spidy) and 10lvl? Torchic(Marscha). (Freed Pokemon at Foxside 52LvL Lobunny(Alex) and 27Lvl? Kirlia(Lisa))

    Andreas Emeral - Cyborg, Doctor at GloG Infirmary. [DEADTIMED]
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